Tamal Krishna Goswami Tape Ministry

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For any suggestions, questions or feedbacks regarding this web site, please email the webservant Krsna Kirtana Dasa at .

The design goal for this website is to be informative, easy to navigate and fast to download, so I have adopted a very simple design without fancy graphics or animations.

Many thanks to the devotees in Hare Krishna Dhama Houston, who have provided me accomodation and valuable associations.

Many thanks to Pandava Vijaya Prabhu, who has encouraged and pushed me to work on this website. Please check out his Hare Krishna TV show.

Many thanks to Rati Manjari Mataji, who has faithfully served the tape ministry for so many years, who has carefully compiled the series, written the descriptions and designed the beautiful covers.

Many thanks to His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami Maharaja, who has so kindly given shelter to this fallen soul. Not only for his disciples and followers, but also for whomever is willing to listen to him, his words reveal the spriritual truth, clear the spriritual doubts, provide spiritual guidance, and protect ISKCON.