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Tape Series


Preaching in New York '88 - '92

New York City - one of the most degraded places of the world. And yet this is where Srila Prabhupada started the first ISKCON temple. Besides great successes in preaching, over the years the New York temple has faced severe difficulties as well, which have attacked the devotees' faith. In short, not an easy audience to please during Bhagavatam-class. These selected lectures contain straightforward, uncompromising ISKCON-tattva, presented in a sensitive and palatable way before a crowd of tested devotees. The conclusion: engaging in preaching activities is the best way to transcend all personal differences, as well as to deal with the problems of Kali-yuga. Interesting question & answers sessions. Included is Queen Kunti's 'obstacle verse', which offers a transcendental view on difficulties in the life of a devotee.
1988/92 - 10 TAPES with VINYL ALBUM

Happy Days in Amsterdam

Dutch people, and even Dutch devotees, have a reputation of being stubborn, critical and very attached to their own opinions. And Amsterdam is one of Maya's main footholds in Europe, a degraded place where unemployment is widely spread and sense gratification of the grossest type is the all-pervading way of life. How to present the highest spiritual knowledge in such a polluted atmosphere and satisfy the audience? Accompany His Holiness to all kinds of different preaching engagements and experience how he succeeds in charming and attracting the minds of the Dutch people by his sensitive, intelligent preaching. Hear how expertly he deals with frustrated, discouraged persons, answers challenging questions, encourages young bhaktas and narrates nectar stories about Krishna's pastimes.
1990/93 - 10 TAPES with VINYL ALBUM

A Glimpse into Goloka

A diversified series covering His Holiness's autumnal 1994 visit to Amsterdam. Starting with his arrival address -intimate and funny-, these lectures explain a large variety of topics, such as "The Gift of Lord Caitanya" -a colorful home program with interesting questions from both old-timers and newcomers- and "The Glories of Conjugal Love" -nectar pastimes based upon important points from the Caitanya-caritamrita and the Brahma-samhita. Then follows an initiation lecture with good advice about chanting and another wonderful SB class "Devotion Transcends Disqualification". Finally His Holiness's preaching ecstasy gains firm ground with the sobering "Do Your Duty & Remember Krishna", a Gita class on how to survive in this material world while simultaneously making spiritual progress. A transcendental bouquet.
1994 - 5 TAPES with VINYL ALBUM

Coming Home to Vrindavana
Preaching in Krishna's Holy Land

Vrindavana 1994/95. Collected SB lectures, parikrama's evening darshana's etc. While discussing the life story of Priyavrata Maharaja His Holiness encourages the devotees in their duties in this world, he feelingly shares the amazing account of the wonderful death of his Godbrother Sudama Swami, plus so much more. For example: An intimate gathering with all disciples present at the newly acquired property near Govardhana Hill, a visit to Govinda Kunda on Madhavendra Puri's Disappearance Day, and a lot of authorized nectar and preaching zeal.
1994/95 - 10 TAPES with VINYL ALBUM

Australian Adventure

A collection of various lectures recorded during His Holiness's 1995 August visit to Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. Even though His Holiness holds no management responsibility in these places, he enjoys warm, long-standing relationships with the devotees here and always makes time to visit them. Contains jolly, blissful classes full of pastimes on Balarama's Appearance Day as well as inspiring Bhagavatam lectures like "Experience Guru's Omnipresence By Serving", "Attachment to Krishna Will Cut The Knot", "No One Can Ignore God" and the funny "Krishna Conscious Family Planning".
1995 - 10 TAPES with VINYL ALBUM

PARIVRAJAKACARYA - Preaching Without Borders

All around the world - 1995. Ten dynamic tapes covering visits to the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Paris. Topics: Srila Prabhupada desired for all of his followers that they should advance from the level of a neophyte devotee and rise to the madhyama-platform in devotional service. How to do it? Plus: Hear how KC is spreading in Hong Kong, as well as strong words spoken on a one-day visit to Kuala Lumpur, urging all devotees to remain in a preaching mood and not sink back into "civilian consciousness". Then: on to Paris, where Sri-Sri Radha-Parisisvara reign, only hardly anybody is aware of it. When will the day come...? The cherry on this preaching pie are the New Mayapura lectures, on famous CC verses, covering the relationship between guru and disciple and the importance of associating with devotees.
1995 -10 TAPES with VINYL ALBUM

Praising Krishna In the Promised Land

This uncommon series covers the first and the second visit His Holiness made to Israel. It is an interesting combination of SB lectures to the local devotees as well as public preaching programs. Israel is a unique country because despite all the stride, it is considered holy by three of the world's main religions, namely the Jews, Christians and Muslims. During his visit to Jerusalem His Holiness notes how all the people are somehow engaged in religious rituals. Yet they have no knowledge of who it is whom they are worshiping. This important information can only be given by the devotees of Krishna. But presently the general public is quite hostile to the KC movement. In this sensitive situation His Holiness discusses different preaching tactics with the local leaders of our Society and he also personally demonstrates in his public programs how to present the eternal truths of the Vedic literatures in a non-sectarian, fascinating way. He patiently confronts the many questions of headstrong audiences and wins the hearts of some at least, as witnessed by the powerful initiation lecture of his second visit. Bonus: an informal preaching report given by His Holiness himself as he arrives in New York, the next stop in his endless travels.
1995/96 - 12 TAPES

Reunion in Europe

His Holiness's first stop on his travels during his 1996 summer break was New Mayapura, France where he met up with many of his European disciples and shared happy times with them. The lectures he delivered are of different flavors, ranging from strong criticism of modern day society, to glorification of the potency of the holy Name, and offer practical advice on how to preach to people so that they will be receptive to what you have to say. A highlight is the unusual Sunday lecture he gave in Paris on the topic "Faith". In this interesting presentation he praises the great faith Srila Prabhupada had in his Guru Maharaja and then makes a powerful point regarding which qualifications are actually required for someone to go back to Godhead. Heavy, enlightening.
1996 - 6 TAPES

Hrsikesa Hrsikena- Using our body in Krishna's service

The devotees of the Israeli yatra are very devoted to , although -or perhaps because- they are hardly able to have his personal association. Then when he do comes, by their eagerness to hear from him a special mood of guru-bhakti is immediately created, which permeates the atmosphere on these lectures, and is very attractive. The classes deal with the famous verses in SB by Sukadeva Goswami in which he boldly states that legs not used for going to the temple are no better than tree trunks, and eyes not used for looking at the Deity are like the eyes on the plumes of a peacock etc. In other words, great encouragement is generated for performance of devotional service, and only enhances it by his 'purports'. Very good, personal lectures meant for devotees. Also included: Initiation lecture and beautiful arrival address entitled "Serving Guru in Separation".
Israel, Summer '97 - 8 TAPES

Summer Stop at Radhadesh

Practically his first stop on 's 1997 summer world tour, these tapes were recorded during the European gathering of his disciples. Contain various 10th Canto SB lectures and interesting evening programs with topics like "The Women Issue" and "Preaching to the Intellectual Community". Also a conjoint lecture with HH Suhotra Swami where Gurudeva challenges the reasoning of several modern day atheistic philosophers like Sartre and Nietzsche, and a wonderful lecture he gave in Abentheuer, Germany, chock full with Srila Prabhupada nectar!
Belgium, Summer '97 - 9 TAPES with vinyl album

Under the Rays of the Black Moon

This series comprises of 16 tapes of the illustrious Saturday morning SB classes, recorded in Dallas, Texas during the first 9 months of 1997. For those who read this and wonder what type of uncommon title Rati Manjari came up with this time: 'Black Moon' is the translation of Kalachandji, the name Srila Prabhupada gave to the ancient Deity of Krishna in Dallas. Given the facts that Srila Gurudeva took shelter at Sri-Sri Radha-Kalachandji Dhama for the full period of his studies at SMU, that all these classes were delivered before Kalachandji's all-merciful glance, and that the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Sri-Sri Radha Kalachandji's installation is also included in this series, I considered this title appropriate. Whoever hears these tapes will learn many new things and get an invigorating taste of Srila Gurudeva's study mood: intensely focused devotion to Lord Krishna in the early morning, resulting in dedicated (and successful!) pursuance of -apparently- worldly study results throughout the day. Each of these 21(!) lectures is a jewel which, if you let it, can shine through and illuminate your consciousness. Fascinating and encouraging for all of us who have taken up our sets of duties in this material world.
SOME TITLES: "Devotees Can Interfere With Destiny", "Let Krishna Make His Mark on the World", "Believe God Comes as Pig or Become One Yourself", "Environmentalism: The Vaishnava Perspective", "Build Up Your Appreciation for Krishna", "Responding to Offensive Behavior", "Exclusivism, Inclusivism, Pluralism and KC", "Find Your Place and Serve Krishna With Love", "The Science of Disentanglement".
Dallas, 1997 - 16 TAPES with VINYL ALBUM

Srila Gurudeva at Prabhupadadesa

This is another 10 tape series, covering Srila Gurudeva's visits to Italy and Zurich in the summer of 1998. Very interesting classes, several of them commenting on the 8th Canto where Lord Vamanadeva comes to test Bali Maharaja and takes everything away from him. Srila Gurudeva, as an experienced 'spiritual warrior', reveals some of his own insights on how to deal with all the ups and downs of the material world in such a way that our devotional flame does not become extinguished, but is kept burning brightly.
SOME TITLES: "A Vaishnava is Always a Servant", "Everything Belongs to God", "If Krishna Takes it All Away", "KC - Can We Separate the Philosophy from the Culture?", "Become Entangled in the Service of Krishna", "Bhagavad-gita 12th Chapter Overview", "A Devotee's Life is Not Mundane".
1998 - 10 TAPES with VINYL ALBUM

From London with Love

5 lectures given in London.
TITLES: "The Glories of the Gayatri Mantra", "A Temple for Krishna and Balarama", "Encouters with Mayavadis in Bombay", "Srila Prabhupada, the Revolutionary", "Selfless Service Will Yield Selfless Love"
1998 - 5 TAPES

Texas Lectures 1999

TITLES: "A Little Salt in the Mango Pulp", "Cursed or Blessed? The Story of Kunti dd", "Make Your Life Sacred", "The Natural Intoxication", "Are Men Superior? Q&A", "Discussions on Dharma and Karma", "Chanting is the Topmost Sacrifice", "Reading from Brhad-Bhagavatamrta", "Our Only Right: To be a Servant of God", "Don't Let Devotional Service Become Mechanical"
Houston and Dallas, 1999 - 10 TAPES with VINYL ALBUM

Made in London

TITLES: "Brahma-samhita: The Book for Solid Preachers", "Radhastami Talk", "Markine Bhagavata Dharma", "Take Complete Shelter of Krishna", "Sharing about Srila Prabhupada", "Pastimes of Sri-Sri Radha-Londonisvara"
London, 1999 - 6 TAPES with VINYL ALBUM

Final Instructions for Houston

This series contains the lectures during the last trip of His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami in the USA.  The lectures cover a veriety of occations: arrival address, Bhagavatam class, Sunday feast lecture, Yoga center, home program and Dipavali.  Certainly the instructions are applicable not only to Houston but to anywhere in the world. 
The titles are:  Do not preach only to the Indians; Where to establish Rama-rajya; Start with the Mode of Goodness; Goodness without Bhakti will get you nowhere; False Identifications with the body; Chanting helps you to tolerate the sufferings; Failing and trying again; When external security is threatened; Go through life like a swan; Gurudeva's reciprocation with Mother Kirtida.
Houston, 2001-- 6 tapes with VINYL ALBUM