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Tape Series


Bhagavad-gita Third Chapter Overview

One lecture covering the whole Third Chapter on karma-yoga in which Sri Krishna expounds to Arjuna the art of working. He explains in detail the difference between karma-kanda, karma-yoga and naiskama karma-yoga, or working for the satisfaction of the Supreme Lord without any personal desire. Also covered are: achieving sense and mind control through the performance of dharma, the varnashrama system, or the social and spiritual divisions of life, the workings of the laws of karma etc. Good study material!
1993 - 1 TAPE

Bhagavad-gita Fourth Chapter

The whole fourth chapter is covered systematically in these excellent lectures, given in Texas, Autumn 1993. The topics: The history of the Gita's message, the nature of Lord Krishna's transcendental body, why the Lord descends and how we can qualify to go back to His abode, how to act in this world without accruing karma, attaining transcendental knowledge by surrender to guru, and how this knowledge can change our character for the better. Helpful to everyone.

Bhagavad-gita Fifth Chapter

After covering the Third and the Fourth Chapter of the all-auspicious Song of Sri Krishna to His beloved devotee Arjuna, now His Holiness discusses the Fifth Chapter in verse-by-verse style. This important chapter starts with stating how it is better to work in devotion than to refrain from activity out of fear of becoming entangled. Other main points: How one can rise above the modes of nature, the cultivation of inner happiness which brings automatic detachment from sense gratification, the vision of a self-realized person whose mind is controlled by transcendental knowledge, and finally the famous 'Peace Formula'-verse. Enlightening and educating.
1994 - 6 TAPES with VINYL ALBUM


Counting 10 Bhagavad-gita discourses held in Texas over the past years, half of which recent recordings. Bhagavad-gita are the words of the everfresh Supreme Lord, and certainly Srila Gurudeva is tasting those eternal words in everfresh ways. So to hear him speak the nectar of the Bhagavad-gita is always a refreshing experience for our hearts and minds.
SOME TITLES: "Our Worst Disease: Envy of God", "The Three Types of Intelligence", "Don't Disturb the Ignorant", "The Hare Krishna Life Insurance Policy", "Doubtless Work","Come and Live with Us!".
1997 - 10 TAPES with VINYL ALBUM

Pearls of Wisdom

Crystal clear Bhagavad-gita lectures on several important verses, all given in Autumn 1993, at home programs in Houston and during Sunday Feast lectures in Dallas. Educating as well as entertaining. The theory and practice of Krishna consciousness. 'The Ultimate Goal Of The Vedas', 'The Pipe dream Of Material Piety', 'Why Krishna Chose Arjuna', 'Preserve The Vedic Heritage', 'Add Krishna To Everything' and more. Great preacher's training material. Indispensable for lovers of the Gita's wisdom.
1993 - 10 TAPES with VINYL ALBUM