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Tape Series


Scientific Knowledge of God

Home program recorded in Dallas, Texas at Krishna-shakti's, before an audience of mostly newcomers. Very systematic explanations of the basics of spiritual life.
1989 - 2 TAPES

Krishna Consciousness & The Main Religions

Here are some more jewels, mined from the Archives of the Tape Ministry! The first two tapes are very educating discourses, recorded in 1989 in Australia, based upon a critical, Krishna conscious analysis of two non-devotional movies about Buddhism and Hinduism. Impersonalism, anthropomorphism, Gandhi's theory of nonviolence, the Buddhist life style and their basic teaching that all desire brings suffering, all this and many more points are viewed from the Vedic perspective. Fired up, cutting and funny at the same time. On the third tape His Holiness is dealing with a similar situation, comparing the four main religions, but his tone is quite different because the audience is different. The last tape is a more recent one, in which he gives an impressive summary of the KC philosophy to a respectable audience at an interfaith meeting in Dallas, Texas. Simply by studying his varied styles of preaching on these four tapes we can learn so much!
1989 - 4 TAPES with VINYL ALBUM

An Introduction to Lord Krishna

Four lectures given in Dallas, Winter 1993, to the tender audience of a Youth Club Seminar, as well as to the local Friends of Lord Krishna. Under discussion: Subject matters like "The Qualities Of God", "The Path Of Bhakti: Associating With God", "Lord Krishna & His Vrindavana Pastimes", and "The Glories Of Vrindavana Life". From the basics to the esotherics, but all within the grasp of even a beginning traveler on the spiritual path, thanks to the expertise of the teacher. Makes a nice gift to a favorable acquaintance!
1993 - 4 TAPES with VINYL ALBUM


Questions People Ask

Several Question & Answer sessions which spontaneously evolved during one of His Holiness's recent visits, first to the Philippines and then to Hong Kong. His Holiness himself found these sessions so meaningful that he requested that a book be made out of them to use as a preaching tool. In the Manila gatherings he requests the devotees to voice the most asked questions by the local people (mostly Christians) and then he answers them very nicely. On the Hong Kong tapes a Vaisnava forum of three stalwart preachers and unique personalities, namely His Holiness, H.H. Umapati Swami and H.H. Narasimha Maharaja, answers various questions from the audience. After a question is raised each of them give their response to it. In this way a thorough understanding is gained and the mood becomes increasingly blissful. But the highlight of this series comes when suddenly a die-hard impersonalist pops up his head and tries to create a stir by his challenge: "Why look for Krishna? We are all Krishna!" For a moment the devotees hold their breaths. It somewhat reminds one of a demon entering the scene to disturb Krishna's lila. But being well-versed in Srila Prabhupada's teachings and equipped with a great sense of humor, His Holiness and the other Vaisnavas effortlessly, methodically, unquestionably and yet politely tear apart all of his arguments and soundly defeat his philosophy. Hear the tapes and learn how the great souls preach.
1995 - 3 TAPES

The Gifts of a Sadhu - Learn the Art of Preaching

Various introductory lectures given on the Sunday Feast, to Interfaith dialogues, to visiting student groups, etc. Contains ever-new explanations of the ancient Vedic philosophy. Dynamic, practical material to improve your presentation of Krishna consciousness to people from all walks of life.
Dallas, 1997 - 10 TAPES with VINYL ALBUM