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Year 1997 Lectures

While listening to any lectures by His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami, please keep in mind that these lectures were given over three decades. The times changed and therefore some of the comments are obviously relevant to that point in time only. However, at the same time, most of the content is inspired from the eternal teachings of the Vedic Literatures and Gaudiya Vaisnava sampradaya (disciplic succession). In that light, the messages on these lectures have eternal instructions that can benefit listeners regardless of time, place, and circumstances.

Term of Use: You can download the lectures for your personal use or to share with other devotees. You are not allowed to charge others for the lectures. You are not allowed to host the lectures on your own website. Feel free to link to our website from your website.

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Date   PlaceVerseLengthSizeTitleSeries
1997.01.06Hong KongSB 3.12.2390:375.7M& Sankirtana Award 
1997.01.11Dallas, USSB 1.18.4551:593.3MHow to Measure AdvancementSankirtana Spirit
1997.01.12Dallas, US 105:056.6MSankirtana Marathon FestivalSankirtana Spirit
1997.01.12Dallas, USBG 2.1425:411.6MServe Everyone by Serving GodGifts of a Sadhu
1997.01.15Dallas, USSB 1.18.4852:413.3MResponding to Offensive BehaviorUnder the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.01.18Dallas, USSB 1.19.1-240:272.6MThrough Association We Become StrongUnder the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.01.19Dallas, USSFL BG 4.3426:451.7MThe Need of Accepting GuruGifts of a Sadhu
1997.01.25Dallas, USSB 1.19.847:483.0MProve How Krsna Consciousness Has All the AnswersDouble Challenge
1997.01.26Dallas, USSFL32:222.1MLearn to Depend on Nature's GiftsGifts of a Sadhu
1997.02.01Dallas, USSB 1.19.1536:352.3MComplete Attachment to Krsna's TeachingsDouble Challenge
1997.02.02Dallas, USSFL BG 16.2326:161.7MHear From a Perfect SourceGifts of a Sadhu
1997.02.04Dallas, US 56:093.6MTalk to Multi-faith Study GroupGifts of a Sadhu
1997.02.07Dallas, USSB 1.19.2158:333.7MBelieve in "Vedic Myths" or Modern NightmareDouble Challenge
1997.02.09Dallas, USSFL BG 4.1331:482.0M  
1997.02.11Dallas, US 75:244.8M25th Anniversary of Taking Sannyasa 
1997.02.11Dallas, US 8:420.6MReading "America the Beautiful"Under the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.02.15Dallas, USSB 1.19.2944:532.8MIt's Hard Not to Advance in Spiritual LifeUnder the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.02.16Dallas, USBG 5.1844:282.8MThe Vision of the SagesUnder the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.02.22Dallas, USSB 1.19.3448:163.1MLet Krsna Make His Mark on the WorldUnder the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.03.01Dallas, USSB 2.1.156:173.6MAnd You Call This Advancement?Double Challenge
1997.03.02Dallas, USSFL BG 4.1124:391.6M  
1997.03.08Dallas, USSB 2.1.776:524.9MActions Speak Louder Than WordsDouble Challenge
1997.03.09Dallas, USSFL BG 7.1636:002.3MWhy I Became a Devotee of KrsnaGifts of a Sadhu
1997.03.15Dallas, USSB 2.1.1343:532.8MDevotees Can Interfere with DestinyUnder the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.03.16Dallas, USSFL BG 6.126:341.7MFor Krsna You Can Renounce EverythingUnder the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.03.22Dallas, USSB 2.1.1967:504.3MExclusivism, Inclusivism, Pluralism and Krsna ConsciousnessUnder the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.03.23Dallas, USSFL28:391.8MGaura Purnima TalkGifts of a Sadhu
1997.03.29Dallas, USSB 2.1.2561:553.9MSimple Living, High Thinking: Can We Do It?Double Challenge
1997.03.30Dallas, USSFL35:032.2MEaster Sunday: Jesus Christ From Vaisnava Perspective 
1997.04.05Dallas, USSB 2.1.3246:553.0MFirst Be in This Body, Then Transcend ItDouble Challenge
1997.04.06Dallas, USSFL29:211.9MWhat Is the Source of Relative Truth? 
1997.04.12Dallas, USSB 2.2.144:482.8MAll Because of Our Forgetfulness of GodUnder the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.04.13Dallas, USRama Navami SFL29:331.9MRama-lila CondensedGifts of a Sadhu
1997.04.19Dallas, USSB 2.2.658:393.7MThe Language of ReligionUnder the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.04.20Dallas, USSFL32:302.1MEnvironmentalism: The Vaisnava PerspectiveUnder the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.04.26Dallas, USSB 2.2.1292:045.8MMake a Lifetime Plan to Serve Krsna; During Bhakti-yoga Retreat WeekendUnder the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.05.07Dallas, USSFL31:252.0MThe Glories of the Holy NameGifts of a Sadhu
1997.05.10Dallas, USSB 2.2.2756:233.6MTwo Things: Become Krsna Conscious and Give It to OthersUnder the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.05.12Dallas, USDarsana72:264.6MCompetition or Cooperation?, w/ Giridhari SwamiUnder the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.05.17Houston, USSB 4.22.2660:503.8MIf You Save the World You Save YourselfSankirtana Spirit
1997.05.18Dallas, USSFL43:032.7MInvest Your Time in Changeless ActivitiesGifts of a Sadhu
1997.05.20Houston, USNrsimha Caturdasi SB 7.9.1836:202.3MLord Nrsimhadeva, Protector of the Preaching Movement 
1997.05.22Houston, USSB 4.22.3045:462.9MAffection Amongst Devotees Will Keep Us Satisfied 
1997.05.22Houston, US 76:534.9MBhagavad-gita and the Art of WorkGifts of a Sadhu
1997.05.23Houston, USSB 4.22.3162:203.9MEmbrace the Vedic Way of Life 
1997.05.23Houston, USHome Program91:335.8M  
1997.05.24Houston, USSB 4.22.3250:293.2M  
1997.05.24Houston, USHome Program81:305.2M  
1997.05.25Houston, USSB 4.22.3339:402.5M  
1997.05.25Houston, USInitiation75:004.7Mw/ Giridhari Swami 
1997.05.26Houston, USVyasa-puja81:035.1MMorning Class 
1997.05.26Houston, USVyasa-puja102:526.5M  
1997.05.26Houston, USVyasa-puja44:472.8MGift Giving Ceremony 
1997.05.27Houston, USSB 4.22.2339:332.5MServe the Souls of Your Family Members 
1997.05.28Dallas, USSB 2.3.950:223.2MFind Your Place & Serve Krsna With LoveUnder the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.06.03BelgiumArrival41:522.6MCalamity: Krsna's Grace or Your Mistake?Summerstop at Radhadesa
1997.06.03BelgiumEve Lecture78:094.9MAppreciating Srila Prabhupada's VisionSummerstop at Radhadesa
1997.06.04BelgiumSB 10.6.39-4060:223.8MTranscendental Relationships With KrsnaSummerstop at Radhadesa
1997.06.04BelgiumEve Lecture62:364.0MPreaching to the Higher CirclesSummerstop at Radhadesa
1997.06.05BelgiumSB 10.6.4145:152.9MPseudo Gurus and the Uncontrolled MindSummerstop at Radhadesa
1997.06.05BelgiumDarsana88:375.6MWhy Does a Guru Go Back to School?Summerstop at Radhadesa
1997.06.06BelgiumSB 10.6.42.-4361:263.9MThe Original God Is Eternally a ChildSummerstop at Radhadesa
1997.06.06BelgiumEve Lecture62:344.0MEncountering the Gods of the Atheists, w/ Suhotra SwamiSummerstop at Radhadesa
1997.06.08Abentheuer, GermanySB 1.15.5157:203.6MSrila Prabhupada Gave Us More Than EnoughSummerstop at Radhadesa
1997.06.20Suva, Fiji 88:565.6MRegaining Your Health, at CWM Hospital Auditorium 
1997.06.21Suva, FijiSB 3.4.1550:533.2MAnxious to Serve 
1997.06.21Suva, FijiHome Program92:235.8MHow to Choose a Guru 
1997.06.22Suva, FijiSB 3.4.1642:042.7M  
1997.06.22Suva, FijiInitiation56:593.6M  
1997.06.22Suva, FijiHome Program92:515.9M  
1997.06.23Suva, FijiSB 3.4.1739:142.5M  
1997.06.24Lautoka, FijiSB 1.14.6-833:562.1M  
1997.06.24Suva, FijiVyasa-puja18:531.2M  
1997.06.25Lautoka, FijiSB 1.14.953:583.4M  
1997.06.25Lautoka, Fiji 30:572.0Mw/ Hindi 
1997.06.26FijiBG 10.3976:214.8M  
1997.06.29Melbourne, AUSB 4.9.20-160:233.8M  
1997.06.30Hong KongSB 3.15.4839:232.5MBhakti and Liberation 
1997.07.01Hong KongInitiation49:173.1M  
1997.07.01Hong KongBG 7.2147:253.0M  
1997.07.02Hong KongSB 3.15.4937:242.4MEverywhere Is Same for Devotees, w/ Giridhari Swami 
1997.07.03Hong KongSB 3.15.5044:102.8M  
1997.07.04Hong KongBG 9.561:333.9M  
1997.07.19Hong KongBG 9.2936:122.3M  
1997.07.20Hong KongSB 3.16.13-1421:201.4M  
1997.07.21Chowpatty, IndiaBG 5.23113:357.2MA Real Goswami 
1997.07.24Vrndavana, India 76:054.8MGuru Disciple Relationship 
1997.07.26Vrndavana, India 57:073.6MUnique Quality of ISKCON Within the Sampradaya, w/ Kesava Bharati Prabhu 
1997.07.30Govardhana, IndiaInitiation72:404.6M  
1997.07.31Vrndavana, India 77:334.9MFollowing the GBC 
1997.08.01Vrndavana, India 51:363.3M  
1997.08.05Vrndavana, IndiaSB 7.30.30-3481:535.2M  
1997.08.08IsraelArrival74:354.7MServing Guru in SeparationHrsikena Hrsikesa Sevanam
1997.08.09IsraelSB 2.3.2083:595.3MPreaching to Different Levels of PeopleHrsikena Hrsikesa Sevanam
1997.08.09IsraelEve Program88:025.6MToday's Problems & the Krsna Conscious Solutions, w/ HebrewHrsikena Hrsikesa Sevanam
1997.08.10IsraelSB 2.3.2138:332.4MBow Down or Your Head Is a Heavy BurdenHrsikena Hrsikesa Sevanam
1997.08.11IsraelSB 2.3.2250:433.2MDeity Worship Leaves No Time for MayaHrsikena Hrsikesa Sevanam
1997.08.11Israel 71:194.5MQ&AHrsikena Hrsikesa Sevanam
1997.08.12IsraelSB 2.3.2339:152.5MGlories of Serving the Lord's ServantHrsikena Hrsikesa Sevanam
1997.08.12IsraelInitiation78:425.0MA Guru Is Someone You Can TrustHrsikena Hrsikesa Sevanam
1997.08.13IsraelSB 2.3.2446:002.9MBringing About the Change of HeartHrsikena Hrsikesa Sevanam
1997.08.15Dallas, USArrival25:411.6MThis World Is Going to Hell 
1997.08.16Dallas, USSB 2.5.3955:243.5MBuild Up Your Appreciation for KrsnaUnder the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.08.20Dallas, USHome Program BG 9.1846:342.9M  
1997.08.27Dallas, USEve Darsana44:512.8MWhat If a War Comes? 
1997.08.31Dallas, USSFL BG 2.11 etc.34:202.2MPrincess Diana Died - Are You Ready?Gifts of a Sadhu
1997.09.03Dallas, USEve Darsana BG 2.10-1138:252.4M  
1997.09.06Dallas, USSB 7.5.2383:315.3MUnder the Rays of the Black Moon; Radha-Kalachandji 25th AnniversaryUnder the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.09.07Dallas, USSFL24:241.5MWhy We Worship the DeityGifts of a Sadhu
1997.09.10Dallas, USRadhastami Radhastaka54:363.5MPray to Be Pleasing to Guru and Vaisnava 
1997.09.14Dallas, USSFL25:101.6MExplaining Chanting, Life Style, Deities & GuruGifts of a Sadhu
1997.09.20Dallas, USSB 2.6.3346:332.9MThe Science of DisentanglementUnder the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.09.24Dallas, USEve Program46:302.9MPrasadam-kathaUnder the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.09.28Dallas, USSFL BG 2.62-6321:351.4MOne Destination: Back Home Back to GodheadEverfresh
1997.10.01Dallas, US 79:115.0MRadha-ramana Slide Show, w/ Padmanabha Goswami 
1997.10.04Dallas, USSB 2.7.162:444.0MBelieve God Comes as Pig or Become One YourselfUnder the Rays of the Black Moon
1997.10.11Dallas, USRama Vijaya SB 9.10.2339:152.5M& Madhvacarya Appearance Day 
1997.10.12Dallas, USSFL BG 3.2526:121.7MDon't Disturb the IgnorantEverfresh
1997.10.19Dallas, USSFL BG Ch922:261.4MWhy This Knowledge Is the Most Confidential 
1997.10.25Dallas, USSB 2.7.2057:463.7MWe Can Reach the Eternal Through the Transitory 
1997.10.26Dallas, USBG 9.2321:341.4MHow to Worship Other GodsEverfresh
1997.11.01Houston, USGovardhana-puja41:122.6M  
1997.11.16Houston, USSB 9.18.2525:591.6M  
1997.11.19Dallas, USEve Program30:381.9MInspecting Sankirtana ForcesEverfresh
1997.11.30Dallas, USBG 18.1024:551.6MDoubtless WorkEverfresh
1997.12.06Dallas, USSB 2.8.935:482.3MDoes Brahma Have a Material Body? 
1997.12.07Dallas, USSFL BG 18.2224:161.5M3 Types of KnowledgeEverfresh
1997.12.13Houston, USSB 9.19.2644:002.8MWithout Being Disciplined You Can't Love Krsna 
1997.12.14Houston, USSFL BG 18.30-3237:342.4MThe Three Types of IntelligenceEverfresh
1997.12.17Houston, USSB 9.19.2925:341.6MKrsna Is the Greatest & the Smallest