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The Joy of Hearing
Lecture MP3 Complete Set

This complete MP3 set contains all the lectures that have been processed to date. It contains over 3500 files for a total size of 45GB, for 3300 hours of listening time. Majority of the recordings has never been released on tape. All the lectures are available for FREE download on Listen Online page. (As we are still slowly collecting and processing more lectures, we will add them online and to this set.)

If you would like to purchase the MP3 files, I can load the files onto any USB thumbdrive or flash memory card that has 64GB or higher capacity, and mail to you. I will let you find the best deal on digital storage for yourself. You can arrange for the USB thumbdrive or flash memory card in one of the following ways.

Please make sure that it has minimum 64GB capacity. Please don't send portable harddrives, and they incur high shipping cost.

Price: $50, NOT including the digital storage. First-Class shipping is included.

Other items

Title Price
The Drama of Lord Jagannatha (album) USD 27.00 Listen Online
The Drama of Lord Jagannatha (softcover) USD 3.50
The Final Pastimes of Srila Prabhupada (hardcover) USD 7.95
A Hare Krishna at SMU (hardcover) USD 19.95
Living Theology of Krishna Bhakti (hardcover) USD 24.95
Reason and Belief (softcover) USD 10.95
Servant of the Servant (softcover) USD 19.95
Song of God (album) USD 35.00 Listen Online
TKG Memories Volume One (softcover) USD 12.00
TKG Memories Volume Two (softcover) USD 12.00
TKG Memories Volume Three (softcover) USD 12.00
TKG's Diary (hardcover) USD 16.95
Yoga for the 21st Century (softcover) USD 4.50

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