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Srila Prabhupada Lectures With Chinese Translations

Audio Files 32Kbps MP3
1966.07.20 New York, US BG 4.6-8 Why the Lord and His Representative Descend; Rendering Service to Krishna Does Not Depend on Your Nationality 20.3 MB
1966.08.01 New York, US BG 4.13-14 Divisions of Human Society; Five Relationships with Krsna 18.0 MB
1966.08.03 New York, US BG 4.14-19 Karma/Akarma; Meaning of Pandita 18.1 MB
1966.08.08 New York, US BG 4.19-22 How to Satisfy Krishna; Chant, Dance, Take Prasadam, and Be Happy! 15.4 MB
1966.08.12 New York, US BG 4.24-34 Varnasrama-dharma; Find a Bona Fide Spiritual Master 18.4 MB
1966.08.17 New York, US BG 4.34-36 Your Only Business Is to Think of Krsna 8.3 MB
1966.09.02 New York, US BG 6.1-4 You Serve One or the Other: Krsna or Maya 13.8 MB
1966.09.04 New York, US BG 6.4-12 Engaging the Mind in Krsna Consciousness 16.3 MB
1966.09.07 New York, US BG 6.11-19 How One Should Perform Yoga; Chant the Holy Name, Chant the Holy Name, Chant the Holy Name -- This Is the Only Process 11.3 MB
1966.09.09 New York, US BG 6.21-27 Searching After Real Happiness 13.5 MB
1966.09.14 New York, US BG 6.32-40 Krsna Consciousness Is the Perfect Form of Yoga System; Vairagya: 'It's Such a Nice Thing' 18.0 MB
1966.09.18 New York, US BG 6.40-44 There Is No Loss in Spiritual Life 11.1 MB
1966.10.02 New York, US BG 7.8-14 Remembering Krsna 24 Hours a Day 15.8 MB
1966.10.09 New York, US BG 7.15-18 Four Classes of Men Come to God 13.8 MB
1966.10.23 New York, US BG 7.28-8.6 Discovering Your REAL Interest! 13.5 MB
1966.11.15 New York, US BG 8.12-14 Transmigration of the Soul: Make Sure To Pass That Final Examination at Death 12.6 MB
1966.11.16 New York, US BG 8.14-15 'Engaging Your Mind Always in Thinking of Me' 9.3 MB
1966.11.17 New York, US BG 8.15-20 Nature of the Material World vs. Nature of the Spiritual World 9.5 MB
1966.11.18 New York, US BG 8.20-22 There Is Another Nature -- Superior and Transcendental 10.6 MB
1966.11.19 New York, US BG 8.21-22 The Supreme Abode: Attainable Only by the Completely Pure 9.6 MB
1966.11.20 New York, US BG 8.22-27 Only by Bhakti Can One Enter the Vaikuntha (Spiritual) Planets 12.4 MB
1966.11.21 New York, US BG 8.28-9.2 This Knowledge Is the King of Education, The Secret of All Scecrets 9.8 MB
1966.11.22 New York, US BG 9.2 It Is Everlasting, and It Is Joyfully Performed 10.0 MB
1966.11.22 New York, US CcM 20.100-108 The Sadhu Inquires for the Sake of Strictness 9.6 MB
1966.11.22 New York, US CcM 20.97-100 I Shall Give You Protection From All Sinful Reactions 9.5 MB
1966.11.23 New York, US CcM 20.118-119 Material Infection -- Forgetfulness of Krsna 8.3 MB
1966.11.24 New York, US BG 9.4-7 Krsna Is Everywhere, and Still the Source of Creation 10.7 MB
1966.11.24 New York, US CcM 20.119-121 Are We Krsna's Competitors or Servants? 8.7 MB
1966.11.25 New York, US CcM 20.121-124 Education by Vedic Literatures, the Guru, and the Supersoul 9.2 MB
1966.11.26 New York, US CcM 20.124-125 Back to Godhead -- Life's Ultimate Goal 8.1 MB
1966.11.27 New York, US BG 9.11-14 Fining the REAL Pleasure in Serving Krsna 11.9 MB
1966.12.01 New York, US BG 9.15 Sravanam Kirtanam Visnu 8.8 MB
1973.08.10 Paris, France BG 13.1-2 Real Answers to Life's Real Questions 10.3 MB
1973.08.11 Paris, France BG 13.3 Krsna's Definition of 'Knowledge' 12.1 MB
1973.08.12 Paris, France BG 13.4 The Material Cosmos Is a kind of Monte Carlo 12.0 MB
1973.08.13 Paris, France BG 13.5 Even the Lion Has To Struggle 11.1 MB
1973.08.15 London, UK BG 2.9 Satisfying the Senses ... and the Heart 10.8 MB
1973.08.16 London, UK BG 2.10 Arjuna: Playing the Role of a Rascal 10.0 MB
1973.08.17 London, UK BG 2.11 You're Talking Like a Learned Man, But ... 10.4 MB
1973.08.18 London, UK BG 2.12 What Rascals (Like Abortionists) Don't Know 11.1 MB
1973.08.19 London, UK BG 2.13 I Am Not This Cage 11.6 MB
1973.08.20 London, UK BG 2.14 This 'Skin Disease' 13.1 MB
1973.08.21 London, UK BG 2.15 Don't Cheat Others (Make Them Immortal) 11.2 MB
1973.08.21 London, UK Deity Installation The Purpose for Installing the Deity 5.9 MB
1973.08.21 London, UK Janmastami Why Krsna Comes to This World 11.9 MB
1973.08.22 London, UK BG 2.16 The Nonexistent and the Existent 12.1 MB
1973.08.22 London, UK Lecture What Is Guru? 13.9 MB
1973.08.22 London, UK Vyasa-puja Offering Thanks to the Origianal Guru 11.8 MB
1973.08.23 London, UK BG 2.17 We Are Individuals Eternally 12.0 MB
1973.08.23 London, UK Lecture What Is Religion? 9.7 MB
1973.08.24 London, UK BG 2.18 Don't Think the Soul Will Be Killed 10.8 MB
1973.08.25 London, UK BG 2.19-20 Dogs and Cats Don't Need Freud 9.5 MB
1973.08.26 London, UK BG 2.21-22 Your Body Is Ready, Sir -- Come Here 10.6 MB
1973.08.26 London, UK Lecture The Hare Krsna Movement, What and Why 10.8 MB
1973.08.27 London, UK BG 2.23-24 You Are a Little Sample of Krsna 11.6 MB
1973.08.28 London, UK BG 2.25 Relieving Our Bodily Burden 12.0 MB
1973.08.29 London, UK BG 2.26-27 Why Lament Over a Combination of Chemicals? 10.8 MB