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Tape Series


Authority and Management in ISKCON

While starting out as Bhagavatam-lectures, these classes turn into powerful appeals for the need for strong faith in authority (first of all in one's guru, but simultaneously in the temple president and senior Vaisnavas) as an absolute requirement for healthy spiritual growth, both individually as well as for our ISKCON-movement as a whole. This series is compiled and released under His Holiness's personal instruction and recommended for managers on all levels.
Australian Summer Tour '93 - 4 TAPES with VINYL ALBUM

The Most Blessed Event
The Golden Jubilee Vyasa-Puja

For all of us who could not personally attend the 1996 maha Vyasa-puja celebration, this series offers great solace. It covers all the lectures His Holiness gave during his visit to Houston, including the Classic "Three Steps To Perfection", in which he explains the process of spiritual advancement in an unforgettable way. You have to hear it yourself to understand this statement. His devotion to his spiritual master and his insight into Srila Prabhupada's unique contributions is simply astonishing. On yet another tape it's heartrending to hear him personally welcome each devotee who has come from a distant place around the world to attend the festival. Then once the devotees, including many of His Holiness's Godbrothers and -sisters, begin to read their offerings, the mood becomes saturated with devotion for that special personality who is influencing all of our hearts and lives, our beloved spiritual master, His Divine Grace Srila Tamal Krishna Goswami Maharaja. The older devotees fondly recall early pastimes from the Radha-Damodara days which most of us have not heard before; Syamasundara Prabhu, the temple president of Hare Krishna Dhama, the ambitious project of the Houston community, reveals his secret of success, Balarama has the Gauranga hall shaking with laughter as he tells of his adventures as His Holiness's personal servant. The first initiations that were given after a long time, His Holiness's instructions on how to remember him when we have to leave our bodies, everything is there. These tapes will definitely increase your love for His Holiness. And isn't that the goal of our lives?
1996 -5 TAPES

The Double Challenge: Actions speak louder than words

As devotees, we have to face a double challenge:
1. By Srila Prabhupada's mercy, we have been given the perfect philosophy and armed with that, we are requested to challenge the materialistic way of life and those who follow it.
2. Then, sooner or later, we have to also take an honest look at ourselves and at our lives as devotees. Are we able to incorporate the high ideals we are preaching to others?
elaborates on these pressing points in this new important lecture series.
Dallas, 1996/97 - 6 TAPES

Gurudeva's Graduation Party

2 extra-ordinary darshan tapes, recorded on May 4, 1998. An intimate gathering of Srila Gurudeva with the Dallas devotees, assembled to pre-celebrate his upcoming graduation of Southern Methodist University, marking the crown of three years of Very Hard Work for Srila Gurudeva. Sit in on this memorable evening and relish Gurudeva's unabashed love and appreciation for these dedicated devotees, all of whom went out of their way to assist and care for their spiritual master in a selfless mood. After the hearts of all present have thus been melted by his sweet words, Srila Gurudeva, experienced teacher of spiritual emotions, causes them to practically shrivel up again by, for the first time, revealing his future plans, namely to leave Dallas and continue his studies at Cambridge. Who said spiritual life (and love) is bittersweet....!?
TITLES: "Mission Accomplished", "...Now What Next? ".
1998 - 2 TAPES

Speaking From the Heart -- Vyasa Puja 1999

TITLES: "This Worship is Meant for All Devotees", "Godbrothers Speaking on TKG", "Srila Gurudev Speaks Out"
Houston, 1999 - 3 TAPES