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While listening to any lectures by His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami, please keep in mind that these lectures were given over three decades. The times changed and therefore some of the comments are obviously relevant to that point in time only. However, at the same time, most of the content is inspired from the eternal teachings of the Vedic Literatures and Gaudiya Vaisnava sampradaya (disciplic succession). In that light, the messages on these lectures have eternal instructions that can benefit listeners regardless of time, place, and circumstances.

Term of Use: You can download the lectures for your personal use or to share with other devotees. You are not allowed to charge others for the lectures. You are not allowed to host the lectures on your own website. Feel free to link to our website from your website.

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Date   PlaceVerseLengthSizeTitleSeries
1974 SB 2.1.12-2142:402.7Mw/ Visnujana Swami 
1977.01.24 Vasant Pancami SB 3.22.1432:462.1M  
1978.02.21Melbourne, AUSB 1.14.436:232.3MNothing Is Worthwhile Without Krsna Consciousness 
1978.02.22Melbourne, AUSB 1.14.5-839:302.5MKrsna Comes Just to Satisfy His Devotees 
1978.09.05London, UKArrival12:340.8MThe Guru Is One 
1978.09.06London, UKSB 3.22.224:331.6MRealization Possible Only When Blessed by the Spiritual Master 
1978.09.06New York, USArrival16:541.1MPrepare for Increase 
1978.09.07New York, USSB 6.9.3442:172.7MWe Require Guru's Help to Get Out of Suffering Condition 
1978.09.08St. Louis, USArrival21:141.3MThe Modern History of the Sankirtana Party 
1978.09.09St. Louis, USMorning Walk23:081.5MCollege for Brahmanas 
1978.09.09St. Louis, USSB 1.17.2145:422.9MCleanse Your Heart by the Bhagavata Process 
1978.09.09St. Louis, USEve Darsana58:173.7MHappiness and Distress Are Relative Terms 
1978.09.10St. Louis, USRadhastami SB 1.17.2253:243.4M  
1978.09.10St. Louis, USRadhastami27:481.8MAbhiseka Lecture 
1978.09.10St. Louis, USRadhastami20:311.3MGift Opening 
1978.09.11St. Louis, USMorning Walk23:481.5M  
1978.09.12St. Louis, USMorning Walk34:012.2M  
1978.09.12St. Louis, USSB 1.17.2457:293.6MHow To Maintain the Four Pillars of Religion 
1978.09.12St. Louis, USEve Darsana66:164.2MKrsna Can Give Us the Whole USA 
1978.09.14St. Louis, USMorning Walk44:182.8MLiberated Devotees Still Follow Regulative Principles 
1978.09.14St. Louis, USSB 1.17.26-2739:562.5MOur Method of Mass Education 
1978.09.14St. Louis, USEve Darsana73:274.6MSex Life Is Like a Mosquito Bite 
1978.09.15St. Louis, USMorning Walk25:051.6MOur Book Distributors Are Like Maharathis 
1978.09.16St. Louis, USMorning Walk24:131.5MObstacles Come From Your Mind 
1978.09.16St. Louis, USEve Darsana131:358.3MWho Is Guru? 
1978.09.17St. Louis, USSB 1.17.2929:451.9MOur Duty Is to Speak Strongly 
1978.09.17St. Louis, USEve Darsana49:053.1MPrabhupada Is Nitya Siddha 
1978.09.18St. Louis, USMorning Walk34:202.2MIdentifying an Incarnation of God 
1978.09.18St. Louis, USSB 1.17.30-3139:032.5MAvoid Milk Touched by the Snake 
1978.09.19St. Louis, USMorning Walk29:331.9MSankirtan and Dancing Are Sufficient Exercise 
1978.09.19St. Louis, USEve Darsana76:414.9MBecome Attached to the Spiritual Master 
1978.09.21St. Louis, USSB 1.17.3447:213.0MPreachingBrhad Mrdanga Series
1978.09.21St. Louis, USEve Darsana84:375.4MSome "Basic" Philosophy 
1978.09.22St. Louis, USMorning Walk29:301.9MPreach Inside Their Homes 
1978.09.23St. Louis, USMorning Walk27:101.7M100 Buses Is Not Enough 
1978.09.24St. Louis, USConversation22:071.4Mw/ a Sunday Feast Guest 
1978.09.26St. Louis, USEve Darsana144:109.1MTaste the Honey 
1978.09.27St. Louis, USMorning Walk26:241.7MThe Fruits of Book Distribution, w/ Subhananda Dasa 
1978.09.28St. Louis, USSB 1.17.4245:022.8M  
1978.09.28St. Louis, USEve Darsana70:154.4MBook Distribution Is Mass Inoculation 
1978.09.29St. Louis, USMorning Walk15:401.0M  
1978.09.30St. Louis, USMorning Walk24:161.5MChanting Means Pure Chanting 
1978.09.30St. Louis, USSB 1.17.4557:233.6M  
1978.09.30St. Louis, USEve Darsana60:283.8MKrsna Consciousness Is Less Painful Than Karma 
1978.10.01St. Louis, USMorning Walk31:022.0MBring the Temple to the People 
1978.10.02St. Louis, USMorning Walk23:361.5MHippy Seeds in the Heart 
1978.10.02St. Louis, USSB 1.18.261:103.9MDistribute Books for the Next 9500 Years 
1978.10.03St. Louis, USMorning Walk3:500.2M  
1978.10.03St. Louis, USEve Darsana85:195.4M  
1978.10.04St. Louis, USMorning Walk26:061.7MBe Satisfied With the Service Itself 
1978.10.04Bloomington, USEve Darsana18:141.2MThe Glories of Bhagavad Gita 
1978.10.05Bloomington, USMorning Walk12:480.8MFishing for God 
1978.10.05Bloomington, USEve Darsana76:024.8MThe Yoga System 
1978.10.06Bloomington, USMorning Walk21:161.3M  
1978.10.06Bloomington, USRoom Conversation59:103.7MThere Is No Such Thing as Privacy 
1978.10.06Bloomington, USEve Lecture61:013.9MAttaining the Supreme 
1978.10.07Bloomington, USMorning Walk35:502.3MPrabhupada Was in Trance Not Sleep 
1978.10.08St. Louis, USMorning Walk33:072.1MExample Is Better Than Precept 
1978.10.08St. Louis, USSFL40:592.6MYou Cannot Get Everything With Money 
1978.10.10St. Louis, USEve Darsana64:054.1M  
1978.10.11St. Louis, USMorning Walk33:312.1MBecome the Good Son of Your Guru 
1978.10.12St. Louis, USEve Darsana92:055.8MTemporary Reality Is so Fleeting That You Go Mad 
1978.10.14St. Louis, USMorning Walk30:431.9MFirst Be Merciful to Yourself 
1978.10.14St. Louis, USEve Darsana115:017.3MWhere Is Peace and Love in Animal Kingdom 
1978.10.15St. Louis, USMorning Walk37:012.3M  
1978.10.17Memphis, USEve Lecture88:385.6MLearn How to Serve Krsna 
1978.10.18Nashville, USEve Lecture78:345.0MMaterial Nature Is Under Krsna's Control 
1978.10.19Nashville, USMorning Walk32:442.1MFinding a Bonafide Spiritual Master 
1978.10.19Nashville, USLecture45:452.9MHistory of the Bhagavad Gita 
1978.10.19Nashville, USEve Lecture63:104.0MThe Process of Surrender 
1978.10.20Nashville, USMorning Walk40:502.6MAccepting Initiation 
1978.10.21Knoxville, USMorning Walk32:352.1MValue of the Human Form 
1978.10.21Knoxville, USDarsana74:504.7MBuilding a KC Community in Tennessee 
1978.10.21Knoxville, USEve Lecture SB 1.1.179:005.0MExplanation of Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya 
1978.10.22Knoxville, USMorning Walk44:212.8MSin No More 
1978.10.22Knoxville, USEve Lecture SB 1.1.1174:4311.1MI Meditate on Sri Krsna 
1978.10.23Knoxville, USMorning Walk45:502.9MHousehold Life in Krsna Consciousness 
1978.10.23Knoxville, USEve Lecture SB 1.1.164:024.1MThe Cause of All Causes 
1978.10.24Knoxville, USEve Lecture SB 1.1.165:174.1MPouring Ghee Over Fire; Even the Great Sages & Demigods Are Placed Into Illusion 
1978.10.26Mulberry, USSB 7.10.2449:553.2MThe Vaisnava & the Varnasrama 
1978.10.28Nashville, USMorning Walk37:162.4MNight and Day Dream 
1978.11.05Houston, USPrabhupada Disapp143:359.1M  
1978.11.05Houston, USSFL81:595.2MGovardhana Puja 
1978.11.08Houston, USSB 3.13.4958:573.7MControlling the Senses 
1978.11.11Dallas, USSB 4.14.38-4054:323.5MLeave Maya Alone 
1978.11.12Dallas, USSB 1.1.254:213.4M  
1978.11.13Dallas, USSB 1.1.249:263.1MBecome Ideal and Krsna Will Reveal Himself 
1978.11.14Dallas, USSB 1.1.251:503.3MConstitutionally We Are the Same Species as God 
1978.11.19Dallas, USSB 1.1.283:125.3MDistinguished Now Extinguished 
1978.11.19Dallas, USSFL74:214.7MThe Yoga System 
1978.11.20Dallas, USSB 1.1.376:464.9M  
1978.11.21Dallas, USSB 1.1.572:054.6MPreaching Is the Sign of a Vaisnava 
1978.11.22Houston, USArrival67:004.2MNot Just Another Philosophy 
1978.11.23Houston, USSB 1.1.477:504.9MSurrender to Krsna 
1978.11.23Houston, USConversation123:357.8Mw/ Indian Community 
1978.11.24Houston, USSB 1.1.461:583.9MThe Only Yajna for Kali-yugaBrhad Mrdanga Series
1978.11.24Houston, USEve Darsana45:302.9M  
1978.11.25Houston, USSB 1.1.654:373.5MVyasasana Is for Those Spotless in Character 
1978.11.25Houston, USEve Darsana39:542.5M  
1978.11.26Houston, USSB 1.1.775:414.8MWe Have Much Work to Do 
1978.11.26Houston, USSFL BG 4.1076:364.8MThe Best Mangoes Are the Highest 
1978.11.26Houston, USRoom Conversation57:403.6MRitual or Religion 
1978.11.27Houston, USSB 1.1.848:163.1MDon't Be Angry at Conditioned Souls 
1978.11.27St. Louis, USEve Darsana48:103.0MHe Who Hesitates Is Lost 
1978.11.28St. Louis, USSB 1.1.932:212.0M  
1978.11.28St. Louis, USEve Darsana74:454.7M  
1978.11.29St. Louis, USSB 1.1.1032:282.1MA Little Suffering Is Required 
1978.11.29St. Louis, USEve Darsana112:087.1MNapoleon Was a Devotee of Htimself 
1978.12.01Dallas, USSB 1.1.1060:013.8MSymptoms of the Kali Yuga - Laziness 
1978.12.03Dallas, USSB 1.1.1066:534.2MSymptoms of the Kali Yuga - Misguided 
1978.12.04Dallas, USSB 1.1.1062:193.9MDon't Do Your Own Thing 
1978.12.07Houston, USSB 1.1.1158:063.7MSuccessful Means to Act on JnanaBrhad Mrdanga Series
1978.12.08Houston, USSB 1.1.1255:563.5MThe Two Bhagavatas 
1978.12.10Houston, USSB 1.1.1250:073.2MAvoid Nondevotees Like the Plague 
1978.12.10Houston, USEve Darsana90:465.7MTo Be Happy, First Know Who You Are 
1978.12.12Houston, USSB 1.1.1470:424.5M  
1978.12.13Houston, USSB 1.1.1576:534.9MKrsna Can't Be Bought 
1978.12.15Houston, USSB 1.1.1670:494.5MGambling Gives Rise to Cheating 
1978.12.16Houston, USSB 1.1.1757:573.7MMaterial World Is Like Quicksand 
1978.12.17Houston, USSB 1.1.1858:013.7MBecoming an IncarnationBrhad Mrdanga Series
1978.12.17Houston, USSFL SB 1.2.684:585.4MPravrtti and Nivrtti Marga 
1978.12.24Houston, USSFL SB 2.1.1269:584.4MBurn the Material Seeds in the Heart 
1978.12.25Houston, USSB 1.1.1967:414.3MBeating the Brhad-mrdangaBrhad Mrdanga Series
1978.12.27Houston, USSB 1.1.2071:094.5MFalse Incarnations 
1978.12.30Houston, USSB 1.1.2162:103.9MCounter Kali With These Books 
1978.12.31Houston, USSB 1.1.2227:191.7MAlways Connected to Krsna via Service 
1978.12.31Houston, USConversation225:3714.3MBogus Gurus 
1979.01.01Dallas, USArrival58:103.7MThe Empowered Preacher's WeaponsBrhad Mrdanga Series
1979.01.03Dallas, USSB 1.2.1-273:254.6MThe Guru's Mind Is Not a Garbage Can 
1979.01.07Dallas, USInitiation66:094.2MSannyasa Initiation for Kesava Bharati Dasa Goswami 
1979.01.07Dallas, USEve Darsana88:435.6MTen Million Names a Year 
1979.01.08Dallas, USSB 1.2.735:432.3MIntelligence Guided by Supersoul 
1979.01.08Dallas, USEve Darsana70:254.5MFailing Materially Is the Qualification 
1979.01.09Dallas, USSB 1.2.853:563.4M  
1979.01.09Dallas, USEve Darsana81:235.2MReal Research Is of the Self 
1979.01.10Dallas, USEve Darsana88:265.6MGod's Law Is Ultimate Morality 
1979.01.11Dallas, USEve Darsana88:495.6MFirst Step in Training Is Tapasya 
1979.01.14Dallas, USDarsana81:395.2M  
1979.01.14Dallas, USEve Darsana123:217.8MHow Can Everything Personal Come From Impersonal 
1979.01.19St. Louis, USSB 2.1.841:052.6MFrom the Perfect Source 
1979.01.21Houston, USSB 1.2.2062:294.0MAn Intelligent Transcendentalist 
1979.01.21Houston, USSFL SB 1.1.287:015.5MAnthill Civilization 
1979.01.22Houston, USSB 1.2.2150:143.2M  
1979.01.22Dallas, USEve Darsana77:094.9MChanters Can't Again Become Non-chanters 
1979.01.23Dallas, USSB 1.2.2286:325.5MMore Preachers, Less Temple Sitters 
1979.01.23Dallas, USEve Darsana91:585.8MYou Have No Excuse 
1979.01.24Dallas, USSB 1.2.2333:182.1MNo One Wants to Accept Death 
1979.01.24Dallas, USEve Darsana NOD 18144:289.1MGod Centered Society 
1979.01.25Dallas, USEve Darsana NOD 1888:435.6MSadhus Should Be Heard Not Seen 
1979.01.26Dallas, USSB 1.2.2571:504.5MWe Don't Advocate This Temple Sitting Process 
1979.01.26Dallas, USEve Darsana83:105.3M  
1979.01.27Dallas, USSB 1.2.2673:084.6MMaterial Boons Are Obstacles 
1979.01.27Dallas, USEve Darsana71:094.5MPure Devotees See No Duality 
1979.01.28Dallas, USEve Darsana37:522.4MEveryone Here Has No Anxiety 
1979.01.29Dallas, USSB 1.2.28-2937:462.4MAn Attractive Salesman 
1979.01.30Los Angeles, USSB 4.2.2684:425.4MDon't Be a "So-Called" Brahmana 
1979.02.01FijiSB 1.2.1-260:103.8MHouseholder Life Without Krsna Consciousness Is a Dark Well 
1979.02.01FijiEve Lecture BG 286:205.5MApproach a Bonafide Guru 
1979.02.02FijiMorning Walk17:401.1MAll Services Are Required 
1979.02.02FijiAdvaita App55:323.5M  
1979.02.02Ba, FijiBG 9.3434:262.2M  
1979.02.03FijiMorning Walk6:520.4MThis Body Is Not Yours 
1979.02.03FijiSB 1.2.345:562.9MThe Problem Isn't the Fruit but the Tree 
1979.02.03FijiSB 1.2.1760:463.8M  
1979.02.04FijiSB 1.2.438:202.4M  
1979.02.04Tavua, FijiSB 7.5.3058:133.7MWithout Krsna Everything Is Zero, w/ Hindi 
1979.02.05FijiSB 1.2.531:402.0MNo Questions Means Sleeping Consciousnesss 
1979.02.05Ba, FijiLecture SB 7.5.3163:164.0Mw/ Hindi 
1979.02.06FijiMorning Walk11:450.7MStaying at Temple vs. Going on Pilgrimage 
1979.02.06FijiSB 1.2.640:582.6MStop Dancing on the Pravrtti Marga 
1979.02.08FijiMorning Walk14:500.9M  
1979.02.08FijiSB 1.2.727:351.7MGuru Is More Merciful Than Krsna 
1979.02.08Nadi, FijiEve Lecture SB 7.5.3294:316.0Mw/ Hindi 
1979.02.09Suva, FijiLecture70:084.4M  
1979.02.11Nausori, FijiBG 10.943:162.7M  
1979.02.13FijiSB 1.2.848:583.1MDon't Maintain, Increase 
1979.02.13FijiEve Lecture NOD33:062.1MDevotional Principles 1-10, w/ Hindi 
1979.02.14FijiSB 1.2.944:012.8MMaterial Life: Ocean of Emotion 
1979.02.14FijiEve Lecture NOD58:363.7MDevotional Principles 11-20, w/ Hindi 
1979.02.15FijiSB 1.2.1038:452.5MAll Karma Is Bad Karma 
1979.02.15FijiEve Lecture NOD61:403.9MFurther Devotional Principles Explained, w/ Hindi 
1979.02.16FijiSB 1.2.1137:592.4MThree Levels of Transcendence 
1979.02.16FijiEve Lecture NOD69:494.4MPrinciples of Bhakti-yoga, w/ Hindi 
1979.02.17FijiEve Lecture NOD59:233.8MFurther Devotional Principles Explained, w/ Hindi 
1979.02.18FijiSB 1.2.1243:212.7MFollowing These Principles Gives Intelligence 
1979.02.19Lautoka, FijiSB 1.2.1334:212.2MEqual Rights in Worshiping Krsna 
1979.02.20Lautoka, FijiSB 1.2.1447:003.0MDependent on Krsna, Independent of Maya 
1979.02.20FijiEve Lecture NOD53:513.4MService to Krsna Goes Through the Guru, w/ Hindi 
1979.02.21Lautoka, FijiSB 1.2.1533:432.1MThis Knowledge Is Like a Sword 
1979.02.21Lautoka, FijiEve Lecture NOD49:173.1MOne Day a Week Isn't Sufficient, w/ Hindi 
1979.02.22FijiSB 1.2.1636:592.3MNo One Jokes About Prasadam 
1979.02.22FijiEve Lecture NOD30:061.9MFirst Solve the Basic Problems, w/ Hindi 
1979.03.01Mayapur, IndiaNOI 140:332.6MPlace Intelligent Inquiries 
1979.03.03Mayapur, IndiaNOI 124:581.6MReal Atonement Is Krsna Consciousness 
1979.03.05Mayapur, IndiaNOI 119:431.2M  
1979.03.25New York, USArrival42:402.7MGurvastakam With Examples From Prabhupada Lila 
1979.03.26New York, USSB 7.2.4357:093.6MTransform This Prison House by Purity 
1979.03.27Dallas, USEve Darsana35:142.2MPreaching Report 
1979.03.27Dallas, USArrival18:131.2MGive Them Direct, Not Indirect 
1979.03.28Dallas, USSB 1.4.1042:232.7MRenunciation Is the Real Wealth 
1979.03.28Dallas, USEve Darsana35:462.3MGarland of Jivas 
1979.03.29Dallas, USSB 1.4.1251:373.3MLord Caitanya Is the Puppeteer 
1979.03.29Dallas, USEve Darsana42:312.7MIt Is Realistic Not Pessimistic 
1979.03.30Dallas, USEve Darsana51:253.3MKrsna Consciousness Is Not Mundane Academics 
1979.03.31Dallas, USSB 1.4.14-1656:043.5MRestoring Real Religion in the World 
1979.03.31Dallas, USConversation79:505.1MCome Into the Society of Devotees 
1979.03.31Dallas, USConversation76:454.9MKrsna Is a Positive Alternative 
1979.04.01Dallas, USSB 1.4.17-1867:364.3MDevotional Service Is the Key to Happiness 
1979.04.01Dallas, USSFL BG 13.2264:144.1MSpirit Is Willing but the Flesh Is Weak 
1979.04.02Dallas, USEve Darsana107:276.8MAlways Keep the Destination in Mind 
1979.04.03Dallas, USSB 1.4.20-2568:524.4MThe "Essence" of Krsna Consciousness 
1979.04.03Dallas, USEve Darsana53:463.4MChant Purely and Realize Vrndavana 
1979.04.04Dallas, USSB 1.4.26-3156:213.6MPure Devotional Service: The Only Real Satisfaction for the Self 
1979.04.04Dallas, USEve Darsana CcM 24.229-58:533.7MBetter to Die on the Battlefield 
1979.04.05Dallas, USSB 1.4.32-1.5.273:154.6MDevotional Service Is a Gift 
1979.04.05Dallas, USEve Darsana CcM 24.314-58:593.7MThe Duties of the Brahmana 
1979.04.06Houston, USEve Darsana CcM 9.24.331-72:024.6MCut the Web of Maya 
1979.04.08Houston, USSFL SB 1.5.8-1073:544.7MBring This Light to the World 
1979.04.09Houston, USSB 1.5.1164:544.1MKrsna Conscious Leadership 
1979.04.09Houston, USEve Darsana CcM 25.9-88:035.6MThe Absolute Platform 
1979.04.10Houston, USSB 1.5.1349:213.1MSimply Eat the Pastimes of Krsna Through Your Ears 
1979.04.11St. Louis, USEve Darsana CcM 25.120-77:144.9MYou Are Not Your Body 
1979.04.12St. Louis, USSB 1.5.1450:533.2MBecome a Lover of Krsna 
1979.04.12St. Louis, USEve Darsana CcM 25.131-136:408.6MVedic Authority Is Blind Faith 
1979.04.13St. Louis, USSB 1.5.1544:332.8MThe Guru Is Always Present 
1979.04.13St. Louis, USEve Darsana90:575.8M  
1979.04.14Chicago, USArrival SB 1.5.1686:405.5MWork Now, Samadhi Later 
1979.04.14Chicago, USEve Darsana89:005.6MDon't Hesitate to Surrender to Krsna 
1979.04.15Chicago, USInitiation55:023.5M  
1979.04.15Chicago, USEve Darsana SB 1.1.288:355.6MFollow the Standard Process 
1979.04.16Chicago, USEve Darsana58:163.7M  
1979.04.17Chicago, USSB 1.5.1948:403.1MA Preacher Is Awarded by Krsna 
1979.04.17Chicago, USEve Darsana CcM 25.27057:403.6MA Devotee Is Fully Dependent on Radha & Krsna 
1979.04.20Chicago, USLecture57:253.6MThe Science of Krsna Consciousness 
1979.04.20Chicago, USConversation46:533.0M  
1979.04.21Chicago, USEve Darsana43:032.7MBeing Empowered by Lord Caitanya - Giving Krsna to Others 
1979.04.22Chicago, USEve Darsana87:085.5MWhy Not Join ISKCON? 
1979.04.23Chicago, USSB 1.5.2547:323.0MThe Transcendental Nature of Prasadam 
1979.04.23Chicago, USEve Darsana45:022.8MThe Humility of the Spiritual Master 
1979.04.24Chicago, USEve Darsana30:041.9MThere's Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain 
1979.04.25Chicago, USEve Darsana49:033.1MThe Guru Is the Best Teacher 
1979.04.26Chicago, USSB 1.5.2852:503.3MDevotees Are "Re-conditioned" Souls 
1979.04.26Chicago, USEve Darsana53:203.4MThe Love of Caitanya Mahaprabhu 
1979.04.29Toronto, CanadaSB 2.6.40-4183:095.3MWe Do Not Need Money, We Need Purity 
1979.04.29Toronto, CanadaSFL67:354.3MNo Noisy Kids in Naimisaranya 
1979.05.01Chicago, USEve Darsana30:201.9MHow to Preach Effectively 
1979.05.02Chicago, USSB 1.5.3448:103.0MThe Train of Bhakti 
1979.05.05Denver, USSB 4.5.5-860:033.8MThe Glories of Vaisnavas 
1979.05.10Los Angeles, USEve Darsana50:413.2MThe Glories of Jayananda, w/ Ramesvara Swami 
1979.05.13Los Angeles, USSB 4.7.988:075.6MSimplicity, Purity & Prasadam 
1979.05.13Los Angeles, USSFL59:263.8MLiquid Beauty 
1979.05.13Los Angeles, USConversation41:122.6Mw/ Parents 
1979.05.17Los Angeles, USSB 4.7.1534:562.2MDevotional Service: The Reward for Chanting Hare Krsna 
1979.05.19Dallas, USEve Darsana77:024.9MThe Lord Is Well-Wisher, Not Wishing Well 
1979.05.20Dallas, USSB 1.6.2251:543.3MFirst Learn the Principle of Austerity 
1979.05.21Dallas, USSB 1.6.2372:434.6MAttaining Fixed Intelligence 
1979.05.22Dallas, USEve Darsana33:442.1MTranscendental Johnny Appleseeds 
1979.05.23Dallas, USEve Darsana54:173.4MPlease Identify Yourself 
1979.05.24Dallas, USEve Darsana22:271.4MLaw of the Time Factor 
1979.05.25Dallas, USSB 1.6.2752:163.3MNo Comfort in a Dying Body 
1979.05.25Dallas, USEve Darsana49:393.1MFrom Sinner to Saint 
1979.05.26Dallas, USEve Darsana114:297.2MDefeating All Mayavadi Arguments 
1979.05.27Dallas, USSB 1.6.2982:135.2MPersonalism Is the Answer 
1979.05.28Dallas, USDeparture12:330.8MTry to Increase Your Numbers 
1979.05.28Houston, USArrival79:105.0M  
1979.05.29Houston, USEve Darsana71:234.5MThe Real Guru Is Krsna Dasa 
1979.05.30Houston, USSB 1.6.3352:403.3MBook Distribution Means Presenting KrsnaBrhad Mrdanga Series
1979.05.30Houston, USEve Darsana61:403.9MThe Price Is Intense Eagerness 
1979.06.01St. Louis, USEve Darsana74:474.7MEverything Here Is Transcendental 
1979.06.02St. Louis, USEve Darsana62:484.0MCelibacy Is Important 
1979.06.03St. Louis, USSB 2.5.348:373.1M  
1979.06.03Chicago, USArrival23:391.5MMake Your Family Krsna Conscious 
1979.06.03Chicago, USEve Darsana43:222.7MThe Real Life of a Disciple 
1979.06.04Chicago, USEve Darsana87:585.6M  
1979.06.05Chicago, USSB 1.6.3445:312.9MPreachers Must Come on Platform of Realization 
1979.06.06Chicago, USEve Darsana55:593.5MThe Mercy of the Vaisnavas 
1979.06.07Chicago, USSB 1.6.3650:093.2MAnalyzing Devotional Service 
1979.06.07Chicago, USEve Darsana45:212.9MThe Real Thing Is to Win Krsna 
1979.06.14Dallas, USVyasa-puja182:0011.5M  
1979.06.14Dallas, USInitiation82:195.2MSold Out to the Spiritual Master 
1979.06.16Dallas, USEve Darsana CcAdi 3.53-73:324.7MThe Award of Pure Love of God 
1979.06.17Dallas, USEve Darsana CcAdi 4.15-2238:352.4MAttaining the Pure Serving Mood 
1979.06.18Dallas, USSB 1.7.943:072.7MSankirtana Is Meditation on Krsna 
1979.06.18Dallas, USEve Darsana58:503.7MAlways Thinking of Krsna 
1979.06.19Dallas, USSB 1.7.1042:262.7MAtmarama Verse - Serve the Topmost Person 
1979.06.19Dallas, USEve Darsana CcAdi 3.69-91,4.3.92-10667:164.3MIt Is Not New, but Futher Knowledge 
1979.06.20Dallas, USSB 1.7.1050:263.2MAtmarama Verse - Krsna Has Unlimited Qualities 
1979.06.20Dallas, USEve Darsana CcAdi 3.92-70:274.5MDeveloping Preaching Zeal 
1979.06.21Dallas, USSB 1.7.1150:253.2MAdvancing to Krsna Consciousness 
1979.06.21Houston, USEve Darsana CcM 15.1-4266:494.2MSri Caitanya - The Avatara 
1979.06.22Houston, USSB 1.6.3646:062.9MThe Process of Following Spiritual Master 
1979.06.22Houston, USEve Darsana CcM 15.43-30:502.0MLiberation Through Eating 
1979.06.23Houston, USSB 1.6.3748:543.1MFreedom From Material Nature 
1979.06.23Houston, USBG 3.10168:3410.7MMaterial World, Refugee Camp 
1979.06.24Houston, USSFL BG 4.4362:123.9MUsing Everything to Serve Krsna 
1979.06.25Houston, USSB 1.6.3845:452.9MPerfecting the Preaching 
1979.06.27Chicago, USEve Darsana CcAntya 10.140-78:104.9MIntroducing the Harmonist 
1979.06.28Chicago, USSB 1.7.2458:273.7MGetting Free From Maya 
1979.06.28Chicago, USCcM 19.1773:374.7MApproaching the Transcendental Authority 
1979.06.29Chicago, USSB 1.7.2563:494.0MUnderstanding the Qualities of God 
1979.06.29Chicago, USEve Darsana CcM 19.42-5645:062.9MThe Confidential Devotee 
1979.06.30Chicago, USSB 1.7.26-2756:473.6MThe Real Value of Vedic Culture 
1979.07.03Chicago, USCcM 19.87-11057:133.6MLittle Medicine Is Better Than No Medicine 
1979.07.04Chicago, USCcM 19.111-69:214.4MBeating the Big Mrdanga 
1979.07.05Chicago, USSB 1.7.3315:421.0MYou Have to Control Your Senses 
1979.07.05Chicago, USCcM 19.133-14435:292.2MWe Are Not an Escapist Organization 
1979.07.07Chicago, USSB 1.7.35-3673:234.6MThe Four Principles of Religion 
1979.07.07Chicago, USBG 3.1073:134.6MSacrifice Yajna via Visnu, w/ Gujarati 
1979.07.08Chicago, USSB 1.7.3764:564.1MFollowing the Natural Laws of God 
1979.07.09Chicago, USCcM 19.146-15067:294.3MPure Devotional Service 
1979.07.10Chicago, USSB 1.7.4065:074.1MKrsna Resolves All Contradictions 
1979.07.10Chicago, USCcM 19.151-15639:512.5MWatering the Bhakti Creeper 
1979.07.11Chicago, USSB 1.7.4125:021.6MStriving to Please Krsna 
1979.07.12Chicago, USCcM 19.156-15965:554.2MOn Whom Can We Depend? 
1979.07.13Chicago, US 49:263.1MThe Founding of ISKCONVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1979.07.14Chicago, USCcM 19.16045:242.9MCured of Material Infection 
1979.07.16Chicago, USCcM 19.161-16553:353.4MSetting the Uncompromising Standard 
1979.07.17Chicago, US 84:115.3MThe Deep Meaning of Sankirtana 
1979.07.17Chicago, USCcM 19.166-17645:212.9MCleansing the Heart 
1979.07.18Chicago, USCcM 19.17740:252.6MBhakti as a Scientific Practice 
1979.07.19St. Louis, USCcM 19.178-18481:385.2MTeachings of Lord Caitanya 
1979.07.20St. Louis, USSB 2.6.1860:393.8MSurrender to God or Surrender to Death 
1979.07.20St. Louis, US 86:015.4MUnderstanding Who I Am 
1979.07.21St. Louis, USSB 2.6.19-38:002.4M  
1979.07.21St. Louis, USCcM 11.1-3437:572.4MSetting the Mood for Ratha-yatra 
1979.07.22Chicago, USSB 1.7.56-5860:423.8MA Disciple Should Know the Guru's Desire 
1979.07.24Chicago, USSB 1.8.564:474.1MThe Responsibility of Being a Devotee 
1979.07.25Chicago, USEve Darsana112:037.1MFinding the Spiritual Master 
1979.07.26St. Louis, US 74:584.7M  
1979.07.27St. Louis, USSB 2.6.24-2672:434.6MMaking Everything Sacred 
1979.07.28St. Louis, US 76:024.8MThe Principles of Religion 
1979.07.28Chicago, US 85:175.4MMaking the Right Choice 
1979.07.29Chicago, USSB 1.8.1042:362.7MChoose Which Aspect of Krsna to Approach 
1979.07.29Chicago, US 54:163.4MThe Purpose of Everything 
1979.07.29Chicago, USRoom Conversation39:442.5Mw/ Chater Jees 
1979.08Chicago, USConversation16:011.0Mw/ a Social Worker 
1979.08.02Chicago, USSB 1.8.1459:433.8M  
1979.08.04Chicago, USEve Darsana76:284.8MDemons Without Horns 
1979.08.05Chicago, USEve Darsana66:294.2MWe Do Not Judge, We Apply God's Judgement 
1979.08.07Chicago, USEve Darsana64:264.1M  
1979.08.08Chicago, USEve Darsana38:202.4MWar Strategy 
1979.08.09Chicago, USSB 1.8.2049:573.2MThe Secret to Krsna Consciousness 
1979.08.11Chicago, US 127:018.0M  
1979.08.12Chicago, USSB 1.8.2353:453.4M  
1979.08.13Chicago, USSB 1.8.2453:253.4MA Devotee Prays for Difficulties 
1979.08.14Dallas, USArrival57:043.6MServe the Guru With Pure Heart 
1979.08.15Dallas, USJanmastami SB 1.8.3575:164.8M  
1979.08.16Dallas, USPrabhupada Vyasa-puja87:015.5M  
1979.08.17Dallas, USSB 1.8.3671:364.5MThe Preacher Gets Double Benefit 
1979.08.18Dallas, USEve Darsana88:465.6MDovetail All Your Activities in God's Service 
1979.08.19Dallas, USEve Darsana57:473.7MTaking Sannyasa Is Not Reccommended for Everyone 
1979.08.21Dallas, USEve Darsana58:273.7MThe Perfection of Yoga 
1979.08.22Dallas, USEve Darsana37:202.4MRemain True to Your Sampradaya 
1979.08.24Dallas, USSB 1.8.4380:225.1MIt's Time to Get Serious 
1979.08.26Dallas, USSB 1.8.4557:513.7MPut Your Life in the Hands of the Guru 
1979.08.26Dallas, USEve Darsana52:003.3MOrganizing the Indian community 
1979.08.27Dallas, USSB 1.8.4655:243.5MThe Servant's Pleasure Is to Please the Master 
1979.08.27Dallas, USEve Darsana52:583.4MCome Out of Your Dream World 
1979.08.28Dallas, USSB 1.8.4761:223.9MBecome a Pure Devotee in This Lifetime 
1979.08.28Dallas, USEve Darsana38:182.4MReading From Hari Sauri Prabhu's Diary, w/ Hari Sauri Prabhu 
1979.08.31Memphis, USRadhastami88:305.6Mw/ Hrdayananda dasa Goswami 
1979.09.05St. Louis, US 112:337.1Mw/ Jayapataka Swami 
1979.09.10Dallas, USSB 1.9.1066:084.2MPreaching Is a Natural Result of Hearing 
1979.09.10Dallas, USEve Darsana22:101.4MYou Cannot Have Your Cake and Eat It 
1979.09.13Dallas, USSB 1.9.1356:113.6MTake Shelter of Brahmanas, Vaisnavas, and Sastra 
1979.09.14Houston, USEve Darsana Iso Invocation75:504.8MKarmis Are Intelligent... At Breaking Laws of God 
1979.09.15Houston, USSB 1.8.2857:253.6MDevotee Waits to Deliver All Before Himself 
1979.09.16Houston, USSFL Iso 269:134.4MNews Today, Gone TomorrowSri Isopanisad Series
1979.09.17Dallas, USEve Darsana18:591.2M  
1979.09.23Chicago, USSB 1.9.1246:262.9MA Devotee Is Tested by Krsna 
1979.09.24Los Angeles, USSB 4.9.1659:523.8MSpiritual Life Is Like a Razor's Edge 
1979.09.26Honolulu, USSB 1.5.960:463.8MAlways Be Ready to Be Corrected 
1979.09.27FijiArrival19:431.3MMake Fiji Krsna ConsciousQueen Kunti Series
1979.09.28Lautoka, FijiSB 1.8.1852:103.3MKrsna Kaliya Is Not an Ordinary BoyQueen Kunti Series
1979.09.28FijiLecture Iso Invocation44:112.8MBhagavan Realization Is Full RealizationSri Isopanisad Series
1979.09.29FijiSB 1.8.1941:462.6MThe Preacher Is a Lawyer and a DoctorQueen Kunti Series
1979.09.29FijiLecture Iso 142:342.7MThis World Is a PunishmentSri Isopanisad Series
1979.09.29FijiSB 1.8.2040:332.6MDevotees Inherit All Godly Qualities 
1979.09.30FijiSB 1.8.2141:342.6MFirst Follow Scripture, Then DebateQueen Kunti Series
1979.09.30Lautoka, Fiji 37:342.4MSrila Prabhupada Murti Installation 
1979.10Fiji 43:502.8MPerfect Questions, Perfect AnswersFiji 1979 Series
1979.10.01Suva, FijiLecture Iso 259:323.8MProgressive Means Back to GodheadSri Isopanisad Series
1979.10.02Suva, FijiSB 1.8.2221:231.4MFirst See the Deity From the Lotus FeetQueen Kunti Series
1979.10.02Suva, FijiLecture Iso 351:073.2MFirst Catch Me, Then Bury MeSri Isopanisad Series
1979.10.03Suva, FijiEve Darsana87:055.5MKrsna is God the Father 
1979.10.04Nandi, FijiLecture Iso 459:013.7MYou Can Become a Brahma AlsoSri Isopanisad Series
1979.10.05Lautoka, FijiSB 1.8.2335:312.2MKrsna Can Give You Fiji, What Would You Do With itQueen Kunti Series
1979.10.05Lautoka, FijiLecture Iso 567:474.3MThose Attached to Krsna Do Not Require Alarm ClockSri Isopanisad Series
1979.10.06Lautoka, FijiLecture Iso 644:492.8MLearn How to Hear KrsnaSri Isopanisad Series
1979.10.07Lautoka, FijiSB 1.8.2436:032.3MThe Cheating of AsvatthamaQueen Kunti Series
1979.10.07Lautoka, FijiInitiation44:172.8MExtract Krsna Out of Every JivaFiji 1979 Series
1979.10.07Lautoka, FijiInitiation25:241.6MName Giving Ceremony 
1979.10.08Lautoka, FijiSB 1.8.2534:202.2MReality Is That Which EnduresQueen Kunti Series
1979.10.08FijiWedding28:551.8MImportance of Married Life 
1979.10.09Lautoka, FijiSB 1.8.2630:141.9MReal Wealth Goes With You to Next LifeQueen Kunti Series
1979.10.10Lautoka, FijiSB 1.8.2729:201.9MMaterial Failure as God's FavorQueen Kunti Series
1979.10.10Lautoka, FijiLecture Iso 758:563.7MKrsna Conscious SandwichSri Isopanisad Series
1979.10.11Lautoka, FijiSB 1.8.2830:451.9MOne Can Only Blame OneselfQueen Kunti Series
1979.10.11Lautoka, FijiLecture Iso 858:413.7MThe Preachers' MarketplaceSri Isopanisad Series
1979.10.13Nausori, FijiPandal Program44:262.8MThe Path of ReligionFiji 1979 Series
1979.10.14Suva, Fiji 72:204.6MGod, Demigods & IncarnationsFiji 1979 Series
1979.10.15Suva, Fiji 159:2910.1MWho Am IFiji 1979 Series
1979.10.16Suva, FijiLecture Iso 956:083.6MIf You Do Not Believe Me Try ItSri Isopanisad Series
1979.10.17Suva, Fiji 46:383.0MUniversity of South Pacific: The King of KnowledgeFiji 1979 Series
1979.10.17Suva, FijiLecture Iso 1043:372.8MPurity Means to Transcend Animal ActivitiesSri Isopanisad Series
1979.10.18Lautoka, Fiji 39:482.5MThe Golden RulesFiji 1979 Series
1979.10.21Dallas, USGovardhana-puja SFL59:053.7M  
1979.10.25Dallas, USSB 6.1.144:172.8MShouldering the Burden of the WorldAjamila Series
1979.10.25Dallas, USPrabhupada Disapp66:524.2MKrsna's Viceroy Is the Spiritual MasterVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1979.10.27Dallas, USSB 6.1.657:093.6MDon't Jump Over the GuruAjamila Series
1979.10.28Dallas, USSB 6.1.1581:445.2MUproot All Sins by Bhakti YogaAjamila Series
1979.10.29Dallas, USSB 6.1.1658:163.7MWe Are Pushing to Stop PushingAjamila Series
1979.10.30Dallas, USSB 6.1.1959:053.7MThe Power of the Holy NameAjamila Series
1979.10.30Dallas, US 56:593.6MSurrenderloka KirtanaSurrenderloka Kirtans
1979.11.01Dallas, USSB 6.1.2254:203.4MPractice Now Rememberance of KrsnaAjamila Series
1979.11.01Dallas, USDarsana1:250.1MNo One More Fortunate Than a Pujari 
1979.11.02Dallas, USSB 6.1.28-2946:312.9MCleanse at All LevelsAjamila Series
1979.11.03Houston, USSB 6.1.3356:273.6MA Devotee Is Never FrustratedAjamila Series
1979.11.04Houston, USSB 6.1.3946:383.0MGuru Is the Heart SpecialistAjamila Series
1979.11.04Houston, USLecture Iso 1158:343.7MSimplify Your 'Needs'Sri Isopanisad Series
1979.11.07Chicago, USSB 6.1.4456:053.5MAll Needs Are Met by ChantingAjamila Series
1979.11.08Chicago, USSB 6.1.4949:443.1MDon't Stop Desire, but Change DesireAjamila Series
1979.11.09Chicago, USSB 6.1.56-5759:113.7MPreaching Isn't Something MechanicalAjamila Series
1979.11.11Chicago, USSB 6.1.58-6246:092.9MNo One Is Too Poor to Approach GodAjamila Series
1979.11.12Chicago, USSB 6.1.63-6.2.158:143.7MHearing Strengthens FaithAjamila Series
1979.11.17Chicago, USSB 6.2.2-632:522.1MKali Yuga's Great Lack of MercyAjamila Series
1979.11.18Chicago, USSB 6.2.759:273.8MOne Is Known by the Company He KeepsAjamila Series
1979.11.18Chicago, USLecture Iso 1250:253.2MClass C to Class B PrisonSri Isopanisad Series
1979.11.22Chicago, USSB 6.2.8-1153:103.4MA Bad King Is Better Than No KingAjamila Series
1979.11.23Chicago, USSB 6.2.12-1640:192.6MNo One Looks for These AnxietiesAjamila Series
1979.11.24Chicago, USSB 6.2.17-2230:532.0MChanting Doesn't Require Prior UnderstandingAjamila Series
1979.11.25St. Louis, USLecture Iso 1382:085.2MKrsna Is That Attractive ForceSri Isopanisad Series
1979.11.26St. Louis, USSB 6.2.23-3151:223.3MModern Religion Is a Means for BeggingAjamila Series
1979.11.29Dallas, USSB 6.2.32-3556:143.6MAssociate With Associates of the Spiritual MasterAjamila Series
1979.12Dallas, USDarsana10:240.7MOur Austerity Is Preaching 
1979.12.01Dallas, USSB 6.2.36-3725:421.6MConsider the Welfare of OthersAjamila Series
1979.12.01Dallas, USEve Darsana38:162.4MUnderstanding the Suffering of Others 
1979.12.02Dallas, USSB 6.2.41-4452:043.3MOur Temples Are the Transcendental RealmAjamila Series
1979.12.03Dallas, USSB 6.2.45-4936:512.3MBhakti Can Control Even KrsnaAjamila Series
1979.12.06Dallas, USSB 6.3.1-1151:363.3MThe Supreme JudgeAjamila Series
1979.12.07Dallas, USSB 6.3.1227:251.7MThe Servant Position Is WonderfulAjamila Series
1979.12.07Houston, USLecture Iso 1442:032.7MThe Form of the Culture of LivingSri Isopanisad Series
1979.12.08Houston, USSB 6.3.1358:103.7MWe Have to Situate Ourselves IdeallyAjamila Series
1979.12.09Houston, USSB 6.3.14-1653:353.4MFearless Means to Have FaithAjamila Series
1979.12.09Houston, USLecture Iso 1559:393.8MAdd Krsna Into Your DreamSri Isopanisad Series
1979.12.10Houston, USSB 6.3.17-2152:093.3MThe Yamadutas Didn't Know About Bhagavata DharmaAjamila Series
1979.12.10Dallas, USDarsana14:100.9MLive Simply but Sufficiently 
1979.12.11Dallas, USDarsana16:261.0M  
1979.12.12Dallas, USDarsana5:160.3MWho Is Actually Tired 
1979.12.13Dallas, USSB 6.3.22-2529:421.9MSimply by Chanting the Heart Is CleansedAjamila Series
1979.12.15Dallas, USSB 6.3.26-2929:371.9MFriends and Enemy Is Material ConsciousnessAjamila Series
1979.12.18Dallas, USSB 6.3.30-3529:411.9MBeyond Platform of Piety and ImpietyAjamila Series
1979.12.20Dallas, USSB 7.1.1-529:071.8MHumility With Intelligence Is RequiredSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1979.12.25Dallas, USSB 7.1.6-952:003.3MThe Modes Are Not So SimpleSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1979.12.27Dallas, USEve Darsana10:160.7MConnecting Material Energy to God 
1979.12.28Dallas, USSB 7.1.23-2636:432.3MNo Insult or Praise for the SoulSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1979.12.29Dallas, USSB 7.1.26-3236:052.3MEnvy of Krsna Means Sense GratificationSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1979.12.29Dallas, USDarsana32:412.1MFault Finding Means Enviousness 
1979.12.30Dallas, USInitiation88:325.6MLet Krsna Come Into Your Life 
1979.12.30Dallas, US 11:300.7MNew Year's Address: A New Preaching Approach 
1979.12.31Dallas, USSB 7.1.33-4847:343.0MPushing Ahead Through Icy WindsSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.01Chicago, USArrival16:471.1MKishor Kishori's Special Plan for Chicago 
1980.01.01St. Louis, USArrival29:401.9MNew Year's Resolution 
1980.01.05Chicago, USEve Darsana62:504.0MPreaching to Indian Community 
1980.01.06Chicago, USLecture Iso 1649:183.1MYou Can't Approach God DirectlySri Isopanisad Series
1980.01.07Chicago, USSB 7.2.1-850:083.2MGod's Potencies Are IncomprehensibleSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.01.08Chicago, USSB 7.2.9-1153:223.4MDemoniac Means Full of Bodily ConceptionsSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.01.10Chicago, USSB 7.2.12-2038:322.4MFrom Demon to DevoteeSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.01.11Chicago, USSB 7.2.21-2636:292.3MKrsna Is That Lover You'll Never LoseSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.01.12Chicago, USSB 7.2.27-3150:243.2MDon't Scratch the Itch Called MayaSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.01.13Chicago, USInitiation59:023.7MThe Guru Speaks and Acts Religion 
1980.01.15St. Louis, USSB 7.2.32-6121:481.4MWiden Your Perspective for PreachingSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.01.18Harmony Farm, USSB 7.3.1-560:233.8MA Real Yogi Connects With God 
1980.01.20Harmony Farm, USSB 7.3.9-1250:593.2MLove and Trust Develops by Association 
1980.01.23Dallas, USEve Darsana85:525.4MLove Means Where There Is Krsna 
1980.01.24Dallas, USSB 7.3.1352:143.3MThe Austerities of the Devotees 
1980.02.01Harmony Farm, USSB 7.3.3035:472.3MAvoiding Service Means Mental Platform 
1980.02.01Houston, USEve Lecture Iso 1735:082.2MTry All the Nine ActivitiesSri Isopanisad Series
1980.02.02Houston, USSB 7.3.35-3898:526.3MStop Cheating Krsna 
1980.02.02Houston, USDarsana23:501.5MDistinguishing Supreme and Individual Spirit 
1980.02.03Houston, USSB 7.4.155:533.5MMaterialists Want More Power Than God 
1980.02.04Houston, USSB 7.4.2055:343.5MHankering for Sense Gratification Kills Determination 
1980.02.04Houston, USEve Darsana88:385.6MPreaching to a Christian 
1980.02.05Houston, USEve Darsana73:384.7MGood Chanting Means Good Hearing 
1980.02.06Austin, USEve Darsana68:354.3MIt's Very Hard to Serve the Void 
1980.02.07Austin, USSB 7.4.22-2541:242.6MAct to Please Krsna 
1980.02.07Austin, USEve Darsana73:374.7MThe Cure for All Diseases 
1980.02.08Austin, USSB 7.4.2732:462.1MTime to Get Out of Maya's Lap 
1980.02.08Houston, USEve Darsana89:565.7MAbstract Conception of God Makes One Feelingless 
1980.02.09Houston, USSB 7.4.30-3257:043.6MGlories of the Pure Devotees 
1980.02.09Houston, USEve Darsana46:232.9MSuit and Shaved Head 
1980.02.10Houston, USSB 7.4.33-3552:163.3MPick a Path and Follow It 
1980.02.10Houston, USLecture Iso 1848:143.1MMore Struggle Means More AnxietySri Isopanisad Series
1980.02.11Houston, USSB 7.4.37-4142:352.7MSatisfied in the Lap of Krsna 
1980.02.12Dallas, USSB 7.4.4251:563.3MConsciousness Determines Material From Spiritual 
1980.02.12Dallas, USEve Darsana68:554.4MKrsna's Form Isn't a Concoction 
1980.02.15Dallas, USEve Darsana67:424.3MWE Should Support ISKCON 
1980.02.17Harmony Farm, USSB 7.5.536:342.3MLiving Together in Peace 
1980.02.23Mayapur, IndiaSB 2.1.254:543.5MTogether We Can Save the World 
1980.03.07B. Manor, UKArrival61:293.9MReal Taste Comes From Connection to Krsna 
1980.03.09New York, USSB 7.12.17-2487:495.6MDevotees Should Have Simple Goals 
1980.03.23Chicago, USRama Navami35:102.2MThe Rule of Lord RamacandraVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1980.03.26Kenosha, USEve Darsana74:154.7MBuilding for Krsna 
1980.03.27Kenosha, USSB 7.5.2289:185.6MWe Should Open Our Own BankSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.03.27Kenosha, USEve Darsana152:219.6MContemporary Preaching Strategies 
1980.03.27Kenosha, USEve Darsana122:077.7MHarmony Farm Masterplan 
1980.03.28St. Louis, USEve Darsana58:063.7MReconditioning Oneself 
1980.03.29St. Louis, USSB 7.5.23-2444:002.8MSravanam, KirtanamSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.03.29St. Louis, USDarsana133:188.4MExpanding the Circle 
1980.03.30St. Louis, USSB 7.5.23-2454:413.5MTen Offenses to the Holy NameSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.03.31Dallas, USEve Darsana43:572.8MAccept an Authorized Process 
1980.04.01Dallas, USSB 7.5.23-2437:512.4MSmaranam, Pada-sevanamSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.04.01Dallas, USEve Darsana42:572.7MSankirtana: the Self Realization Process 
1980.04.03Dallas, USEve Darsana59:203.8MTo Meditate on God You Must Know Him 
1980.04.04Dallas, USSB 7.5.23-2432:022.0MArcanamSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.04.05Los Angeles, USSB 4.16.353:253.4MBhakti Yoga Is Easy to Perform 
1980.04.17Chicago, USSB 7.5.23-2450:313.2MVandanam, Dasyam, Sakhyam, Atma-nivedanamSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.04.18Chicago, USSB 7.5.25-2640:042.5MRevive Your Spiritual Vision Through Devotional ServiceSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.04.19Chicago, USSB 7.5.3061:383.9MTranscending the ModesSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.04.19Chicago, USEve Darsana CcAdi 3.12-66114:377.3MEven a Gorilla Is Vegetarian 
1980.04.20Chicago, USSFL81:115.1MWhy We Should Worship Krsna 
1980.04.23Wisconsin, USEve Darsana148:239.4MJoin Krsna's Navy and See the World 
1980.07.16Dallas, USEve Darsana87:185.5MDevotees Are Not Affected by Time 
1980.07.17Dallas, USSB 1.17.2040:312.6MDepriving Our Children of Prison Life 
1980.07.17Dallas, USEve Darsana CcAdi 8.1-89:235.7MWho Is Older, You or Your Mother 
1980.07.18Dallas, USSB 1.17.21-2243:492.8MFind the Glories of the Devotees 
1980.07.20Dallas, USSB 1.17.2447:383.0MWe Can Create Satya Yuga 
1980.07.20Dallas, USEve Darsana138:568.8MReading Diary 
1980.07.21Dallas, USSB 1.17.2538:342.4M  
1980.07.21Dallas, USVyasa-puja35:162.2MThe Most Important Relationship in Our Life 
1980.07.21Dallas, USEve Darsana66:024.2MReading Diary 
1980.07.24Dallas, USDebate90:215.7MChicken Eating Sannyasis Don't Go Back to Godhead 
1980.07.30Houston, USEve Darsana71:264.5MOnce Burned, Twice Shy 
1980.07.31Houston, USSB 1.15.3049:273.1MFools Cannot Understand Krsna's Appearance 
1980.07.31Houston, USEve Darsana90:555.8MWe Are Always on Vacation 
1980.08Houston, USEve Darsana91:215.8MPrasadam Cures Death 
1980.08.07Lautoka, FijiArrival43:582.8MSomeone Is Worried About Us 
1980.08.08Lautoka, FijiSB 1.12.10-1141:412.6MKrsna Is Within Our Heart 
1980.08.10Lautoka, FijiSFL44:092.8MThe Story of Prahlada 
1980.08.11Lautoka, FijiSB 1.12.1344:222.8MPrabhupada's Words Are Better Than Cinema 
1980.08.11Lautoka, FijiEve Darsana41:262.6MSteadiness and Determination 
1980.08.12Lautoka, FijiSB 1.12.1437:302.4MThe Qualification Is Devotion 
1980.08.12Lautoka, FijiEve Darsana37:082.4MStopping Crime 
1980.08.13Lautoka, FijiSB 1.12.15-1623:211.5MProtected by the All-Pervasive 
1980.08.13Lautoka, Fiji 63:114.0MPreaching to the Son of a Village Chief 
1980.08.13Lautoka, FijiEve Darsana44:352.8MWho Are You? 
1980.09.20Sydney, AUSB 7.15.454:023.4MA Yajna Fit Even for Animals 
1980.09.21Hong KongSFL BG 7.2846:172.9MBhakti: The Posession of Pure Devotees, w/ Hindi 
1980.09.23Hong KongBG 15.127:181.7MNot False but Temporary 
1980.09.28Hong KongSFL BG 15.538:042.4MInduce Bhakti to Come Out 
1980.10.05Hong KongSFL BG 16.2374:214.7MSeven Days Bhagavata Isn't Enough, w/ Hindi 
1980.10.24Dallas, USSB 1.19.2637:372.4MTake the Recommended Method 
1980.10.28Dallas, USSB 1.19.3051:033.2MOpen Your Eyes, Don't Be an Owl 
1980.10.30Dallas, USDarsana176:4511.2MThe Highest Form of Psychiatry 
1980.10.31Dallas, USSB 1.19.3330:481.9MEverything Is a Facility for Krsna's Service 
1980.10.31Houston, USEve Darsana30:081.9Mw/ Mr. Tarun Kanti Ghosh 
1980.11.02Houston, USSB 1.18.427:501.8MThe Higher Taste 
1980.11.02Houston, USSFL BG 10.258:463.7MBeg, Borrow or Steal Love of God 
1980.11.04Dallas, USSB 1.19.3744:212.8MSpiritual Life Is a One Way Street 
1980.12USDarsana28:361.8MNo Lack of Variety in Krsna 
1980.12 Darsana5:590.4MThere Are Many Degrees of Devotees 
1980.12.15Dallas, USSB 2.2.220:571.3MGain More by Regulation 
1980.12.15Dallas, USDarsana68:004.3MDivorce Now More Popular Than Marriage 
1980.12.25Houston, USBhaktisiddhanta Disapp83:355.3M  
1980.12.25Houston, USDarsana53:093.4MGiving a Blessing by Cursing 
1980.12.26Houston, US 14:440.9MMrdanga Lesson 
1980.12.26Houston, USEve Darsana116:367.4MWhat Is to Be Done and Why 
1980.12.26Houston, USDarsana25:411.6MDiscussing Jaipur Visit 
1980.12.27Houston, USSB 1.19.535:532.3MDon't Be a Kali Yuga Coward 
1980.12.27Houston, USConversation35:482.3Mw/ a Lawyer 
1980.12.27Houston, USConversation3:390.2Mw/ a Mother and a Daughter 
1980.12.27Houston, USEve Darsana82:585.3MChoose by Whom to Be Controlled 
1980.12.28Houston, USSB 1.19.630:121.9MHow Many Devotees and How Many Books 
1980.12.28Houston, USEve Darsana62:243.9MThere's Always Another Chance 
1981Dallas, US 42:162.7MKirtana & Nrsimha Prayer 
1981Dallas, US 42:482.7MKirtana 
1981.01.02Harmony Farm, USEve Darsana KB Ch8066:544.2M  
1981.01.03Harmony Farm, USEve Darsana93:295.9MPlanting the Seed 
1981.01.04Harmony Farm, USDarsana23:421.5MBrahma Muhurta Is Like a Peaceful Lake 
1981.01.04Dallas, USEve Darsana160:5910.2MI Scratch Your Back 
1981.01.05Dallas, USInitiation27:141.7M  
1981.01.05Dallas, USEve Darsana90:175.7MHalf of Preaching Success Is the Attempt 
1981.01.10Dallas, USSB 1.5.3562:354.0MMeasuring the Ocean With a Thimble 
1981.01.14Dallas, US 19:301.2MTemple Inauguration Kirtana 
1981.01.16Dallas, USEve Darsana KB Ch76-7782:465.2M  
1981.01.17Dallas, USEve Darsana84:265.3MThe Disease Is Forgetfulness of Krsna 
1981.01.18Laguna Beach, USSFL45:132.9MRebuild America With Krsna in Center 
1981.01.23Hong KongSB 7.5.531:412.0MPractice Fixing Your Mind on KrsnaSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.01.24Hong KongSB 7.5.629:121.8MAct on the Platform of LiberationSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.01.25Hong KongSFL49:093.1MPrabhupada's Letter to Gandhi 
1981.01.25Hong Kong 15:521.0MKirtan 
1981.01.28Hong KongLecture61:393.9MSimply Add This Meditation and Yoga 
1981.01.29Hong KongSB 7.5.728:391.8M Sri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.02.01Hong KongSB 7.5.8-1028:551.8MDon't Let Them Be CheatedSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.02.01Hong KongSFL75:334.8MThe Qualities of Knowledge 
1981.02.01Hong KongSFL BG 16.949:183.1MLearn to Think of Someone Beyond Ourselves 
1981.02.02Hong KongSB 7.5.1130:441.9MA Devotee Doesn't Live by Bread and ButterSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.02.05Hong KongSB 7.5.1252:573.4MMining Away Our Sinful ActivitiesSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.02.07Hong KongSB 7.5.13-1455:343.5MRelatives Are RelativeSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.02.08Hong KongSFL57:573.7MSrila Prabhupada's Letter to Pandit Nehru 
1981.02.10Hong KongSB 7.5.1533:542.1MMaya's Game Is RiggedSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.02.13ChinaBG47:483.0MDeath Is Only for the Body, w/ Cantonese 
1981.02.15Hong Kong 90:215.7MGod Has No Cause 
1981.02.15Hong KongSFL BG 5.2250:113.2MSuffering Is a Disease of the Soul 
1981.02.16Hong KongSB 7.5.1632:362.1MKeep to the Family BusinessSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.02.19Bombay, IndiaSB 7.5.1857:563.7MSave the People of BombaySri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.02.20Bombay, IndiaLecture27:281.7MTo Life Members, w/ Hindi 
1981.02.25Mayapur, IndiaSB 2.10.4241:422.6MNot an Institution for Eating and Sleeping, w/ Bengali 
1981.03.27Hong KongSB 7.5.23-2430:502.0MThere's No Such Thing as Two ReligionsSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.03.29Hong KongSB 7.5.23-2474:144.7M Sri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.04Houston, USDarsana16:501.1MServe God Do Not Merge 
1981.04 Darsana17:451.1Mw/ Husband and Wife 
1981.04.02Houston, USSB 7.5.23-2481:575.2MSravanamSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.04.02Houston, USDarsana KB Ch1023:301.5M  
1981.04.03Houston, USSB 7.5.23-2471:084.5MKirtanamSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.04.03Houston, USEve Darsana84:045.3MThe Biggest Deficiency Is Not Knowing Krsna 
1981.04.04Houston, USSB 7.5.23-2472:094.6MSmaranamSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.04.04Houston, USEve Darsana45:182.9MYogic Powers Aren't So Great 
1981.04.05Houston, USSB 7.5.23-2476:524.9MPada-sevanamSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.04.05Houston, USSFL BG 2.1278:285.0MKeep Your Hand Out of the Fan! 
1981.04.06Dallas, USSB 7.5.23-2442:482.7MArcanamSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.04.07Dallas, USSB 7.5.23-2458:463.7MVandanam, Dasyam, Sakhyam, Atma-nivedanamSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.04.07Dallas, USEve Darsana36:022.3MFollow the Instructions, Then Realize Everything 
1981.04.08Dallas, USEve Darsana KB Ch4741:352.6MThere Are Emotions in the Spiritual World 
1981.04.11Dallas, USDarsana27:171.7MWithout Gaura Nitai You Can't Understand Radha Krsna 
1981.04.12Dallas, USRama Navami49:473.2MThe Perfect King 
1981.04.13Dallas, USSB 7.5.25-2639:042.5MAccepting Austerity VoluntarilySri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.04.13Dallas, USMeeting67:004.2MSankirtana Meeting: Don't Let Anyone Miss a Day 
1981.04.13Dallas, USLecture35:562.3MPreaching to Students 
1981.04.14Dallas, USSB 7.5.2755:293.5MFriends and EnemiesSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.04.16Dallas, USSB 7.5.3058:363.7MBlind Faith Doesn't EndureSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.04.17Dallas, USSB 7.5.3169:544.4MFloundering on the Waves of MayaSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.04.18Dallas, USSB 7.5.3250:113.2MDon't Be Simply the Dandavats ClassSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.04.19Dallas, USSB 7.5.33-3551:513.3MYou Have Only One ObligationSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.04.21Dallas, USSB 7.5.36-3743:022.7MReal Happiness Is With KrsnaSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.04.22Dallas, USSB 7.5.38-4143:312.8MDon't Bank on Fallible SoldiersSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.04.28Hong KongSB 7.5.42-4638:392.4MFamily Attachment Will Take You to HellSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.05.16Dallas, USJayananda Disapp CcAdi 9.3658:543.7MThe Order of Caitanya Mahaprabhu 
1981.05.17Dallas, USSB 9.4.2657:113.6MRace Against Death 
1981.05.17Dallas, USNrsimha Caturdasi SFL SB 7.8.2966:504.2M Sri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.05.18Dallas, USCcAdi 9.4473:054.6MFruits and Flowers 
1981.05.19Dallas, USSB 9.4.6443:302.8MSense Gratification Is Masochism 
1981.05.20Dallas, USSB 9.4.6537:442.4MDon't Be a Soul Killer 
1981.05.23Hong KongSB 9.4.6649:033.1MDon't Dovetail Service With Sense Gratification 
1981.05.25Hong KongSB 9.4.6847:513.0MDon't See the Guru as Ordinary, w/ Cantonese 
1981.05.26Hong KongSB 9.6.5136:002.3MPurify Senses by Proper Engagement, w/ Cantonese 
1981.06.21Dallas, USEve Darsana45:332.9MPreaching Means Removing Ignorance 
1981.06.24Dallas, USSB 7.5.3850:183.2MMore Kind to Be StrictSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.06.25Dallas, USSB 7.5.4150:233.2MDon't Envy Others' ServiceSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.06.26Dallas, USSB 7.5.42-5141:222.6MWe Have to Be Like PrahladaSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.06.27Houston, USSB 7.5.5369:214.4MSalvation Isn't a Secure Position, w/ Alanatha SwamiSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.06.28Houston, USSB 7.5.5573:144.6MYou Can't Be Happy Seeing Others SufferSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.06.29Houston, USDarsana25:381.6MTo Preach, Better Stay Brahmacari 
1981.06.30Dallas, USSB 7.5.56-5751:403.3MNo Outside Force Can Stop Krsna ConciousnessSri Prahlada Series Vol 2
1981.07.02Honolulu, USEve Darsana55:223.5MAlways Remember "I'm a Servant" 
1981.07.03Honolulu, USSB 1.19.1450:313.2MA Wise Man Is Always Pessimistic 
1981.08.02Houston, USSB 7.6.176:274.8MKrsna Consciousness Doesn't Stop Problems, but Gives SolutionsSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.08.03Houston, USSB 7.6.267:164.3MProtected From the Infections of MayaSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.08.04Houston, USSB 7.6.351:063.2MThe Soul Is Buried AliveSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.08.05Houston, USSB 7.6.542:152.7MSober People Get Up EarlySri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.08.07Dallas, USSB 7.6.2546:172.9MA Devotee Prefers More Service Than Ecstacy 
1981.08.15Houston, USSB 1.2.1850:143.2MPerform Sankirtana Yajna Amongst the Cow Killers 
1981.08.21Lautoka, FijiArrival48:493.1MShow Your Love by Preaching 
1981.08.21Lautoka, FijiEve Darsana SB 5.26.1-2059:293.8MThe Hellish Planets 
1981.08.22Lautoka, FijiSB 7.6.6-742:032.7MPracticing Eating and Sleeping LessSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.08.23Lautoka, FijiSB 7.6.8-928:311.8MAll Material Plans Are Smashed by TimeSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.08.23Lautoka, FijiJanmastami54:323.5MThere's Nothing Ordinary About Krsna, w/ Hindi 
1981.08.24Lautoka, FijiPrabhupada Vyasa-puja55:433.5M  
1981.08.25Lautoka, FijiSB 7.6.1033:182.1M Sri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.08.25Sigatoka, FijiEve Lecture58:353.7Mat Satyam Theatre 
1981.08.27Suva, FijiEve Darsana41:312.6MSaving People From Misguidance 
1981.08.28Suva, FijiSB 7.6.1440:372.6MHear This News of the Spiritual WorldSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.08.28Nausori, FijiEve Lecture BG 18.6148:423.1Mat Sita Rama Mandir, w/ Hindi 
1981.08.29Suva, FijiSB 7.6.1629:551.9MEveryone Is Meant to Be a PreacherSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.08.29Suva, FijiEve Lecture58:513.7Mat Fiji College of Agriculture 
1981.08.30Suva, FijiSB 7.6.17-1847:183.0MDoing Service, Not Taking ServiceSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.08.30Suva, FijiSFL60:093.8MThe Yoga System 
1981.08.31Suva, FijiSB 7.6.1941:212.6MRegulation Is Essential in Spiritual LifeSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.09.01Suva, FijiSB 7.6.20-2352:083.3M Sri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.09.01Suva, FijiEve Lecture BG 16.2355:213.5Mat Gyan Mandir, w/ Hindi 
1981.09.02Suva, FijiSB 7.6.2439:512.5MHear Perfectly Then Speak PerfectlySri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.09.02Suva, FijiEve Lecture59:113.7Mat Civic Center Auditorium 
1981.09.03Suva, FijiSB 7.6.2537:152.4MGetting Out of Ignorance and PassionSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.09.05Lautoka, FijiSB 7.6.2635:472.3MDo Not Get Caught Up in RitualsSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.09.05Nadi, FijiEve Lecture33:372.1Mat Civic Center 
1981.09.06Lautoka, FijiSB 7.6.2729:271.9MGuru's Instructions Are Never MaterialSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.09.06Lautoka, FijiInitiation35:302.2MBe Strict and Make Fiji Krsna Conscious 
1981.09.09Lautoka, FijiSB 7.6.28-7.7.129:481.9MA Devotee Is Never Covered OverSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.09.10Lautoka, FijiSB 7.7.2-1428:471.8MA Devotee's Words Are Never VanquishedSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.09.10Lautoka, FijiEve Lecture53:023.4MThe ABC of Spiritual Life 
1981.09.11Lautoka, FijiSB 7.7.1529:071.8MA Devotee Is SwanlikeSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.09.12Lautoka, FijiSB 7.7.1632:442.1MUnique Position of Prahlada MaharajaSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.09.12Rakiraki, FijiEve Lecture50:133.2Mat Visnu Mandir, w/ Hindi 
1981.09.13Lautoka, FijiEve Darsana53:503.4MTake Risks for Preaching, Krsna Will Reciprocate 
1981.09.16Sydney, AUArrival35:292.2MBecome Inspired by Sankirtana 
1981.09.17Sydney, AU 57:093.6MSrila Prabhupada's Arrival in USAVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1981.09.17Sydney, AUSB 7.7.2826:221.7MYou Can't Catch the SoulSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.09.18Melbourne, AUSB 7.7.3683:135.3MDevotees Are Transcendental to VarnasramaSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.09.19Melbourne, AUSB 7.7.3774:334.7MHumble Devotees Are Successful on SankirtanaSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.09.19Melbourne, AUEve Darsana50:033.2MGuru Gives Shelter Under All Conditions 
1981.09.20Melbourne, AUSB 7.7.3966:194.2MThe Material World Is Like a Cheap Plaster JobSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.09.20Melbourne, AUSFL SB 7.7.3874:504.7MOnce Burned, Twice Shy 
1981.10.10Dallas, USArrival67:244.3MKrishna Is Here, Just Take Him 
1981.10.11Dallas, USSB 7.7.4673:134.6MService Is the Only AnswerSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.10.11Dallas, USEve Darsana43:292.8MVaisnavas Always Pray for Forgiveness 
1981.10.12Dallas, USSB 7.7.4779:255.0MMatchbox Floating in the OceanSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.10.12Dallas, USInitiation76:214.8Mw/ Sridhara Swami 
1981.10.14Dallas, USSB 7.7.51-5262:314.0MMinimize Eating and Sleeping, Maximize ServiceSri Prahlada Series Vol 3
1981.10.29Dallas, US 8:180.5MZonal Preaching Report 
1981.10.31USPrabhupada Disapp8:120.5MOffering 
1981.11.14Hong KongDarsana61:443.9Mw/ British Army Officer 
1981.11.15Hong KongBG 2.2355:523.5MYou Can't Cut Off Spirit 
1981.11.28Hong KongBG 2.3137:082.4MModern Weapons Are Creations of Cowards 
1981.12.10Hong KongLecture CcM 9.4978:175.0MTo Buddhist Monk, w/ Cantonese 
1981.12.10Hong KongLecture18:511.2MTo Yoga Students: Knowing the Supreme Energetic Source 
1981.12.20Hong KongLecture34:252.2MTo New Life Member and Family 
1982Gitanagari, USSB 3.12.17-1959:543.8MYou Cannot Maintain Unless You Increase 
1982.01.02Houston, USArrival25:531.6MModern Life Worse Than a Zoo 
1982.01.03Houston, USSB 1.5.2943:542.8MMore Tolerant Than a Tree 
1982.01.03Houston, USSFL86:315.5MAnimal Forms Aren't Pleasant 
1982.01.04Houston, USSB 1.5.3056:583.6MVery Simple Formula: Chant Hare Krsna 
1982.01.06Houston, USSB 1.5.3168:174.3MHow Can You Challenge God? 
1982.01.07Dallas, USSB 1.5.3251:243.3MKrsna Reveals a Devotee's Identity 
1982.01.08Dallas, USSB 1.5.3367:444.3MModern Religions Are All Impersonalist 
1982.01.09Dallas, US 77:014.9MKirtana 
1982.01.31Dallas, US 59:313.8MWatering the Root 
1982.03Mayapur, India 65:134.1MReading Lilamrta 
1982.03.03Mayapur, IndiaSB 4.22.1974:414.7MThere's No Limit to What You Can Do 
1982.03.14Vrndavana, IndiaSB 3.25.2082:145.2MFollowing in Prabhupada's Footsteps 
1982.04.16Houston, USArrival87:295.5MOffering Krsna to the Mass of People 
1982.04.17Houston, USSB 1.7.3373:274.6MCheered for Coming Down 
1982.04.18Houston, USSB 1.7.3481:545.2MSattva Is the Springboard for Spiritual Life 
1982.04.18Houston, USSFL BG 5.238:402.4MService Never Runs Out 
1982.04.19Houston, USSB 1.7.3578:375.0MEnthusiastic to Restrict Sense Gratification 
1982.04.19Houston, USHome Program BG 5.1174:514.7M  
1982.04.20Houston, USSB 1.7.3683:325.3MEven Our New Bhaktas Are Strong in Philosophy 
1982.04.20Houston, USHome Program CcM 22.88-9064:484.1MThe Guru Only Blesses 
1982.04.21Houston, USSB 1.7.3728:581.8MOur Philosophy Is Practical 
1982.04.21Austin, USEve Darsana BG 9.29164:4510.4MWe Chose to Come Here 
1982.04.23Dallas, USArrival48:153.1MBetter Be a Sweeper Than Charlatan Meditator 
1982.04.24Dallas, USSB 3.4.3459:463.8MKnow a Devotee by Their Service 
1982.04.25Dallas, USSB 3.4.3552:153.3MDevotional Service Is the Basis of Relationships 
1982.04.26Dallas, USSB 3.5.166:134.2MKnow How to Push Hard 
1982.04.28Harmony Farm, USSB 6.16.2144:132.8MEverybody Is Homesick 
1982.04.28Dallas, USEve Lecture160:5310.2MAn Evening of Bliss With Srila Gurudeva 
1982.04.29Dallas, USSB 3.5.457:303.6MPreach to Attract Not to Defeat 
1982.05.03Lautoka, FijiArrival44:102.8MLearn This Preaching Mood 
1982.05.04Lautoka, FijiSB 2.4.1744:312.8MFiji Devotees Don't Have Special Rules 
1982.05.04Lautoka, FijiBG 9.3451:413.3MChanting Is Easiest Way of Spiritual Perfection, w/ Hindi 
1982.05.05Lautoka, FijiSB 2.4.1829:141.9MPushing You Towards Krsna 
1982.05.05Sigatoka, FijiDarsana68:104.3MDon't Stop but Change Direction 
1982.05.05Sigatoka, FijiLecture25:121.6MHow to Realize God, w/ Hindi 
1982.05.06Lautoka, FijiSB 2.4.1942:252.7MFill Your Krsna Consciousness Bank Account 
1982.05.06Lautoka, FijiInterview43:432.8Mw/ Fiji Sun Reporter 
1982.05.07Lautoka, FijiSB 2.4.2039:392.5MBecome Wealthy by Generosity 
1982.05.09Lautoka, FijiSB 2.4.2229:331.9MKrsna Conscious Means Guru Conscious 
1982.05.09Lautoka, FijiInitiation55:563.5M  
1982.05.10Lautoka, FijiSB 2.4.2323:441.5MDevelop These Krsna Clubs All Over Fiji 
1982.05.10Sabeto, Fiji 30:051.9MKrsna Isn't a God Only for Hindus, w/ Hindi 
1982.05.12Suva, FijiSB 2.6.1072:244.6MMaya and Krsna Don't Share 
1982.05.13Suva, FijiSB 2.6.1153:583.4MNo Feet No Head Society 
1982.05.13Suva, FijiBG 13.2660:033.8MHappy Means Dead, Crazy or Devotee, w/ Hindi 
1982.05.14Nausori, FijiBG 4.760:573.9Mat Vunimono High School, w/ Hindi 
1982.05.15Suva, FijiSB 2.6.1760:123.8Mat Suva Civic Center: Our Baptism Is Initiation 
1982.05.15FijiLecture79:305.0Mat Fiji College of Agriculture: Transmigration Stops When You Become Pure 
1982.05.16Suva, FijiLecture76:074.8Mat Suva Civic Center 
1982.06.05Dallas, USArrival18:491.2MI Want to See This Temple Full 
1982.06.09Dallas, USArrival23:141.5MGive Up Expecting Happiness and It Will Come 
1982.06.10Dallas, USVyasa-puja110:317.0M  
1982.06.15Dallas, USSB 3.5.4656:363.6MSpiritual Life Begins Early in the Day 
1982.06.16Dallas, USSB 3.5.4760:053.8MYogis, Jnanis and Bhaktas 
1982.06.19Houston, USSB 1.8.3665:484.2MLove of God Means Going on Sankirtana 
1982.06.21Houston, USBhaktivinoda Disapp SB 1.8.3871:394.5MFlowers in the Sky, w/ Indradyumna Swami 
1982.07.01Dallas, USSB 3.6.3537:362.4MCome to the Morning Program & Do Sankirtana 
1982.07.03Harmony Farm, USBG 7.2268:284.3MComing Onto the Spiritual Platform 
1982.07.03Harmony Farm, US 69:274.4MReading From Krsna Book Sudama Brahmana 
1982.07.04Harmony Farm, US 85:455.4MDefeating the Doubters 
1982.07.05Houston, USBG 16.2067:394.3MTo Love God We Must Know Who He Is 
1982.07.06Houston, USSB 1.8.4865:414.2MMaking a New Devotee 
1982.07.06Houston, USEve Lecture BG 9.2285:055.4MWe Aren't Idolaters 
1982.07.07Houston, USSB 1.8.4948:003.0MWe Are Meant to Supply Krsna's Order 
1982.07.08Dallas, USSB 3.7.258:103.7MKrsna Can Only Be Understood by Bhakti 
1982.07.09Dallas, USBG 15.16102:496.5MHow to Join F.O.L.K. 
1982.07.12Los Angeles, USSB 5.1.1348:523.1MLiving in the Order of the Guru 
1982.07.27Houston, USSB 1.9.1670:334.5MFollow the Guru, Not the Mind 
1982.07.27Houston, USInterview61:003.9Mw/ Houston Chronicle 
1982.07.28Houston, USSB 1.9.1772:014.6MOur Leadership Is Through Enlivening 
1982.08.02Houston, USSB 1.9.2151:553.3MNo Time to Think About Being Depressed 
1982.08.03Houston, USSB 1.9.2272:264.6MAdvance by Following Instructions 
1982.08.04Houston, USBalarama Purnima SB 1.9.2397:346.2MTake Risks For KrsnaVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1982.08.07Dallas, USSB 3.7.4161:403.9MKrsna Consciousness Means to Reveal the Beauty of the Soul 
1982.08.09Dallas, USSB 3.8.248:503.1MGaining the Potency to Carry out Spiritual Life 
1982.08.12Dallas, USJanmastami44:362.8MTake the Hare Krsna Road 
1982.08.13Dallas, USPrabhupada Vyasa-puja89:575.7M  
1982.08.16Houston, USSB 1.9.3051:213.3MControl the Mind by This Dedication 
1982.08.18Houston, USSB 1.9.3136:112.3MKnowledge Drives Away Fear 
1982.08.18Dallas, USEve Program154:059.7MYou Can't Love a God With No Description 
1982.08.20Dallas, USSB 3.8.1235:282.2MA Devotee Doesn't Sleep But Be in Trance 
1982.09.02Dallas, USSB 3.8.2443:172.7MThe Highest Perfection 
1982.09.08Dallas, USInterview42:122.7MOn the Ed Busch Show 
1982.09.13New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.2.117:391.1MRemember That This World Is Temporary 
1982.09.14New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.2.248:033.0MAtmarama Means No Interest in Maya 
1982.09.15New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.2.3-723:251.5MLife Is Meant for Sacrifice 
1982.09.16New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.2.848:303.1MGreat Personalities Are Renounced 
1982.10.04Houston, USArrival47:323.0MEmpowerment Comes From Purity 
1982.10.05Houston, USSB 1.10.15-1675:184.8MEtiquette Is Required If We Are Embodied 
1982.10.06Houston, USSB 1.10.1753:573.4MUsing Everything for Krsna's Pleasure 
1982.10.07Houston, USSB 1.10.1955:073.5MGo Naked in Front of God 
1982.10.15New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.3.5-746:092.9MDon't Get Dragged Down Again 
1982.10.16New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.3.8-935:032.2MA Devotee Is Appreciated Ultimately 
1982.10.17New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.3.10-1143:522.8MRestrict Association With the Opposite Sex 
1982.10.18New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.3.1240:102.5MPut Yourself on the Line for Krsna 
1982.10.18Houston, USArrival72:574.6MThis Is the Best Zone 
1982.10.19Houston, USSB 1.10.2956:543.6MDevotion Requires Purity 
1982.10.27Bombay, IndiaRama Vijaya Arrival18:241.2MThis Is an Army Barrack 
1982.10.28Bombay, India 106:566.8MRole of Life Members and Devotees in Krsna Consciousness, w/ Hindi 
1982.10.29Bombay, IndiaSB 2.4.2465:414.2MThis Country Is Full of Sahajiyas, w/ Hindi 
1982.11.08New Kuruksetra, USSB 3.6.3453:293.4MConvince Others by Your Example 
1982.11.27Hong KongSB 1.7.1973:104.6MChina Is the Hardest Country to Preach in 
1982.11.29Houston, USEve Darsana86:295.5MGood Management Facilitates Preaching 
1982.11.30Houston, USSB 1.11.2649:583.2MThe World Needs Heroes and Heroines 
1982.12Houston, USSB 1.11.3877:244.9MIncreasing the Preaching 
1982.12Houston, USSB 1.12.143:182.7MThe Material Energy Has No Life 
1982.12.01Houston, USSB 1.11.2759:133.7MTransferring the Consciousness  
1982.12.02Houston, USSB 1.11.2859:133.7MJoining the Spiritual Family 
1982.12.03New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.4.2051:213.3MDressed Up Animals 
1982.12.04New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.4.2146:202.9MDefend This Movement From Blasphemy 
1982.12.05New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.4.22-2362:334.0MBlood, Stool and Sweat Relationship 
1982.12.06New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.4.24-2546:553.0MOur Patients Should Be Doctors 
1982.12.07New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.4.2650:293.2MNothing Is Missing in This Process 
1982.12.08Dallas, USArrival44:242.8MJourney to the East 
1982.12.08Dallas, USDarsana43:322.8MOne Good Thing About Everyone 
1982.12.09Dallas, USSB 3.12.455:593.5MThe Guru Is Kinder Than Krsna 
1982.12.10Dallas, USSB 3.12.533:272.1MReal Mercy Is Love of God 
1982.12.11Dallas, USSB 3.12.631:362.0MBecome Expert in Loving God 
1983.01.03Dallas, USInitiation48:483.1MAssociate With the Holy Name 
1983.01.15Norman, USConversation58:243.7MAt the Krsna Yoga Center 
1983.01.16Dallas, USSB 3.12.4837:472.4MOur Devotees Must Be First-class 
1983.01.17Dallas, US 101:546.4MTest Out the Movement 
1983.01.20Houston, USSB 1.12.1954:013.4MA Vaisnava Is the Servant of Everyone 
1983.01.31Hong KongSB 1.8.4240:402.6M  
1983.02Houston, US 90:535.7MMeeting With Tennis Pro's 
1983.02.02Hong KongSB 1.8.4426:161.7MWho We Hear From Is Very Important 
1983.02.04Hong KongSB 1.8.4629:191.9MBhismadeva's Departure 
1983.02.12Dallas, USSB 3.13.4336:462.3MThe Devotees Enjoy Seeing Krsna 
1983.02.13Dallas, USSB 3.13.4439:392.5MSucking the Juice of Material Pleasure 
1983.02.14Dallas, US 75:264.8MKrsna Is the Original Valentine 
1983.02.16Dallas, USSB 3.13.4967:484.3MMake the One Lifetime Experiment 
1983.02.17Houston, USSB 1.13.956:273.6MThese Books Are Deities 
1983.02.18Houston, USSB 1.13.1056:243.6MPure Devotees Are Places of Pilgrimage 
1983.02.19Houston, USSB 1.13.1147:533.0MEveryone Should Become a Mahatma 
1983.02.21Dallas, USSB 3.14.973:034.6MSex Life Must Be Regulated 
1983.02.22New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.6.4967:194.3MCreating New Kuruksetra Dhama 
1983.02.23New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.7.258:393.7MDiplomatic Immunity of a Devotee 
1983.02.25Houston, USNityananda Trayodasi SB 1.13.1772:024.6MThe Krsna Consciousness Movement Is Making a Revolution 
1983.02.26Houston, USSB 1.13.1860:003.8MA Devotee Must Be Sober 
1983.02.27Dallas, USSB 3.14.1280:535.1MThe Way to Control Sex EnergyIdeal Grhastha Series
1983.03.01Dallas, USSB 3.14.1749:393.1MPreaching Means to Upset the Status QuoIdeal Grhastha Series
1983.03.02Dallas, USSB 3.14.1843:412.8MFollowing the Orders of the GuruIdeal Grhastha Series
1983.03.04Dallas, USSB 3.14.2176:134.8MNow Is the Time to Strengthen the RanksIdeal Grhastha Series
1983.03.07New York, USSB 3.8.23-2441:502.6MThe Beauty of Radha Govinda 
1983.03.09Villa Vrindavana, ItalySB 2.2.480:345.1MWe Don't Want Shooting Stars, w/ Italian 
1983.03.24Mayapur, IndiaSB 3.25.1960:443.8MWe Can Please Krsna by Our Devotion 
1983.03.30Bombay, IndiaSB 2.8.539:572.5MBecome a Bhagavata Devotee 
1983.04.14Hong KongSB 1.10.2252:073.3MGet the Mercy - Preach 
1983.04.15Hong KongSB 1.10.2348:483.1MSankirtana Yoga 
1983.04.17Hong KongSB 1.10.2555:453.5MKrsna Pioneers 
1983.04.20Dallas, USArrival30:351.9MYou Must Persevere in Spiritual Life 
1983.04.24Dallas, USSB 3.15.3544:152.8MReal Strength Is Purity 
1983.04.25Dallas, USSB 3.15.3689:105.6MSouls Don't Get Disconnected 
1983.04.30Houston, USSB 1.14.3478:375.0MTwo-legged Animals Don't Recognize Chastity 
1983.05.01 SFL53:483.4MPlease Become Krsna's Devotee 
1983.05.05Dallas, USSB 3.15.4656:263.6M  
1983.05.06Dallas, USSB 3.15.4867:024.2MLife Is a Preparation for Death 
1983.05.08Dallas, USSB 3.15.5074:014.7MA Devotee Never Falls Down 
1983.05.08Dallas, USSFL70:274.5MAssociate With Those Close to God 
1983.05.09Dallas, USSB 3.16.1-248:193.1MFaith Develops From Good Examples 
1983.05.11Houston, USSB 1.15.124:441.6MBecome Pure and Give Your Association 
1983.05.22Hong KongSB 1.12.159:353.8MOur Devotees Are the Best Saints 
1983.05.28Dallas, USArrival SB 3.16.2368:414.3MNot Only the Books Have to Be Perfect 
1983.05.29Dallas, USSB 3.16.2484:015.3MKrsna Consciousness Is Faultless 
1983.05.30Dallas, USSB 3.16.2567:174.3MThe Acarya Is Faultless 
1983.06Dallas, USSB 3.16.3579:215.0MWe Are All Failures at Control 
1983.06.03Houston, USSB 1.15.2157:433.7MFailure Is a Stepping Stone to Success 
1983.06.04Houston, USSB 1.15.22-2463:304.0MMolding Our Transcendental Character 
1983.06.05Dallas, USSB 3.17.1559:033.7MDo Not Identify With Superficial Covering 
1983.06.05Dallas, USSFL BG 5.2664:164.1MWe Should Listen to Krsna 
1983.06.07New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.8.3632:152.0MShaving Off Material Desires 
1983.06.08New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.8.3739:212.5MKeeping Our Spiritual Appetite Strong 
1983.07.12New Kuruksetra, USRatha-yatra Cc74:444.7M  
1983.07.16New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.8.8247:043.0MMarriage Means Trouble 
1983.07.20Houston, USSB 1.16.763:244.0MTake Advantage of the Human Form of Life 
1983.07.20Dallas, USSB 3.19.29-3071:024.5MNo One Falls Down if They Are Pure 
1983.07.22Dallas, USSB 3.19.3348:293.1MService Is a Science 
1983.07.23Dallas, USInterview42:262.7MOn the Ed Busch Show 
1983.07.26Dallas, USSB 3.19.3734:442.2MHearing Requires Following 
1983.07.27Dallas, USSB 3.19.3855:343.5MOn the Battlefield One Becomes Strong 
1983.07.29Dallas, USSB 3.20.246:092.9MGetting Out of the Material World 
1983.08.02Dallas, USSB 3.20.873:344.7MOnly Outstanding Devotees Go Back to Godhead 
1983.08.03Dallas, USSB 3.20.973:444.7MNo Breaks in an Airtight Schedule 
1983.08.10Dallas, USSB 3.20.2253:373.4MLife Is Meant for Preaching 
1983.08.23Dallas, USBalarama Purnima25:491.6MOnly Have Krsna to Lean On 
1983.08.25Hong KongSB 1.14.255:023.5MGive Your Life to Your Guru 
1983.08.27Hong KongSB 1.14.441:492.6MHearing From the Proper Authorities 
1983.08.28Hong KongSFL BG 2.16105:376.7MThis Knowledge Is Priceless, w/ Cantonese 
1983.08.29Hong KongSB 1.14.6-843:332.8MKrsna Consciousness Is Like a Diamond 
1983.09.04Taipei, TaiwanSB 5.11.531:222.0MOur Center Has to Be a Beacon 
1983.09.05Taipei, TaiwanSB 5.1.1240:352.6MConnecting Everything With Krsna 
1983.09.07Manila, PHEve Darsana BG 4.9120:567.7MThe Guru Lives According to Scripture 
1983.09.08Cebu, PHArrival28:301.8MOur Main Duty Is to Spread the Holy Name 
1983.09.08Cebu, PHLecture60:253.8MReal Religion Means to Love God 
1983.09.09Cebu, PHLecture83:375.3MThe Science of The Kingdom of God; We Are Giving Degrees in Sainthood 
1983.09.11Cebu, PHSFL BG 8.2179:055.0MThe World Needs More Saints 
1983.09.13Cebu, PHSB 1.6.159:233.8MFollow the Spiritually Wealthy Spiritual Master 
1983.09.15Manila, PHEve Darsana43:142.7MKrsna Is Controlled by His Devotees 
1983.09.16Manila, PHSB 4.13.8-959:523.8MTo Be a Vaisnava Is Not a Cheap Thing 
1983.09.16Manila, PHEve Darsana NOD 379:315.0M  
1983.09.17Manila, PHEve Darsana CcAdi 3.5858:213.7MReal Progress Means Solutions to Birth, Disease, Old Age and Death 
1983.09.18Cebu, PHSFL BG 3.2191:305.8MStop Giving This Movement a Bad Name 
1983.09.19Cebu, PHSB 1.6.355:143.5MThere Is No Love in This Material World 
1983.09.20Cebu, PHBhaktivinoda App21:431.4M  
1983.09.20Cebu, PHInterview46:292.9MRadio Interview 
1983.09.21Cebu, PHHaridasa Thakura Disapp11:130.7MYe Anilo Prema Dhana Prayer 
1983.09.23Manila, PHCcM 19.150-15741:302.6MThis Body Is a Good Packaging Job Only 
1983.09.23Manila, PHEve Darsana BG 18.5029:341.9MDon't Expect Instant Success in Spiritual Life 
1983.09.24Manila, PHEve Darsana BG 17.440:162.5MFree From Mundane Aspirations 
1983.09.28Manila, PHArrival26:571.7MEven Narada Muni Doesn't Travel Alone 
1983.10.01Cebu, PHSB 1.6.1658:073.7MChanting Will Take Us Out of the Material World 
1983.10.02Cebu, PHSB 1.6.1776:244.8MWe Cannot See God With Material Senses 
1983.10.03Cebu, PHSB 1.6.1884:185.3MThe Whole World Is Our Family 
1983.10.04Cebu, PHSB 1.6.1981:365.2MA Devotee Is a Wise Man 
1983.10.14Manila, PHSB 1.3.948:223.1MMaterial Desires Inhibit Strict Following 
1983.10.16Manila, PHSB 1.3.10,1362:073.9MDon't Be a Hoodlum 
1983.10.17Dallas, USArrival20:421.3MOur Real Wealth Is Austerity 
1983.10.18Dallas, USSB 3.21.5266:584.2MBe Fearful of Maya 
1983.10.21Dallas, USSB 3.22.270:334.5MGetting Out of the Rat Race 
1983.10.23Dallas, USSB 3.22.466:484.2MKrsna Acts Through His Devotees 
1983.10.27Manila, PHSB 1.3.2150:183.2MIn Case of Fire (Samsara) Do Not Panic 
1983.10.29Manila, PHSB 1.3.2363:364.0MKrsna Is Ever Youthful 
1983.10.30Manila, PHSB 1.3.2461:423.9MStrict Devotees Can Wear Vaisnava Symbols 
1983.10.31Manila, PHSB 1.3.2559:233.8MTo Be a Devotee Is So Fortunate 
1983.10.31Manila, PHEve Darsana58:533.7MWe Don't Follow Dog Philosophy 
1983.11.04Manila, PHSB 1.3.2925:541.6MContinuous Falldown Hardens the Heart 
1983.11.08Vrndavana, IndiaPrabhupada Disapp47:113.0MWithout Prabhupada This World Is Hell 
1983.11.17Hong KongSB 1.16.1145:352.9MBring Forth Proper Leaders 
1983.11.17Hong KongEve Darsana44:002.8MWe Have Few Because We Follow Everything, w/ Cantonese 
1983.11.19Hong KongSB 1.16.13-1545:002.8MThe Spiritual Connection 
1983.11.21Hong KongSB 1.16.1738:532.5MSadhu-sanga Is Our Fortification 
1983.11.21Manila, PHEve Darsana59:353.8MVrndavana Is Our Real Home 
1983.11.22Manila, PHSB 1.3.3855:163.5MSee God Through Your Guru 
1983.11.22Manila, PHLecture45:122.9MSaved From Death of the Soul 
1983.11.23Manila, PHEve Darsana BG 7.660:573.9MWe Need Fixed-up Devotees 
1983.11.26Cebu, PHEve Darsana51:243.3MSankirtana Makes One Humble 
1983.11.27Cebu, PHSFL BG 9.1442:542.7MWork for Krsna 
1983.11.28Cebu, PHEve Darsana50:453.2MRead These Books! 
1983.11.30Cebu, PHSB 1.7.4128:061.8MSankirtana Yoga 
1983.12TaiwanSB 5.5.227:531.8MNothing Risked, Nothing Gained 
1983.12.02Taipei, TaiwanSB 5.5.159:563.8MHuman Life Is Meant for Austerity 
1983.12.06Dallas, USSB 3.23.750:243.2MAdvanced Devotees Do Sankirtana 
1984Hong KongLOB 1767:254.3MAssociate With Sadhus, w/ Cantonese 
1984.01.01Dallas, USSB 3.24.1-385:395.4MLess Sense Gratification, More Ecstasy 
1984.01.04Hong KongSB 1.17.3542:012.7MChant 16 Rounds Plus Do Service 
1984.01.05Manila, PHSB 1.5.1361:463.9MSankirtana - Sacrifice for Others 
1984.01.05Manila, PH 65:064.1MPress Conference: We Are Not a Cult 
1984.01.05Manila, PHConversation29:461.9Mw/ Cardinal Sin 
1984.01.07Manila, PHSB 1.5.1548:103.0MThe Guru and the Disciple 
1984.01.08Manila, PHSB 1.5.1658:233.7MOut of Many Thousands ... 
1984.01.09Manila, PHSB 1.5.1771:014.5MPaying All Debts 
1984.01.10Manila, PHMeeting59:203.8Mw/ Chief Justice Fernando 
1984.01.12Hong KongSB 1.17.4537:242.4MBooks Create the Field for Preaching 
1984.01.13Hong KongSB 1.18.1-241:482.6MPreaching in Hell 
1984.01.15New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.18.854:343.5MSankirtana and Cow Protection 
1984.01.16New Kuruksetra, USSB 7.9.4441:192.6MTarget on Krsna 
1984.01.17New Kuruksetra, USSB 7.9.4153:193.4MThe Preaching Mood 
1984.01.20Dallas, USSB 3.24.2872:294.6MDon't Play Maya's Game 
1984.01.23Dallas, USSB 3.24.3155:253.5MKirtana and Sankirtana 
1984.01.24Dallas, USSB 3.24.3268:414.3MThe Green Berets of Religion 
1984.01.27Hong KongSB 1.18.1551:413.3MImportance of Hearing, w/ Cantonese 
1984.02Cebu, PHLecture38:092.4MAt Southwestern University 
1984.02.02Cebu, PHSB 1.8.3654:363.5MHearing Is the Beginning 
1984.02.02Cebu, PHEve Darsana52:233.3M  
1984.02.03Cebu, PHSB 1.8.3749:473.2MWe Must Accept the Demon's Challenges 
1984.02.04Cebu, PHSB 1.8.3871:164.5MA Devotee's Power Is Dependence on Krsna 
1984.02.05Cebu, PHInitiation45:182.9MThe Power of Chanting the Holy Name 
1984.02.07Manila, PHSB 1.5.4049:163.1MSrimad Bhagavatam Is the Life of the Devotees 
1984.02.08Manila, PHSB 1.6.136:502.3MA Pure Devotee Is a Place of Pilgrimage 
1984.02.10Manila, PHSB 1.6.346:523.0MIs Krsna or Maya Your Master? 
1984.02.11Manila, PHSB 1.6.440:012.5MYou Cannot Bribe Krsna 
1984.02.12Manila, PHEve Darsana87:585.6Mw/ a Devotee's Mother 
1984.02.17Hong KongSB 1.18.2636:022.3MDon't Let Impurities Enter Bhakti 
1984.02.18Hong KongSB 1.18.2735:342.3MSankirtan Devotees Are the Most Fired Up 
1984.02.19Hong KongSB 1.18.2829:351.9MLearn the Art of Appeasing Guests in Our Temples 
1984.02.21New Delhi, IndiaBhaktisiddhanta App SB 2.5.3857:303.6MScientist BluffersVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1984.02.25New Delhi, IndiaSB 2.3.1452:083.3MVedanta Sutra & Baladeva Vidyabhusana 
1984.03.01Mayapur, IndiaSB 4.17.2434:252.2MBecome a Real Vaisnava, w/ Bengali 
1984.03.15Mayapur, IndiaSB 4.18.1159:533.8MBook Distribution and the Mayapur Project 
1984.04.02Hong KongSB 1.19.9-1051:503.3Mw/ Cantonese 
1984.04.04Hong KongSB 1.19.1252:253.3Mw/ Cantonese 
1984.04.06Hong KongSB 1.19.1454:353.5MLord Caitanya Is Present Here, w/ Cantonese 
1984.04.10Hong KongRama Navami27:551.8MStrength From Rama Nama, w/ Cantonese 
1984.04.11Manila, PHEve Darsana48:183.1MThe Rewards of Sacrifice 
1984.04.13Cebu, PHBG 9.258:223.7MStay High Forever 
1984.04.14Cebu, PHSB 1.9.4057:593.7MThe Prayers of Bhismadeva 
1984.04.15Cebu, PHSB 1.9.4170:134.4MThis World Is a Prison House 
1984.04.16Cebu, PHSB 1.9.4249:213.1MFixing the Mind on Lord Krsna 
1984.04.20Cebu, PHSB 1.9.4686:335.5MProving Krsna's Supremacy 
1984.04.21Cebu, PHSB 1.9.4755:223.5MSankirtana Competition 
1984.04.23Manila, PHEve Darsana21:081.3MMaintained by the Holy Name 
1984.04.24Manila, PHSB 1.7.4058:543.7MDon't Waste Another Day 
1984.04.24Manila, PHEve Darsana29:301.9MQ&A; Two or Three Hours of Kirtana Daily 
1984.04.26Hong KongSB 1.19.3565:254.1MConfucius' Help Is for One Life, w/ Cantonese 
1984.04.27Dallas, USSB 3.27.158:463.7MLet Krsna Be the Proprietor 
1984.04.28Dallas, USSB 3.27.291:575.8MKarma, Vikarma and Akarma 
1984.04.29Dallas, USSB 3.27.3147:349.3MSanatana Dharma 
1984.05.04Dallas, USSB 3.27.879:545.1MWatchdog of ISKCON 
1984.05.08Tampa, USSB 6.2.3859:053.7MKrsna Will Fulfill All Desires 
1984.05.08Tampa, USEve Darsana42:362.7MThe Guru Also Serves His Disciples 
1984.05.14New Kuruksetra, USNrsimha Caturdasi21:251.4M  
1984.05.16New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.14.1140:562.6MVarnasrama Dharma 
1984.05.22Tampa, USSB 6.3.3132:052.0MSankirtana in the Mood of the Gopis 
1984.05.24Dallas, USEve Lecture137:018.7MRecognizing Our Real Identity 
1984.05.27Houston, USSB 2.3.1554:293.4MEventually Everyone Must Surrender to Krsna 
1984.05.27Houston, USSFL BG 2.5170:124.4MBe Free From Material Miseries 
1984.05.30Dallas, USSB 3.28.254:303.4MA Vaisnava Is Very Humble 
1984.05.30Dallas, USInterview90:595.8Mw/ ITV 
1984.06.02Lautoka, FijiArrival19:271.2MBig Trees Take a Long Time to Grow 
1984.06.02Suva, FijiArrival40:492.6MLord Caitanya Is Krsna's Preaching Incarnation 
1984.06.03Suva, FijiSB 1.2.680:295.1MWork, Work, Work, and You Get No Pay 
1984.06.03Suva, FijiEve Darsana43:052.7M  
1984.06.04Suva, FijiInterview64:594.1Mw/ Reporter From Fiji Times 
1984.06.04Fiji 84:275.3MGod Doesn't Play Favorites 
1984.06.05Suva, FijiSB 3.29.1754:253.4MDon't Think Like a Common Man 
1984.06.06Fiji 89:495.7MTechnology Has Its Connection With God 
1984.06.07Suva, FijiSB 3.29.2349:393.1MYour Time Belongs to Krsna 
1984.06.07Suva, FijiPandal Program BG 18.6580:195.1MThis Is the Planet Where You Can Get Liberation 
1984.06.09Lautoka, FijiSB 3.29.2566:494.2MYou Have to Practice This Process 
1984.06.09Lautoka, FijiPandal Program87:525.6MMy Religion Is Sanatana Dharma 
1984.06.10Lautoka, FijiInitiation82:475.2M  
1984.06.11Lautoka, FijiSB 3.29.3351:453.3MService Isn't Different From Attraction to Krsna 
1984.06.12FijiInterview24:301.6Mw/ Fiji Sun 
1984.06.12Lambasa, FijiEve Darsana BG 4.988:125.6MLearn to Feel Comfortable in Spiritual Life 
1984.06.13Lambasa, Fiji 25:571.6MGurvastaka & Gurupuja Kirtana 
1984.06.13Lambasa, FijiBG38:582.5Mw/ Various Speakers 
1984.06.13Lambasa, Fiji 90:395.7MThe Science of Consciousness 
1984.06.14Lambasa, Fiji 18:381.2MMorning Kirtana 
1984.06.14Lambasa, FijiSB 7.14.1-1563:354.0MIdeal Family Life 
1984.06.14Lambasa, Fiji 78:315.0MWho Is Qualified to Be a Guru 
1984.06.15Lambasa, Fiji 25:591.6MGurvastaka, Gurupuja & Nrsimha Prayers 
1984.06.15Lambasa, Fiji 18:361.2MQ&A. Worship of Krsna Is the Highest 
1984.06.16Lautoka, FijiSB 3.30.3458:093.7MReal Wealth Is Krsna Consciousness 
1984.06.19Hong KongSB 2.2.352:243.3MThe Secret of Remaining in Spiritual Life, w/ Cantonese 
1984.06.27Mayapur, IndiaSB 4.21.4558:183.7MNo One Falls From Bhakti to Mukti, w/ Bengali 
1984.07.07Taiwan 82:175.2MThese Books Cannot Be Defeated 
1984.07.08TaiwanRoom Conversation42:562.7Mw/ Professor Chang 
1984.07.08Taipei, TaiwanSFL67:574.3Mw/ Mandarin 
1984.07.09Cebu, PHArrival32:382.1MThe United Nations of ISKCON 
1984.07.10Cebu, PHSB 2.3.2388:015.6MSrila Prabhupada Is Here 
1984.07.12Cebu, PHInitiation Wedding120:497.6MDon't Panic, Be Cool Headed 
1984.07.14Cebu, PHSB 1.11.3455:043.5MMaking an Attempt to Advance Progressively 
1984.07.15Manila, PHEve Lecture79:325.0MFollow Your Teacher 
1984.07.20Gitanagari, US 53:533.4MReading From "Servant of the Servant" 
1984.07.23Dallas, USSB 3.29.891:155.8MYou Can Approach Krsna Through Service 
1984.07.23Dallas, USInitiation88:035.6MWelcome to Krsna's Family 
1984.07.28Dallas, USSB 3.29.1066:444.2MOne Must Learn Pure Devotional Service 
1984.07.29Dallas, USSB 3.29.11-1254:263.4MThe Real Goal Is Love of God 
1984.08.03Houston, USEve Darsana103:596.6MYou Have to Give Up All Material Relationships 
1984.08.05Dallas, USEve Program76:464.9MThe Nature of the Soul Is Blissful 
1984.08.06Dallas, USSB 3.29.2040:352.6MThe ISKCON Camel Caravan 
1984.08.08Honolulu, USSB 3.18.1358:113.7MKrsna Defends His Title Against the Demons 
1984.08.11Hong KongBalarama Purnima38:162.4Mw/ Cantonese 
1984.08.12Hong KongSB 2.3.153:383.4MFirst Class and Economy Animals, w/ Cantonese 
1984.08.19Mayapur, IndiaSB 4.22.4555:413.5MThe Preachers' Encouragement, w/ Bengali 
1984.08.21Mayapur, IndiaPrabhupada Vyasa-puja47:013.0MThe Vaisnavas Are Eternally PresentVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1984.08.23Mayapur, IndiaSB 4.22.4966:534.2MGet Your Mahatma Diploma, w/ Bengali 
1984.08.27Mayapur, IndiaSB 4.22.5358:263.7MThe Banyan Tree of Sex, w/ Bengali 
1984.09.03Hong KongRadhastami57:533.7Mw/ Cantonese 
1984.09.04Hong KongSB 2.3.2452:283.3MTaste for Kirtana Is a Good Sign, w/ Cantonese 
1984.09.05Hong KongSB 2.3.2554:033.4MOur Real Attachment Should Be for Krsna, w/ Cantonese 
1984.09.06Honolulu, USSB 3.19.3846:383.0MPrabhupada's Gift to Us 
1984.09.09Houston, USHaridasa Thakura Disapp SFL105:536.7M  
1984.09.12Houston, USSB 2.6.2054:143.4MMeditate on Guru and Krsna 
1984.09.13Houston, USSB 2.6.2155:193.5MIgnorance Is Not Bliss 
1984.09.16New York, USSB 3.25.477:594.9MTranscendental Friendship Within ISKCON 
1984.09.18Indianapolis, USSB 1.6.2654:393.5MFormula for Inspiration 
1984.09.19Indianapolis, USSB 1.1.824:281.5MThe Science of Loving Service 
1984.09.20Indianapolis, USSB 1.3.4337:522.4MIt's Time to Grow up 
1984.09.22Dallas, USSB 3.30.1944:282.8MKiss This Material World Goodbye 
1984.09.23Dallas, USSB 3.30.2058:593.7MThe Court of Yamaraja 
1984.09.25Dallas, USSB 3.30.24-2756:273.6MStorm the Fortress of Maya 
1984.09.27Dallas, USSB 3.30.2954:283.4MDirectly Perceive Vedic Evidence 
1984.09.28Guadalajara, MexicoArrival29:291.9MJesus Christ Credit Cards, w/ Spanish 
1984.10.02Tampa, USSB 5.15.1842:232.7MSadhana Is Our Training 
1984.10.03Tampa, USSB 5.12.1638:152.4MThe Neccesity of Sadhana 
1984.10.06Dallas, USSB 3.31.655:103.5MWhat Separates an Ordinary Person From Ordinary 
1984.10.07Dallas, USSFL BG 14.14-1586:165.5MPlanning Your Next Life 
1984.10.08Dallas, USSB 3.31.8-952:363.3MEclipse of the Moon 
1984.10.13Dallas, USSB 3.31.1560:503.8MBe Guided by the Mercy of Krsna 
1984.10.14Dallas, USSB 3.31.1638:242.4MDon't Neglect Your Sadhana 
1984.10.14Dallas, USSFL68:114.3MUnderstanding the Laws of Karma 
1984.10.17Dallas, USSB 3.31.1966:124.2MSifting for Gold 
1984.10.19Dallas, USSB 3.31.2140:442.6MOne Can Worship Krsna Anywhere 
1984.10.21Dallas, USSB 3.31.24-2587:545.6MEveryone Must Preach 
1984.10.25Houston, USSB 2.7.2280:405.1MThe Desire to Preach 
1984.10.26Houston, USGovardhana-puja44:432.8M Vaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1984.10.28Dallas, USPrabhupada Disapp43:332.8MForce Us to PreachVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1984.10.28Dallas, USPrabhupada Disapp8:200.5MOfferingVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1984.10.28Dallas, USInitiation71:204.5MThe Tradition of Guru and Disciple 
1984.10.29Dallas, USSB 3.31.3193:375.9MThe Practical Yoga System 
1984.11.02Hong KongSB 2.5.2369:044.4MDon't Give Up Relationships, Purify Them, w/ Cantonese 
1984.11.04Hong KongGaurakisora Disapp SB 2.1.649:043.1Mw/ Cantonese 
1984.11.08Hong KongSB 2.1.1247:133.0MSame Medicine for Everyone, w/ Cantonese 
1984.11.10Hong KongSB 2.1.1447:373.0MMy Instruction Is to Increase Sankirtana, w/ Cantonese 
1984.11.12Hong KongSB 2.2.754:273.4MLive and Breathe Sankirtana Yajna, w/ Cantonese 
1984.11.14Hong KongSB 2.1.250:203.2MExpand the Family, w/ Cantonese 
1984.11.16Hong KongSB 2.3.2063:354.0MNo Sense Means Nonsense, w/ Cantonese 
1984.11.18Hong KongSB 2.3.2353:543.4MLearning to Take the Guru's Mercy, w/ Cantonese 
1984.11.18Hong KongSFL73:494.7MLight of the Bhagavata, w/ Cantonese 
1984.11.22Hong KongSB 2.2.3670:054.4MBecome a Krsna Consciousness Graduate, w/ Cantonese 
1984.11.23Hong KongDeparture6:010.4MPurpose of the Guru's Association, w/ Cantonese 
1984.11.25Cebu, PHSB 1.15.1975:524.8MWe Are Practical Yogis 
1984.11.27Cebu, PHSB 1.17.3247:063.0MLearn the Real Thing 
1984.11.28Cebu, PHSB 4.19.1227:121.7M  
1984.11.29Cebu, PHLecture45:582.9MAt Southwestern University 
1984.11.30Cebu, PHSB 7.9.4419:261.2MGod Never Sends Someone to Hell Forever 
1984.12.04Manila, PHSB 1.1.1045:302.9MWe Should Be Known as Not Lazy 
1984.12.05Manila, PHSB 1.1.1170:524.5MIt's Not Proper to Decieve the Public 
1984.12.07Manila, PHSB 1.1.1451:113.2M  
1984.12.07Manila, PHPress Conference61:213.9MGod-made Laws, Not Man-made Philosophy 
1984.12.08Baguio, PHLecture122:597.8MSelf Improvement 
1984.12.10Manila, PHSB 1.1.1946:262.9MStaying Together to Glorify Krsna 
1984.12.10Manila, PHConversation30:321.9Mw/ Guests 
1984.12.12Manila, PHConversation35:022.2MPerfect Questions and No Answers w/ Cardinal Sin 
1984.12.13Manila, PH 92:135.8MMeeting w/ Members 
1984.12.14Manila, PHSB 1.2.1042:042.7MDog's Running Business 
1984.12.17Manila, PHSB 1.3.2948:033.0MThe Only Excuse Is You Don't Care Enough 
1984.12.17Manila, PHLecture77:034.9MTo Philippines National Defense 
1984.12.20TaiwanSB 1.1.336:582.3MUnderstand by Hearing, Not Experience 
1984.12.21TaiwanSB 1.1.491:305.8MKrsna, the Supreme Fortune Teller 
1984.12.23TaiwanSB 1.1.644:312.8MPeace Comes From No More Material Desires 
1984.12.23TaiwanSFL67:454.3MBuddha, Christ and Krsna, w/ Mandarin 
1984.12.26Sydney, AUArrival27:181.7MOur Hard Work Is Sublime 
1985.01.13Dallas, USSB 2.1.1248:063.0MYou Must Follow the Formula 
1985.01.14Dallas, USSB 2.1.1364:484.1MDevotees Are Never Defeated 
1985.01.16Dallas, USSB 2.1.1644:232.8MYou Must Prepare for Death 
1985.01.19Dallas, USSB 2.1.1742:412.7MBecome Expert at Chanting Hare Krsna 
1985.01.20Dallas, USSFL87:145.5MSpiritual Leadership Today 
1985.01.26Dallas, USIsta-gosthi115:357.3M  
1985.01.27Dallas, USWedding51:303.3MA Blending of Two Cultures 
1985.01.28Dallas, USSB 4.1.1546:142.9MDon't Be Illusioned by Maya 
1985.02.06South KoreaBG 4.651:403.3MThe Science of Taking Birth 
1985.02.07South KoreaBG 4.728:291.8M  
1985.02.08Hong KongSB 2.7.5357:483.7Mw/ Cantonese 
1985.02.13Mayapur, IndiaSB 4.26.444:392.8MReal Safety Is Full Engagement in Service 
1985.03.24Dallas, USArrival31:062.0MAssociation of Devotees Is Wonderful 
1985.03.25Dallas, USSB 12.2.152:063.3MAbortion Is Even Lower Than the AnimalsProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.03.27Dallas, USSB 12.2.236:432.3MThe Only Alternative to Nuclear WarfareProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.03.31Dallas, USRama Navami SFL52:583.4MAppearance Day of Lord RamacandraVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1985.04.02Dallas, USIsta-gosthi54:373.5MMinutes From GBC Meetings 
1985.04.03Dallas, USSB 12.2.438:372.4MSleep Early to Serve EarlyProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.04.03Dallas, US 2:460.2MInvocation to the Dallas City Counsel 
1985.04.05Dallas, USSB 12.2.538:282.4MFree Mixing of Sexes Is Not NaturalProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.04.05Dallas, USConversation58:343.7Mw/ Professor Fort & Students From TCU 
1985.04.08Dallas, USSB 12.2.635:082.2MTaking a Guru Isn't a FashionProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.04.09Dallas, US 40:462.6MAddress to the Dallas Skyline Lions Club 
1985.04.11Dallas, USSB 12.2.7-1137:072.3MEstablishing Brahminical Directors of the WorldProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.04.14New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.19.24-2528:241.8M  
1985.04.15New Kuruksetra, USEkadasi36:402.3MAppearance of Salagram Sila and Tulasi Devi; Appearance of Ekadasi 
1985.04.16Dallas, USSB 12.2.12-1683:165.3MSenility Is a Reaction of Sinful LifeProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.04.17Dallas, USRoom Conversation66:494.2Mw/ Amy Martin 
1985.04.18Dallas, USSB 12.3.3153:043.4MAt Least Give Something to KrsnaProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.04.19Houston, USSB 12.3.3270:334.5MServing the Greater FamilyProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.04.21Dallas, USRoom Conversation70:394.5Mw/ Dr. Horatio Costa 
1985.04.23Wichita Falls, USLecture89:555.7Mat Midwestern State University 
1985.04.25Dallas, USLecture107:036.8Mat New Life Alphabiotic Center 
1985.05.01Dallas, USSB 12.3.3344:352.8MImportance of Separating the SexesProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.05.04Fort Worth, USBG 18.4774:224.7MJust Understand Your Real Duty 
1985.05.08Dallas, USRoom Conversation140:328.9MChrist's Unknown Teachings w/ Abbot George, Father Mathais 
1985.05.11Dallas, USSB 12.3.34-3835:292.2MFocusing on Chanting AttentivelyProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.05.11Dallas, USBG 8.9104:006.6MTake Real Knowledge, Kick out Hodge-podge 
1985.05.12Houston, USSB 12.3.39-4059:313.8MWorking Hard Enough for KrsnaProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.05.13Houston, USSB 12.3.41-4247:233.0MQuickly Getting Krsna PremaProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.05.14Houston, USSB 12.3.4342:382.7MThe Guru Never Cuts Off a DiscipleProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.05.18Dallas, USSB 12.2.19-2039:422.5MProphecies for the Iron AgeProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.05.20Dallas, USSB 12.2.21-2343:282.8MThere Is No Service Which Excuses Poor SadhanaProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.05.22Dallas, USSB 4.4.2344:152.8MIt's Very Difficult to Give up This Body 
1985.05.29Suva, Fiji 22:321.4MNarration of Tulasi Devi and Ekadasi 
1985.05.30Suva, Fiji 28:401.8MInauguration of Hare Krsna Restaurant 
1985.05.31Pacific Habour Villa, FijiSB 5.19.730:061.9MTranscendental Anxiety: Good for Spiritual Life 
1985.06.09Labasa, FijiInitiation Wedding55:093.5M  
1985.07.12SingaporeEve Darsana89:195.7MThe Appearance of Sri Ekadasi; Ten Offenses 
1985.07.13SingaporeEve Darsana60:503.8MReadings From Nectar of Devotion 
1985.07.20Dallas, USSB 4.7.543:152.7MDevotion Is Better Than Big Brain 
1985.07.21Dallas, USSB 4.7.680:345.1MThe Greatest Boon 
1985.07.23Dallas, USSB 7.15.1275:394.8MReligion, Semi-religion and Irreligion 
1985.07.28Dallas, USSB 7.14.2970:234.5MThe Deity Form Is God Himself 
1985.08.01Dallas, USSB 7.14.3472:044.6MWhy Take the Slow Path -- Finish off the Race 
1985.08.02Dallas, USSB 7.14.3635:512.3MWorshiping Krsna Is Worshiping Everyone 
1985.08.04Houston, USSB 3.4.3052:283.3MYou Must Follow the Program 
1985.08.04Houston, USSFL118:207.5MKrsna Is the Whole 
1985.08.05Houston, US 68:244.3MA Pure Devotee Never Plays With Anyone's Fate 
1985.08.12Dallas, USSB 7.14.4150:563.2MA Brahmin Can Cultivate Krsna Consciousness 
1985.09.02Dallas, USSB 4.7.4953:323.4MThe Ultimate Solution 
1985.09.04Dallas, USSB 4.7.5153:303.4MA Devotee in Goodness Is Steady 
1985.09.16New Vrndavana, USSB 4.28.146:463.0M  
1985.09.24Dallas, USSB 4.8.1232:402.1MBe Careful With Personal Preference 
1985.09.25Dallas, USSB 4.8.13-1957:213.6MThose on the Front Line Get Special Facilities 
1985.09.26Houston, USBhaktivinoda App45:382.9M Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1985.09.27Houston, USSB 3.5.4149:213.1MCarried by the Wings of the Vedas 
1985.09.30Dallas, USIsta-gosthi59:383.8MSankirtana 
1985.10.01Dallas, USSB 4.8.2236:002.3MConnecting With Krsna in All Circumstances 
1985.10.03Honolulu, USSB 3.28.2245:542.9MThe Sum & Substances of ISKCON 
1985.10.06Hong Kong 46:403.0MBasic Knowledge of the Soul, w/ Cantonese 
1985.10.09Taipei, TaiwanSB 1.4.525:061.6MAvoid Mixing Between Male and Female 
1985.10.12SingaporeBG 4.1081:295.2MWe Accept the Verdict of Sastra 
1985.10.13SingaporeBG 8.684:025.3MThe Soul Does Not Die 
1985.10.14SingaporeNOI 152:563.4MHow to Free Yourself From the Pushing of the Senses 
1985.10.15SingaporeNOI 250:313.2MWe Must Follow the Guidelines of Rupa Goswami 
1985.10.18SingaporeBG 8.2282:185.2MBecome Expert in Process of Bhakti 
1985.10.20SingaporeBG 16.1-3116:127.4MThere Is Only One God and One Religion 
1985.10.24Hong KongSB 1.5.3029:121.8MLearn to Conquer Over Sex Desire, w/ Cantonese 
1985.10.26Manila, PHSB 2.1.1587:115.5MPurify Your Desires 
1985.10.28Manila, PHSB 3.28.478:225.0MBe Truthful to Your Vow 
1985.11.11Vrndavana, IndiaSB 4.29.5261:173.9MDuty of the Spiritual Master 
1985.12.01Dallas, USDarsana81:525.2MPrabhupada Marathon 
1985.12.02Dallas, USSB 4.9.939:492.5MMinimize Material Desires and Maximize Preaching 
1985.12.04Dallas, USSB 4.9.1046:132.9MExperience of Krsna Consciousness Is Transcendental 
1985.12.05Houston, USBG 5.2944:562.8MGreatest Peace Formula for the World 
1985.12.08Houston, USSFL BG 6.4771:094.5MThe Highest Yoga 
1985.12.14Dallas, USSB 4.9.2229:261.9MHow to Persevere in Krsna Consciousness 
1985.12.15Dallas, USSB 4.9.2330:001.9MIntegrating With Lord Caitanya's Pastimes 
1985.12.16Dallas, USSB 4.9.2432:182.0MTranscendental Potency of Krsna Prasadam 
1985.12.18Dallas, USSB 4.9.2528:321.8MTraveling in Outer Space & Beyond 
1985.12.20Houston, USSB 3.7.3828:081.8MManifesting the Real Ego 
1985.12.21Houston, USSB 3.7.3941:012.6MThe Importance of Accepting a Bonafide Guru 
1985.12.21Houston, USBG39:342.5M  
1985.12.22Houston, USSFL89:045.6MProtecting Devotees and Killing Demons 
1985.12.28Dallas, USSB 4.9.3642:232.7MOne Must Give up Lusty Propensities 
1985.12.30Honolulu, USSB 3.30.230:572.0MVictimized by the Sense Masters 
1985.12.31Lautoka, FijiBhaktisiddhanta Disapp Arrival40:362.6MPrabhupada Wants the Fijians to Be Devotees 
1985.12.31Lautoka, FijiInterview22:371.4Mw/ Fiji Sun Reporter 
1986  6:070.4MDrama of Lord Jagannatha 0: PrologueDrama of Lord Jagannatha
1986  18:411.2MDrama of Lord Jagannatha 1: The PilgrimDrama of Lord Jagannatha
1986  33:312.1MDrama of Lord Jagannatha 2: The Worshipable DeityDrama of Lord Jagannatha
1986  16:481.1MDrama of Lord Jagannatha 3: The StormDrama of Lord Jagannatha
1986  21:261.4MDrama of Lord Jagannatha 4: The CommandmentDrama of Lord Jagannatha
1986  27:421.8MDrama of Lord Jagannatha 5: The ReturnDrama of Lord Jagannatha
1986  15:521.0MDrama of Lord Jagannatha 6: The Sacred LogDrama of Lord Jagannatha
1986  32:382.1MDrama of Lord Jagannatha 7: The Appearance of the LordDrama of Lord Jagannatha
1986.01.01Lautoka, FijiSB 6.5.4336:302.3MPulling Out the Weed of Family Life 
1986.01.01Lautoka, FijiEve Darsana37:032.3MAll Grhastas Should Have Tulasi at Home 
1986.01.02Lautoka, FijiSB 6.5.4437:102.4MSpeak Truth Without Creating Anger 
1986.01.03Pacific Habour Villa, FijiSB 4.22.2619:231.2MGoing Above Mixed Devotional Service 
1986.01.04Pacific Habour Villa, FijiSB 4.27.2436:522.3MLearn to Preach Like Narada Muni 
1986.01.04Suva, Fiji 79:545.1MAddress to Life Members 
1986.01.05Suva, FijiSB 4.28.1037:582.4MWhen Opportunity Knocks, Take Advantage 
1986.01.05Suva, FijiSFL BG 4.1070:234.5MGet Over Attachment to This Body 
1986.01.06Suva, FijiSB 4.30.3455:133.5MPure Devotees Are the Happiest Persons 
1986.01.06Suva, Fiji 125:247.9MSymptoms of a Real Religion 
1986.01.08Suva, FijiSB 4.29.6838:282.4MDevotional Service Isn't Always the Easy Way 
1986.01.08Nausori, Fiji 15:341.0MAddress to Prime Minister of Fiji 
1986.01.12Labasa, FijiSFL BG 18.5459:523.8MSadhu Is in the Heart, w/ Hindi 
1986.01.13FijiSB 1.15.47-4825:251.6MPlease Krsna First, Not Your Family 
1986.01.14Lautoka, FijiSB 6.5.2338:192.4M  
1986.01.14Ba, FijiEve Lecture BG 9.16110:157.0MThe Purpose of Vedic Ritual Sacrifices and Mantras, w/ Hindi 
1986.01.15Lautoka, FijiBG 3.457:573.7MDon't Remain Attached at the End of Life, w/ Gujarati 
1986.01.15Lautoka, FijiEve Lecture BG 9.2484:025.3MThe Goal of Life 
1986.01.16Lautoka, FijiSB 6.17.16-1732:302.1M  
1986.01.19Dallas, USSFL BG 12.8-1295:276.0MSpiritual Resolutions for 1986 
1986.01.20Dallas, USSB 4.10.16-3044:452.8MHare Krishna Is the Ultimate Weapon 
1986.01.21Dallas, USSB 4.11.1-242:322.7MOur Devotees Should Become Modern Day Heroes 
1986.01.25Houston, US 66:054.2MThe Power of the ISKCON Movement, w/ Gujarati 
1986.01.27Houston, USDeparture26:321.7M& Reading Foreword for "The Drama of Lord Jagannatha" 
1986.01.28Dallas, USSB 4.11.1250:123.2MThere Is No Great Service Without Great Sadhana 
1986.02.05South KoreaBG 8.679:085.0MTotaling Life's Calculator 
1986.02.08Manila, PHSB 4.20.1580:185.1MHearing Is Never Finished 
1986.02.09Manila, PHSB 4.22.1392:395.9MISKCON Devotees Should Work Cooperatively 
1986.02.10Manila, PHSB 4.22.1443:242.7MDon't Be Your Own Boss 
1986.02.11Manila, PH 64:204.1MThe Temple Uniting Everyone 
1986.02.12Manila, PHSB 4.22.2956:553.6MThe Soul Has The Illusion of Suffering 
1986.02.15Manila, PHSB 4.22.4545:472.9MListen to God's Will 
1986.02.16Manila, PHInitiation50:113.2M& Sri Sri Nitai-sundara Gaura-nata-raja Installation 
1986.02.18Cebu, PHSB 4.22.2472:374.6MHow to Advance in Spiritual Life 
1986.02.18Cebu, PHConversation69:544.4Mw/ Monsignor Achilees Dakay: Tightening the Screws 
1986.02.18Cebu, PHConversation90:375.7Mw/ Attorney Conde: Don't Be Miserly 
1986.02.21Cebu, PHVaraha App SB 3.6.3341:352.6MService Spirit Attracts Krsna 
1986.02.21Cebu, PHInitiation44:422.8MPlease Avoid These Ten Offenses 
1986.02.22Manila, PHNityananda Trayodasi30:061.9M  
1986.02.22SingaporeNityananda Trayodasi Arrival65:294.1MWe Fast to Remember Krsna 
1986.02.23Singapore 59:173.8MBecome a Sadhu 
1986.02.24Singapore 79:485.1MWhere Are You Taking Me? 
1986.02.27Singapore 73:524.7MQ&A w/ a Chinese Boy: You Must Taste the Honey 
1986.02.28Singapore 79:015.0MMeeting Krsna Face to Face 
1986.03.02Calcutta, India 59:063.7Mw/ Bengali 
1986.03.15Mayapur, IndiaSB 5.8.851:503.3MDon't Be Distracted From Krsna Consciousness 
1986.03.24Mayapur, IndiaDarsana79:065.0MWorship the Dhama's Dust and Rocks, w/ Cantonese 
1986.04.12Hong KongSB 1.8.2538:282.4MThere Is No Good Excuse for Leaving, w/ Cantonese 
1986.04.13Cebu, PHArrival28:031.8MWe Need Many Sadhus 
1986.04.14Cebu, PHSB 3.29.1861:213.9MSwanlike Devotees 
1986.04.18Manila, PHRama Navami SB 2.7.2346:062.9M  
1986.04.20Manila, PHWedding37:022.3MWe Want to Show Ideal Married Life 
1986.04.21 SB 5.14.1040:172.6MThe Privilege of Being Krsna's Family 
1986.04.23TaiwanSB 1.2.656:513.6M  
1986.04.23TaiwanEve Darsana90:565.8MFirst Recognize What Suffering Is 
1986.04.28Dallas, USArrival57:543.7MAdvancing Devotees Always Take On More Service 
1986.04.29Dallas, USSB 4.12.4545:102.9MRecognizing Krsna's Desire 
1986.04.30Dallas, USSB 4.12.4644:472.8MFaith in ISKCON Is Faith in Prabhupada 
1986.05New York, US 5:350.4MBe a Success, But in Krsna Consciousness 
1986.05Brooklyn, USSB 4.14.2044:102.8MThis Civilization Makes You Forget God 
1986.05.01Dallas, USSB 4.12.47-4836:522.3MGet Joy by Giving Krsna to Others 
1986.05.04Houston, USInitiation78:054.9M  
1986.05.06Houston, US 72:564.6MThe Christian Dialog 
1986.05.07Houston, USSB 3.12.2866:514.2MPrabhupada Didn't Avoid Preaching to Women 
1986.05.08Houston, US 59:253.8MQ&A 
1986.05.09Houston, USSB 3.12.3160:443.8MThe Growing Pains in Our Movement 
1986.05.09Houston, US 93:235.9MHare Krsna Sat-sanga Mandala 
1986.05.10Houston, US 129:468.2MHare Krsna Sat-sanga Mandala 
1986.05.11Dallas, USSFL SB 5.5.1898:126.2MHappy Mother's Day 
1986.05.12Dallas, USSB 4.13.1238:152.4MThe Ideal Wife 
1986.05.17Topanga, USSB 8.8.18-1936:342.3MOur Common Principle Is Krsna 
1986.05.18Topanga, USSB 8.8.2073:254.6MDefining the Supreme Person 
1986.05.18Topanga, USSFL BG 6.2771:184.5MThe Simple Solution to Everyone's Problems 
1986.05.21Brooklyn, USSB 4.8.2248:573.1MYou Have to Pilot the Plane 
1986.05.22Brooklyn, USJayananda Disapp SB 4.8.2346:433.0MThe Demigods Worship Krsna 
1986.05.22Manhattan, US 78:285.0MPick Your Next Birth 
1986.05.23New York, USHome Program BG 2.4673:484.7MPreaching to Spanish Bhaktas & Guests, w/ Spanish 
1986.05.24Brooklyn, USSB 4.8.2472:544.6MDeclaring War Against Maya 
1986.05.24New York, USHome Program BG61:453.9MApproach Krsna for the Supreme Benefit 
1986.05.25Brooklyn, USSFL71:184.5MHolding Hands Across America 
1986.05.26Brooklyn, USSB 4.8.2559:413.8MKrsna Sends His Representative 
1986.05.27Brooklyn, USSB 4.8.2644:412.8MServe Krsna According to Your Nature 
1986.05.27Hartford, USBG 4.10122:357.8MYou Are Not God 
1986.05.29Manhattan, USBG 17.2110:207.0MOff of the Fringe Onto the Carpet 
1986.05.30New York, USConversation93:315.9MBhakti, the Pure Essence of Approaching God 
1986.06Brooklyn, USSB 4.8.3543:332.8MUnconditional Surrender Is the Rarest Gem 
1986.06Dallas, USSB 4.14.737:522.4MYou Won't Be Liberated Unless You Preach 
1986.06.01Brooklyn, USSFL SB 1.2.1861:593.9MComing to the Point of Initiation 
1986.06.02Brooklyn, USSB 4.8.3258:313.7MBe a Credit to Our Sampradaya 
1986.06.02Lake Huntington, USEve Darsana137:248.7MWe Have Big Responsibilities as GBCs 
1986.06.05Manhattan, US 95:296.0MAgnostic, Atheistic or Religious 
1986.06.14Houston, USBG 10.1070:044.4MWe Pray to Get "Too Much" Service 
1986.06.15Dallas, USInitiation52:273.3M  
1986.06.16Dallas, USSB 11.17.2763:374.0MWork Within the Plan of the Guru 
1986.06.19Lautoka, FijiArrival18:201.2MUnderstanding How Kaliya Came to Fiji 
1986.06.20Lautoka, FijiSB 3.29.834:452.2MOffer Krsna the Best Things 
1986.06.21Lautoka, FijiSB 3.29.1632:102.0MDeity Worship Is Very Nice Meditation 
1986.06.23Lautoka, FijiSB 3.29.1829:381.9MIncrease Service Year by Year 
1986.06.27Suva, FijiSB 2.4.232:532.1MThere Is Alternative - Join ISKCON 
1986.06.28Suva, FijiSB 8.3.129:011.8MRemember Krsna While Conscious 
1986.06.28Suva, Fiji 70:234.5MAdvancement of Technology Is Big Headache 
1986.06.29Suva, FijiDarsana56:393.6MYou Are Too Impatient 
1986.06.29Suva, FijiSFL30:431.9MNothing More Important Than God, w/ Hindi 
1986.06.30Suva, FijiSB 7.15.7243:232.7MThe Mood of Separation Is Greater Association 
1986.07.01Suva, FijiSB 6.3.2530:041.9MWhat Happens If You Don't Give Fifty Percent 
1986.07.01Pacific Habour Villa, FijiCcAdi 3.1-3150:513.2MKrsna Blesses You If You Have the Service Mood 
1986.07.02Pacific Habour Villa, FijiSB 8.1.1647:013.0MWe Worship Lord Caitanya as Supreme Personality of Godhead 
1986.07.02Pacific Habour Villa, FijiCcAdi 3.32-5224:391.6M  
1986.07.05Labasa, FijiSB 8.2.3044:442.8MDon't Be Attached to Particular Situation; Be Attached to Krsna 
1986.07.08Lautoka, FijiSB 7.10.845:242.9MLusty Desire Diminish Good Qualities 
1986.07.11Houston, US 92:085.8MKrsna Is the Controller of Maya 
1986.07.12Houston, US 77:064.9MWhat's the Mission of the Hare Krsna Movement 
1986.07.13Dallas, USSFL87:535.6MSpiritual Independence; Darwin's Theory Is Just a Theory 
1986.07.14Dallas, USSB 4.15.5-633:282.1MKrsna's Expansions 
1986.07.19Dallas, USSB 4.15.2338:412.4MTake the Risk of Preaching 
1986.07.23Brooklyn, USSB 4.9.1051:363.3MSearch for One's True Self 
1986.07.29Westchester, USBG 9.1166:184.2MKrsna Is Not India Myth 
1986.08.01Queens, US 92:255.8MPracticing Krsna Consciousness at Home 
1986.08.03Long Island, USSB 3.32.1061:063.9MThe Progressive March of Krsna Consciousness 
1986.08.03 SFL57:043.6MWe Made Vegetarianism and Reincarnation Popular 
1986.08.06Brooklyn, USSB 4.9.2847:303.0MPreaching Keeps One Humble 
1986.08.10Brooklyn, USSFL62:263.9MGuide Your Dependents in Krsna Consciousness 
1986.08.13Dallas, USSB 4.16.24-2539:422.5MEnter the Spiritual World by Consciousness 
1986.08.20San Diego, USSB 10.10.853:363.4MAssociation With Devotees Is the Greatest Gift 
1986.08.23Houston, USHome Program91:265.8MDeath Means Evicted Out of the Body 
1986.08.26Houston, USSB 3.15.1542:322.7MDevotional Service Is a Great Honor 
1986.08.27Houston, USJanmastami89:145.6MThe Most Meaningful Thing in Your Life, w/ Various Speakers 
1986.08.27Houston, USJanmastami3:350.2MGod and His Name are Non-Different 
1986.09New York, USSB 4.11.143:512.8MPreserve the Purity of ISKCON 
1986.09Towaco, USSFL72:354.6MGive Your Children Krsna Consciousness 
1986.09.14New York, USVamana App SB 8.18.1-8.20.1867:454.3MLord Vamanadeva's Appearance DayVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1986.09.14Brooklyn, USSFL53:083.4MRadha Govinda Darsana Is the Best Medicine 
1986.09.16Brooklyn, USSB 3.25.450:473.2MThe Value of Transcendental Friendships Within ISKCON 
1986.09.26Brooklyn, USSB 4.11.1237:472.4MA Flourishing Creeper Is Real Success 
1986.10Cebu, PHSB 1.16.2553:593.4MLearn How to Fan the Spark 
1986.10Hong KongSB 1.13.1037:232.4MEstablish Yourself in the Chinese World, w/ Cantonese 
1986.10.02GermanySB 2.2.1236:592.3MSex Brings Sufferings Only 
1986.10.06SingaporeSB 10.13.11-1530:461.9MBrahma-vimohana-lila 
1986.10.09SingaporeSB 10.13.39-4874:174.7MBrahma-vimohana-lila; We Are of the School of Vertical Tilak 
1986.10.10SingaporeSB 10.13.49-6075:094.8MBrahma-vimohana-lila; Simply Try to Promote Krsna 
1986.10.11SingaporeInitiation48:253.1MDon't Ever Break This Vow 
1986.10.16PHGovardhana-puja SB 10.24.1-1442:502.7MThe Real Meaning of Servant of the Servant 
1986.10.17PHGovardhana-puja SB 10.24.15-3837:492.4M  
1986.10.19PHSB 1.8.2720:561.3MDecorating Dead Bodies 
1986.10.22Manila, PHSB 1.6.2343:502.8MKrsna Consciousness Surpasses Liberation 
1986.10.23Manila, PHSB 1.16.2448:213.1MPerceiving Krsna's Hands in Everything 
1986.10.27Hong KongSB 1.13.1930:121.9Mw/ Cantonese 
1986.10.27Hong KongSB 10.21.1-928:521.8MThe Gopis Glorify the Song of Krsna's Flute, w/ Cantonese 
1986.10.28Hong KongSB 10.21.10-2025:581.6MThe Gopis Glorify the Song of Krsna's Flute, w/ Cantonese 
1986.10.29Hong KongSB 10.23.1-1355:213.5MThe Brahmanas' Wives Blessed, w/ Cantonese 
1986.10.30Hong KongSB 1.13.2632:332.1MFamily Life Breeds Too Much Attachment, w/ Cantonese 
1986.10.30Hong KongSB 10.23.14-2843:552.8MThe Brahmanas' Wives Blessed, w/ Cantonese 
1986.11.04Vrndavana, IndiaSB 5.12.1179:575.1MDon't Let Your Hearing Become Hackneyed 
1986.11.05Vrndavana, IndiaPrabhupada Disapp14:390.9MPrabhupada's Departure Is Glorious 
1986.11.09Taipei, TaiwanSFL35:452.3MFind Any Way to Serve Krsna, w/ Mandarin 
1986.11.11Taipei, TaiwanLOB 11-41:332.6MLight of the Bhagavata, w/ Mandarin 
1986.11.12Taipei, TaiwanLOB 1234:462.2MLight of the Bhagavata, w/ Mandarin 
1986.11.13Seoul, South Korea 100:206.3MIntroduction to Krsna Consciousness, w/ Korean 
1986.11.14Seoul, South Korea 11:160.7MChanting Japa 
1986.11.14Seoul, South Korea 89:545.7MIntroduction to Krsna Consciousness 
1986.11.14Seoul, South KoreaRoom Conversation44:552.8Mw/ a Professor; Buddhism and Daoism Are Based on Vedas 
1986.11.14Seoul, South KoreaRoom Conversation40:242.6Min Morning w/ Publisher; Try It to Understand It, w/ Korean 
1986.11.14Seoul, South KoreaRoom Conversation30:351.9Min Evening w/ Publisher; I Find Koreans Favorable, w/ Korean 
1986.11.17Los Angeles, USBG 2.2542:302.7MPreaching Is Higher Pleasure Than Prasadam 
1986.11.20Dallas, USSB 4.20.1855:533.5MA Vaisnava Is Always Forgiving 
1986.11.22Dallas, USSB 4.20.1938:422.4MCreating Vrndavana Everywhere 
1986.11.22Fort Worth, USBG 9.269:464.4MWake Up From the American Dream 
1986.11.23Dallas, USSFL BG 8.144:522.8MWe Are Living in a Barbaric Society 
1986.11.24Dallas, USSB 4.20.2142:472.7MDo Something to Change the World 
1986.11.28Houston, USSB 3.17.21-2223:251.5MTime Makes a Fool of Everyone 
1986.11.29Houston, USSB 3.17.23-3132:152.0M  
1986.11.29Houston, USLOB 957:313.6MSolution to Failing Economy Crisis 
1986.12New York, USSB 4.12.44, CcM 25.207-22147:553.0MThe World Is Dependent on Us 
1986.12New York, USSB 4.12.49-5023:311.5MTake Up Selfless Service SpiritVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1986.12.14Brooklyn, USSFL BG 4.1128:171.8MBorn Again and Again and Again 
1986.12.18New York, US 38:342.4MKirtana & Evening Reading 
1986.12.19New York, US 32:252.1MKirtana & Evening Reading 
1986.12.20New York, USBhaktisiddhanta Disapp36:552.3M Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1986.12.20New York, US 24:281.6MKirtana & Evening Reading 
1986.12.27New York, USSB 4.13.6-725:551.6MCompete to Please Krsna 
1987Hong KongBG 8.947:483.0MHuman Life Is for Going Back to God's Kingdom, w/ Cantonese 
1987.01.07Dallas, USSB 4.21.3347:063.0MPreach Without Discrimination 
1987.01.09Dallas, USSB 4.21.3567:074.2MOur Problem Is Our Pride 
1987.01.09Dallas, USBG 8.2858:023.7MEstablish Personal Relationship With Krsna 
1987.01.11Dallas, USSFL BG 17.2875:154.8MYou Cannot Fool Krsna 
1987.01.15Dallas, USSB 4.21.4153:523.4MDon't Dare Krsna 
1987.01.18Houston, USSFL63:504.0MIntroduction to Gita 
1987.01.20Houston, USSB 3.20.934:142.2M  
1987.01.20Houston, USEve Darsana SB 10.29.9-1128:291.8M  
1987.01.21Houston, USBG 6.4140:072.5MBirth in Good Family 
1987.01.22Houston, USEve Darsana SB 10.29.10-1131:052.0MThe Different Types of Gopis 
1987.01.24Houston, USEve Darsana SB 10.29.15-2228:281.8MBe Lusty but in Pure Devotional Service 
1987.01.25Houston, USInitiation SFL55:013.5M  
1987.02.10Dallas, USSB 4.22.1150:153.2MSankirtana Is the Real Religion 
1987.02.17Hong KongSB 10.13.14-3940:582.6MBalarama Doesn't Create but Shapes the Energy, w/ Cantonese 
1987.02.18Hong KongSB 1.15.2929:451.9MControlling the Mind, w/ Cantonese 
1987.02.19Hong KongSB 1.15.3020:181.3MPurifying Our Senses, w/ Cantonese 
1987.02.26Cebu, PHArrival22:221.4MHell Is the Place Where God Is Forgotten 
1987.03.03PHSB 5.18.870:024.4MNew Standards for Gurus and Disciples 
1987.04.09Manila, PHBS 5.2957:083.6MIntensifying Love Between Krsna and Devotees 
1987.04.15Hong KongSB 10.41.7-3934:292.2MKrsna and Balarama Enter Mathura, w/ Cantonese 
1987.04.15Hong KongSB 10.41.40-43.3144:202.8MKrsna and Balarama Enter Mathura, w/ Cantonese 
1987.04.16Hong KongSB 10.43.31-44.5141:332.6MThe Killing of Kamsa, w/ Cantonese 
1987.04.18Hong KongSB 1.17.3238:322.4MOnly Go to Your Home for Preaching, w/ Cantonese 
1987.04.22Hong KongSB 1.17.4226:501.7Mw/ Cantonese 
1987.04.28Lautoka, FijiArrival33:302.1MLiving Next Door to Vaikuntha 
1987.04.28Lautoka, FijiBG 10.927:011.7MQualities of Devotees 
1987.04.29Lautoka, FijiSB 4.22.3060:143.8MExplanation of ISKCON Standards 
1987.04.29Nadi, FijiSB 3.25.2559:593.8MThe Ideal Husband and Wife, w/ Hindi 
1987.04.30Lautoka, FijiSB 1.2.1382:105.2MReligion Now Is in Bhagavatam, w/ Hindi 
1987.05.01Lautoka, FijiSB 6.5.3635:582.3MPreach Like Narada Muni 
1987.05.02Labasa, FijiSB 6.3.1942:092.7MBreak Cycle of Birth and Death, w/ Hindi 
1987.05.03Labasa, FijiSB 7.7.3025:291.6Mw/ Hindi 
1987.05.03Labasa, FijiInitiation59:153.7MThe Fifth Reg: No Migration out of Fiji, w/ Hindi 
1987.05.03Labasa, FijiIsta-gosthi65:264.1MWhat Is Personal Service to the Guru, w/ Hindi 
1987.05.04Labasa, FijiSB 4.21.3737:222.4MTake Your Spiritual Food, w/ Hindi 
1987.05.05Suva, FijiSB 6.17.1038:582.5MWave Goodbye to Material World 
1987.05.05Suva, Fiji 19:241.2MGod Consciousness Is Scientific 
1987.05.06Suva, FijiSB 5.1.1244:172.8MReal Renunciation 
1987.05.06Suva, FijiSB 4.21.3441:542.7MPurpose of Yajna, w/ Hindi 
1987.05.07Suva, FijiSB 8.1.1629:461.9MMeaning of Dasa-dasanudasa 
1987.05.08Pacific Habour Villa, FijiSB 4.30.848:543.1MUnity Among Devotees 
1987.05.08Pacific Habour Villa, Fiji 6:240.4MMake Decisions - Consult Guru, Sadhu & Sastra 
1987.05.10Lautoka, FijiInitiation58:263.7MBrahmins Are not Grog Drinkers 
1987.05.17Dallas, USSB 4.23.1354:253.4MI'm Going to Die at Any Moment 
1987.05.17Dallas, USSFL89:405.7MPray for the Soul 
1987.05.22Dallas, USSB 4.23.18110:387.0MGrhastha Dharma for the 90'sGRIHASTHA DHARMA FOR THE 90's
1987.06.14Dallas, USSB 4.24.359:403.8MGrhastha Dharma for the 90's; Lenient With Others, Uncompromising With OneselfGRIHASTHA DHARMA FOR THE 90's
1987.06.15Dallas, USSB 4.24.767:124.3MGrhastha Dharma for the 90's; Don't Confuse Lethargy With BrahminismGRIHASTHA DHARMA FOR THE 90's
1987.06.16Dallas, USSB 4.24.1034:042.2MGrhastha Dharma for the 90's; Cultivating a Different Kind of TasteGRIHASTHA DHARMA FOR THE 90's
1987.06.16Dallas, US 59:113.7MDiscussion With a Sanskrit Dramatist 
1987.06.17Dallas, USSB 4.24.1439:542.5MGrhastha Dharma for the 90's; Maintenance in Krsna ConsciousnessGRIHASTHA DHARMA FOR THE 90's
1987.07.13B. Manor, UKSB 7.1.4186:415.5M& Reading Prabhupada Antya-lia Prologue - Act 3 
1987.07.14B. Manor, UK 88:335.6MReading Prabhupada Antya-lila Act 4-8 
1987.08.08Dallas, USSB 4.24.6043:152.7MScientists Cannot Understand God 
1987.08.12Dallas, USDarsana73:184.6MGoing on Tour Means Padayatra 
1987.08.13Dallas, USSB 4.24.6447:213.0MAusterity Should Begin With the Tongue 
1987.08.13Dallas, USDarsana60:573.9MMaya Is Causing Our Eclipse 
1987.08.22Dallas, USSB 4.24.6844:142.8MFear and How to Overcome It 
1987.08.23Dallas, USSFL NOD62:524.0MHow to Discharge Devotional Service 
1987.08.24Dallas, USSB 4.24.7053:193.4MFirst Know the Scriptures, Then Find the Guru 
1987.09.19Lautoka, FijiArrival29:261.9MMaterial World Means Harassment 
1987.09.19Lautoka, FijiHNC 447:213.0MBlasphemy of Vaisnavas 
1987.09.20Lautoka, FijiSB 8.19.2130:552.0MWhere Can You Migrate 
1987.09.20Rakiraki, FijiSB 9.1.1734:272.2MYajna Is the Solution, w/ Hindi 
1987.09.21Lautoka, FijiSB 8.23.1629:401.9MChanting Hare Krsna Makes Activity Faultless 
1987.09.21Lautoka, FijiHNC 512:530.8MDemigods Position 
1987.09.22Nadi, FijiBG 16.2362:544.0MKrsna's Embassy, w/ Hindi 
1987.09.23Lautoka, FijiSB 9.18.230:271.9MIs This Helping My Spiritual Life? 
1987.09.23Lautoka, FijiSB 7.14.2960:193.8MTemple Is an Auspicious Place, w/ Hindi 
1987.09.24Lautoka, FijiSB 9.18.4040:102.5MInstitution of Grhastha, w/ Hindi 
1987.09.24Lautoka, FijiHNC 937:362.4MCommitting Sin on the Strength of Name 
1987.09.25Lautoka, FijiSB 6.16.4145:362.9MCentral Point of Interfaith Discussions 
1987.09.25Lautoka, FijiHNC 1025:151.6MGiving Name to the Unfaithful 
1987.09.26Lautoka, FijiHNC 1235:002.2MPramada - Inattention 
1987.09.27Lautoka, FijiSB 9.4.2135:032.2MOur Interest Is Where Krsna Kaliya Is 
1987.09.27Lautoka, FijiHNC 630:031.9MGuru-avajna 
1987.09.28Lautoka, FijiSB 6.17.3039:332.5MConsciousness Above Duality 
1987.09.28Lautoka, FijiHNC 245:012.8MAcceptance of the Name 
1987.09.29Lautoka, FijiSB 6.17.34-3529:271.9MGlorification of Vaisnavas 
1987.09.29Lautoka, FijiHNC 342:172.7MNama Abhasa 
1987.09.30Lautoka, FijiSB 6.4.4431:002.0MPreaching Easily Attracts Krsna 
1987.09.30Lautoka, FijiHNC 1342:502.7MAttachment to Me and Mine 
1987.10AU 63:164.0MComparing the Four Major ReligionsKrsna Consciousness and Main Religions
1987.10Sydney, AUSB 4.2.1973:224.6MNo One Is Equal to or Can Surpass Prabhupada 
1987.10.07Sydney, AUSB 3.9.1775:104.8MIntelligence Equals Wealth; Deity Worship, Japa, Association 
1987.10.08Sydney, AUSB 2.2.2285:295.4MLearning From Our Greatest Lesson 
1987.10.08Sydney, AUDarsana53:443.4Mw/ Men 
1987.10.08Sydney, AUDarsana60:453.8Mw/ Women: Deity Worship, Initiation 
1987.10.08Sydney, AUBG 9.2740:352.6MDevotional Life, Never Forget Krsna 
1987.10.09Melbourne, AUBG 18.4847:483.0MMaterial Attachment Means Neophyte 
1987.10.10Melbourne, AUSB 9.10.1577:524.9MWe Need Modern Day Heroes 
1987.10.16Hong KongSB 2.2.2744:132.8MAvoid Becoming Spiritual Prostitutes, w/ Cantonese 
1987.10.16Hong KongHNC54:043.4MNamabhasa Is Higher Than Yoga etc, w/ Cantonese 
1987.10.17Hong KongHNC58:253.7MWe Have to All Be Acaryas, w/ Cantonese 
1987.10.18Hong KongSB 2.2.3045:212.9MMisidentification Causes Suffering, w/ Cantonese 
1987.10.18Hong KongSFL BG 9.3423:071.5MKnowledge of Krsna, w/ Cantonese 
1987.10.19Hong KongSB 2.2.3239:502.5MQualifications to Know the Vedas, w/ Cantonese 
1987.10.19Hong KongHNC52:013.3MNamaparadha Means Lower Than Devotee, w/ Cantonese 
1987.10.20Hong KongHNC47:133.0Mw/ Cantonese 
1987.10.22Hong KongSB 2.2.3759:043.7MSimple Living High Thinking, w/ Cantonese 
1987.10.22Hong KongHNC59:593.8MTake a Guru After Having Strong Faith, w/ Cantonese 
1987.10.24Hong KongSB 2.3.129:351.9MSuccess in Humble Service Attitude, w/ Cantonese 
1987.11.22Hong KongSFL BG 9.2569:504.4MReligion & Worship, w/ Cantonese 
1987.11.24Hong KongSB 2.3.1943:592.8MAnimal Propensities, w/ Cantonese 
1987.11.26Hong KongHNC56:093.6Mw/ Cantonese 
1987.11.27Manila, PHHNC 2-357:033.6MSuddha Nama Is With Primary Names 
1987.11.28Manila, PHHNC 4,658:503.7MBlasphemy of Vaisnavas 
1987.11.30Manila, PHHNC 547:113.0M  
1987.12.01Manila, PHHNC 1048:473.1MA Devotee Remains Krsna Conscious in Hell 
1987.12.02Manila, PHHNC 945:032.9MSimple and Easy 
1987.12.04Manila, PHHNC 1229:531.9MIndifference, Laziness and Distraction 
1987.12.15Dallas, USSB 4.27.350:083.2MMaster Doesn't Become Captivated by Sex Life 
1987.12.15Dallas, USEve Darsana BG 2.7055:553.5M  
1987.12.16Dallas, USSB 4.27.463:304.0MHow to Observe Ekadasi 
1987.12.16Dallas, USNOI 175:394.8MWhat Does It Take to Be a Guru 
1987.12.17Dallas, USSB 4.27.545:262.9MWhy the Big Fuss? 
1987.12.17Dallas, USMeeting92:305.9Mw/ Disciples 
1987.12.18Dallas, USSB 4.31.1141:062.6MStay High Forever 
1987.12.19Houston, USBG 992:175.8MHe Who Gives the Most Gains the MostHow To Improve Your Chanting
1987.12.20Houston, USBG 7.2890:505.7MNo One Bonafide Will Claim They've Seen KrsnaHow To Improve Your Chanting
1987.12.20Houston, US 12:300.8M  
1987.12.21Houston, USHNC79:375.0MSeminar on Harinama-cintamaniHow To Improve Your Chanting
1987.12.22Houston, USHNC87:285.5MWe Should Sing the Songs of Our LineHow To Improve Your Chanting
1987.12.23Houston, USHNC89:345.7MExperienced Preachers Know Who's FaithfulHow To Improve Your Chanting
1987.12.24Houston, USHNC80:045.1MWithout Parampara You Cannot Be Sure of AnythingHow To Improve Your Chanting
1987.12.25Houston, USSB 3.27.249:413.1MDo the Morning Program or You Are FinishedHow To Improve Your Chanting
1987.12.26Houston, USHome Program BG 4.3488:455.6MThe Minimum Is the Morning ProgramHow To Improve Your Chanting
1987.12.28New York, USSB 4.23.2241:452.6MPrabhupada Came to Show How to Be a Devotee 
1987.12.29New York, USSB 4.23.23-2557:383.6M  
1988Hong KongSB 2.811:430.7MMaharaja Pariksit's Bewilderment Is Like a Dream, w/ Cantonese 
1988 HNC 1-474:094.7MHarinama Cintamani 1 
1988 HNC 5-9106:006.7MHarinama Cintamani 2 
1988 HNC 10-1378:575.0MHarinama Cintamani 3 
1988.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE NOD 145:322.9M Nectar of Devotion VIHE
1988.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE NOD 2-345:452.9M Nectar of Devotion VIHE
1988.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE NOD 4-534:432.2M Nectar of Devotion VIHE
1988.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE NOD 6-7,945:442.9M Nectar of Devotion VIHE
1988.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE NOD 10,846:062.9M Nectar of Devotion VIHE
1988.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE HNC 1-444:452.8M Nectar of Devotion VIHE
1988.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE HNC 4-645:242.9M Nectar of Devotion VIHE
1988.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE HNC 7-945:472.9M Nectar of Devotion VIHE
1988.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE HNC 10-1146:122.9M Nectar of Devotion VIHE
1988.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE HNC 12-1344:262.8M Nectar of Devotion VIHE
1988.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE NOD 1145:412.9M Nectar of Devotion VIHE
1988.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE NOD 12-1445:532.9M Nectar of Devotion VIHE
1988.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE NOD 15-1645:012.8M Nectar of Devotion VIHE
1988.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE NOD 17-1843:312.8M Nectar of Devotion VIHE
1988.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE NOD 19-22109:336.9M Nectar of Devotion VIHE
1988.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE NOD 23-2442:392.7M Nectar of Devotion VIHE
1988.01.02Hong KongInitiation28:481.8Mw/ Cantonese 
1988.03.02 SB 3.25.2544:042.8M  
1988.03.18Hong KongBG 2.1660:583.9Mw/ Cantonese 
1988.03.26Hong KongSB 2.7.3026:051.7Mw/ Cantonese 
1988.04.20Hong KongSB 2.8.517:501.1MGlories of Pure Bhakti, w/ Cantonese 
1988.04.22Hong KongSB 2.8.724:151.5MBody & Soul, w/ Cantonese 
1988.04.26Hong KongSB 2.8.11-1231:472.0MScientific Theology, w/ Cantonese 
1988.04.28Hong KongSB 2.8.15-1635:272.2MBhakti Sastra Contains All Knowledge, w/ Cantonese 
1988.05.13Hong KongBG 18.5643:102.7Mw/ Cantonese 
1988.05.14Hong KongSB 2.9.429:241.9Mw/ Cantonese 
1988.06.19Sydney, AUBG 14.487:055.5MBathe the Mind 
1988.06.22Sydney, AU 27:321.7MInstructions on Guru 
1988.06.24Melbourne, AUHNC 191:265.8M  
1988.06.25Melbourne, AUSB 11.4.361:583.9M  
1988.06.25Melbourne, AUHNC 270:124.4M  
1988.06.26Melbourne, AUSB 11.4.465:454.2M  
1988.06.26Melbourne, AUDarsana79:455.0M  
1988.06.26Melbourne, AUSFL BG 10.1177:064.9M  
1988.06.27Melbourne, AUHNC 372:054.6M  
1988.06.30Christchurch, NZSB 3.26.3165:444.2MDevotional Service Extinguishes False Ego and Material Desires 
1988.07.01Christchurch, NZSB 3.26.3259:283.8MHearing From Spiritual Master Relieves Material Stress 
1988.07.03Lautoka, FijiSB 8.24.4853:063.4MPushing and Shoving for Comfort 
1988.07.04Lautoka, FijiSB 8.22.2029:561.9MEverything Belongs to Krsna 
1988.07.06Lautoka, FijiSB 8.22.1128:541.8MSurrender - Somehow or Other 
1988.07.06Lautoka, FijiNOI 140:022.5M  
1988.07.07Lautoka, FijiSB 7.2.1232:102.0MCows, Brahmanas & Krsna Consciousness 
1988.07.07Ba, Fiji 96:496.1MScience and Religion 
1988.07.09Lautoka, FijiSB 7.2.3540:402.6MStrong Bodily Identification 
1988.07.09Lautoka, FijiInitiation50:143.2M  
1988.07.11Lautoka, FijiSB 1.18.718:521.2MKrsna Becomes Arrested 
1988.07.12Lautoka, FijiSB 1.18.1840:112.5MBenefit of Associating With Devotees 
1988.07.12Lautoka, FijiNOI 255:583.5M  
1988.07.13Lautoka, FijiNOI 371:524.5M  
1988.07.14Lautoka, FijiSB 8.3.733:152.1MA Breath of Maha-visnu 
1988.07.14Lautoka, FijiNOI 444:472.8M  
1988.07.19Dallas, USSB 4.29.1b65:194.1MMany Members, Few Devotees 
1988.07.19Dallas, USNOI 163:424.0M Nectar of Instruction Series
1988.07.20Dallas, USNOI 269:204.4M Nectar of Instruction Series
1988.07.21Dallas, USSB 4.30.1938:492.5MOur Goal: To Enter Krsna's Pastimes 
1988.07.21Dallas, USNOI 344:272.8M Nectar of Instruction Series
1988.07.22Dallas, USNOI 444:242.8M Nectar of Instruction Series
1988.07.23Dallas, USSB 4.30.2036:182.3MThe Mind Is Like a Roller Coaster 
1988.07.23Dallas, USNOI 5111:167.0M Nectar of Instruction Series
1988.07.24Dallas, US 23:421.5MRatha-yatra LectureNectar of Instruction Series
1988.07.26Dallas, USSB 4.29.5176:364.8MThe Preacher Must Speak Boldly 
1988.07.26Dallas, US 93:335.9MReal Spiritual Life 
1988.07.29Dallas, USSB 4.26.2443:452.8MRigid Following Is the Success Formula 
1988.08.02New York, USBG 6.268:564.4M  
1988.08.09New York, USSB 4.27.1757:473.7MThe Best Devotees Are Bound by AuthorityPreaching in New York
1988.08.11New York, USSB 4.27.1940:402.6MFollow Strictly and You Will Never LeavePreaching in New York
1988.08.24Hong KongBG 9.2731:062.0MActing for Krsna, w/ Cantonese 
1988.09.02Hong KongArrival22:491.4Mw/ Cantonese 
1988.09.08Hong KongSB 3.1.2723:581.5MSee Krsna as a Family Member, w/ Cantonese 
1988.09.29Hong KongBG 7.1432:502.1MClear Off the Illusions, w/ Cantonese 
1988.09.30Hong KongSB 3.2.1539:352.5MResidents of Vaikunta, w/ Cantonese 
1988.09.30Hong KongBG 6.235:062.2Mw/ Cantonese 
1988.10.02Hong KongBG 18.5541:092.6MEternal Life, w/ Cantonese 
1988.10.03Hong KongBG 4.2231:102.0MFixing on Krsna, w/ Cantonese 
1988.10.04Hong KongSB 3.3.2331:432.0MKrsna's Unlimited Qualities, w/ Cantonese 
1988.10.26Vrndavana, IndiaSB 7.7.30-3152:323.3MSurrender to Guru Never StopsSum and Substance of Spiritual Life
1988.10.27Vrndavana, IndiaSB 7.7.30-3145:552.9MThe Sum and Substance of Spiritual LifeSum and Substance of Spiritual Life
1988.11.18Hong KongSB 3.5.246:543.0MReal Happiness, w/ Cantonese 
1988.11.20Hong KongBG 7.1926:081.7MKnowledge of Krsna, w/ Cantonese 
1988.11.21Hong KongSB 3.5.439:542.5MDevotees Are Always Satisfied, w/ Cantonese 
1988.11.22Hong KongSB 3.5.540:362.6MReal Scarcity, w/ Cantonese 
1988.11.25Hong KongSB 3.5.849:403.1MIndividuality, w/ Cantonese 
1988.11.27Hong KongNOD 938:522.5MFollow Devotional Principles, w/ Cantonese 
1988.12Shanghai, China 24:321.6M  
1988.12.10Beijing, ChinaDarsana61:153.9Mw/ Students 
1988.12.12Guangzhou, China 67:374.3Mw/ Mandarin 
1988.12.16Guangzhou, ChinaBG 4.1083:235.3Mw/ Mandarin 
1988.12.17Guangzhou, ChinaBG 9.291:245.8Mw/ Mandarin 
1988.12.18Hong KongBG 9.229:421.9MPower of Bhakti, w/ Cantonese 
1988.12.19Hong KongSB 3.4.2625:531.6Mw/ Cantonese 
1988.12.20Lautoka, FijiNOI 550:493.2M  
1988.12.21Lautoka, FijiSB 4.12.3735:092.2M  
1988.12.21Lautoka, FijiNOI 5-656:343.6M  
1988.12.22Lautoka, FijiNOI 749:403.1M  
1988.12.24Lautoka, FijiNOI 9-1146:202.9M  
1988.12.25Lautoka, FijiSB 6.17.1039:082.5MHumble Like a Blade of Grass 
1988.12.30Christchurch, NZIsta-gosthi77:554.9M  
1988.12.31Christchurch, NZSB 3.30.740:002.5M  
1988.12.31Melbourne, AUNOI 169:414.4M  
1989Guangzhou, ChinaBG 6.3761:263.9MBasic Knowledge of the Soul, w/ Cantonese 
1989Guangzhou, China 28:451.8MImportance of Association, w/ Cantonese 
1989Hong KongSB 3.8.2629:041.8Mw/ Cantonese 
1989Hong Kong 70:114.4MAppearance of Lord Nrsimhadeva, w/ Cantonese 
1989.01.01Melbourne, AUSB 11.9.2165:054.1M  
1989.01.01Melbourne, AUSFL NOI 265:074.1M  
1989.01.02Melbourne, AUSB 11.9.22-354:373.5M  
1989.01.07Sydney, AUSB 4.7.5172:404.6MThe Forms of Krsna - Books 
1989.01.07Sydney, AUNOI 179:245.0MSense Control 
1989.01.08Sydney, AUSB 3.22.2556:563.6MLesson on Emotions 
1989.01.08Sydney, AUSFL BG 2.2973:304.7MThe Soul Is Amazing 
1989.01.09Sydney, AUSB 3.22.26-2739:012.5MThe Devotees Should Live Like Sages 
1989.01.10Los Angeles, USSB 10.3.4142:402.7M  
1989.01.11San Diego, USSB 1.18.1844:332.8MFollow the Great Souls and Serve Them 
1989.01.12San Diego, USSB 1.18.1966:394.2MNature of Pure Devotee and Pure Devotional Service 
1989.01.13Dallas, USSB 5.5.254:563.5MAssociate With Mahatmas & Become a Mahatma 
1989.01.14Dallas, USSB 5.5.363:574.0MOnly Enough Money to Keep Body & Soul Together 
1989.01.15Dallas, USSB 5.5.1850:303.2MDeliver Your Dependents 
1989.01.15Dallas, USSFL61:463.9MAuthority vs. Speculation 
1989.01.16Dallas, USNOI 663:084.0M Nectar of Instruction Series
1989.01.17Dallas, USSB 5.5.859:293.8MSex Is the Grand Illusion 
1989.01.17Dallas, USNOI 744:502.8M Nectar of Instruction Series
1989.01.28New York, USSB 4.29.2679:475.0MKrsna Is Reality; All Else Is Illusion 
1989.01.31New York, USSB 4.30.3470:304.5MKnow Prabhupada Through His Representatives 
1989.02.21Hong KongIso Invocation49:143.1MConcept of God, w/ Cantonese 
1989.02.22Hong Kong 43:432.8Mw/ Cantonese 
1989.02.22Hong KongIso 129:371.9Mw/ Cantonese 
1989.02.23Hong KongIso 260:513.9MWorking Honestly, w/ Cantonese 
1989.02.24Hong KongSB 2.3.2347:033.0MMercy of Guru, w/ Cantonese 
1989.02.24Hong KongIso 362:424.0MKiller of the Soul, w/ Cantonese 
1989.02.26Hong KongBG 2.1639:382.5MCaring for the Soul, w/ Cantonese 
1989.03Mayapur, IndiaNOI 759:493.8M  
1989.04.28Guangzhou, ChinaSB 1.18.1457:433.7Mw/ Cantonese 
1989.04.29Guangzhou, ChinaDarsana60:143.8Mw/ Cantonese 
1989.04.30Guangzhou, China 43:062.7MExplanation of Gurvastakam, w/ Cantonese 
1989.04.30Guangzhou, ChinaBG 12.8-979:345.0Mw/ Cantonese 
1989.05.01Guangzhou, ChinaBG 13.2673:454.7Mw/ Cantonese 
1989.05.10Shanghai, China 71:194.5MMedical College 
1989.05.20Hong KongSB 3.7.3939:062.5MEagerness in Krsna Consciousness, w/ Cantonese 
1989.05.22Guangzhou, ChinaSB 1.19.374:344.7MOur Best Interest, w/ Cantonese 
1989.05.22Guangzhou, ChinaBG 5.2022:011.4MPemanent Happiness, w/ Cantonese 
1989.05.23Guangzhou, ChinaSB 1.19.468:534.4Mw/ Cantonese 
1989.06AU 87:185.5MExtra Questions June 1989 
1989.06.01Sydney, AUSB 3.25.2943:292.8M  
1989.06.01Sydney, AU 42:212.7MQ&A 
1989.06.02AUSB 4.12.642:512.7M  
1989.06.02Sydney, AUCcM 844:142.8M  
1989.06.03AUSB 4.12.741:032.6MWant Only "Back to Godhead" 
1989.06.03AUCcM 844:002.8M  
1989.06.04Sydney, AUInitiation49:263.1M  
1989.06.04AUSFL BG 855:203.5M  
1989.06.05AUSB 4.12.839:332.5MFollow the Spiritual Master 
1989.06.05AU 61:263.9MHinduism in the Light of Krsna ConsciousnessKrsna Consciousness and Main Religions
1989.06.06AUSB 3.25.4232:482.1MKrsna Maintains the "Gods" 
1989.06.06AU 61:263.9MBuddhism in the Light of Krsna ConsciousnessKrsna Consciousness and Main Religions
1989.06.08Melbourne, AUSB 11.14.3458:433.7M  
1989.06.09Melbourne, AUSB 11.14.4444:072.8M  
1989.06.10Melbourne, AUSB 11.14.4550:463.2M  
1989.06.11Melbourne, AUSB 11.14.4663:044.0M  
1989.06.11Melbourne, AUSFL BG 15.1361:513.9M  
1989.06.12Melbourne, AUSB 11.15.1-570:174.4M  
1989.06.13Auckland, NZSB 4.29.3481:015.1MThe Dream of Material Existence 
1989.06.13NZEve Lecture88:475.6MThe Mercy of Lord Caitanya 
1989.06.14NZSB 4.29.35-3784:445.4MWe Must Surrender to Guru 
1989.06.15NZSB 4.29.3858:133.7MThe Glories of Radha and the Gopis 
1989.06.15NZCcAntya 368:264.3MThe Glories of Haridasa ThakuraVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1989.06.16NZSB 4.29.39-4064:564.1MISKCON "Vrndavana" Society 
1989.06.16NZ 51:043.2MSpecial Program for Indian Guests 
1989.06.17NZSB 4.29.42-4472:574.6MThe Anthropologists Are Compared to Dogs 
1989.06.18NZSFL BG 4.3564:504.1MOne Way Ticket to Goloka 
1989.06.19NZSB 4.29.4567:004.2MThe Sacrifice for the Kali-yuga Is Harinama 
1989.06.20NZSB 4.29.4642:182.7MPure Bhakti Is the Goal 
1989.06.21Lautoka, FijiSB 3.4.1639:052.5MContradictory Pastimes of Krsna 
1989.06.22Lautoka, FijiSB 3.22.1943:122.7MA Ray of Visnu 
1989.06.23Lautoka, FijiSB 3.29.2843:172.7MNonsense of Darwin Refuted 
1989.06.24Lautoka, FijiSB 3.27.2648:563.1MUntouched by Maya 
1989.06.25Lautoka, FijiInitiation45:122.9M  
1989.06.26Lautoka, FijiSB 3.28.434:082.2MKapila's Instruction on Devotional Service 
1989.06.26Ba, Fiji 68:504.4MYoga - Union of Soul and Supersoul 
1989.06.27Lautoka, Fiji 83:055.3MReligion Is Not Antagonistic to Science, at Ksatriya Hall 
1989.06.29Lautoka, FijiSB 3.27.2260:033.8MIncreasing Tapasya 
1989.06.30Lautoka, FijiSB 3.29.1836:462.3MDevotional Behavior 
1989.07.01Lautoka, FijiSB 3.29.2425:301.6M  
1989.07.02Lautoka, FijiSB 3.32.4044:452.8MCandidate for Devotional Instructions 
1989.07.02Rakiraki, Fiji 64:394.1MWorship God Not Grog, w/ Hindi 
1989.07.07Dallas, USSB 3.12.1992:475.9MScientific Knowledge of GodScientific Knowledge of God
1989.07.08Dallas, USSB 7.14.570:204.5MHow to Earn Livelihood in Krsna Consciousness 
1989.07.09Dallas, USRatha-yatra52:143.3M  
1989.07.13Dallas, USSB 4.22.2263:204.0MFollow Krsna's Plan 
1989.07.14Dallas, USSB 4.22.2362:003.9MBeauty Comes From the Soul 
1989.07.15Dallas, USSB 4.22.2462:053.9MDevotee Is Friend of All Living Entities 
1989.07.15Houston, USCcAdi 14.1-2378:355.0MRecognizing an IncarnationGauranga Lila
1989.07.17Houston, USCcAdi 14.24-4371:104.5MSimultaneously One & DifferentGauranga Lila
1989.07.18Houston, USCcAdi 14.51-7174:544.7MThe Best Mantra for the Kali AgeGauranga Lila
1989.07.19Houston, USCcAdi 14.72-16.1879:145.0MOn Ekadasi & Taking SannyasaGauranga Lila
1989.07.22Houston, USCcAdi 17.34-17.10080:265.1MThe Deliverance of Gopal CapalaGauranga Lila
1989.07.25New York, USSB 1.1.2386:055.4MKrsna Becomes Manifest by HearingPreaching in New York
1989.07.26New York, USSB 1.2.275:124.8MNot by Birth but by QualitiesPreaching in New York
1989.07.30Amsterdam, NLSFL BG 18.5756:293.6MKrsna Is the Only Master, w/ Dutch 
1989.07.31Radhadesh, BelgiumEve Darsana45:092.9Mw/ Bhakticaru Swami 
1989.08B. Manor, UKSB 8.2.3359:413.8MHigher Taste Comes From Bhakti Yoga 
1989.08B. Manor, UKCcM 25.5731:412.0MA Devotee Is Not Afraid of Maya 
1989.08Soho Street, UKSB 3.12.559:203.8MPreaching Gives the Highest Protection 
1989.08B. Manor, UKSB 8.3.1060:113.8MGoal in Life: Understand and Surrender to Krsna 
1989.08.01Radhadesh, BelgiumSB 4.28.6588:575.6MThe ABC of Spiritual Life 
1989.08.03Radhadesh, BelgiumSB 4.29.2-383:395.3MSoften the Heart Through Service 
1989.08.03Radhadesh, BelgiumEve Darsana31:172.0Mw/ Bhakticaru Swami 
1989.08.04New Mayapur, France 62:354.0MSadhana Is Our Strength, w/ Bhakticaru Swami, w/ French 
1989.08.05New Mayapur, FranceSB 4.29.8447:393.0MEverything Can Be Purified by Practicing Krsna Consciousness, w/ French 
1989.08.06Sa Saintete, FranceSB 7.5.23-2443:472.8MHearing Is Most Important, w/ French 
1989.08.07B. Manor, UKSB 8.2.9-3072:354.6MStay in Krsna's Shelter 
1989.08.09Romford, UK 92:515.9MPastimes with Srila Prabhupada 
1989.08.14B. Manor, UKRupa Disapp SB 8.3.273:334.7MDeviation Leads to Sense Gratification 
1989.08.18Padova, ItalySB 4.8.2843:402.8MBe Satisfied in All Circumstances, w/ Italian 
1989.08.18Padova, ItalyBG 7.331:582.0MDevotees Have No Defense System, w/ Italian 
1989.08.19Padova, ItalySB 4.8.2927:061.7MDon't Ever Give Up Sankirtana, w/ Italian 
1989.08.19Padova, ItalyBG 7.444:072.8MKrsna Is the Source of Creation, w/ Italian 
1989.08.21Zurich, SwitzerlandBG 3.930:191.9MServe Krsna by Serving His Devotees 
1989.08.22Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 4.21.4349:253.1MUnflinching Faith in Guru Is the Success Formula 
1989.08.23Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 4.21.4445:072.9MOur Only Qualification 
1989.08.24GermanyJanmastami CcAdi 3.8778:235.0MThe Appearance of Lord KrsnaVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1989.08.25GermanyBG 4.3467:334.3MWhat It Means to Pass the Test of the Guru 
1989.09  1:590.1MChanting Nrsimha Prayer 
1989.09.03Manchester, UKBG 2.1270:354.5MHow to Use Our Free Will 
1989.09.05Manchester, UKSB 2.10.542:152.7M  
1989.09.14 Haridasa Thakura Disapp CcAntya 1121:411.4MReading "The Passing of Haridasa Thakura" 
1989.09.16Inisrath, Northern IrelandSB 10.3.2246:212.9MA Devotee Is an Ocean of Mercy 
1989.09.17Inisrath, Northern IrelandSB 10.3.2343:202.7MISKCON Is Living Body of Srila Prabhupada 
1989.09.30Dallas, USSB 5.13.2159:223.8MEveryone Is Humbled by Time 
1989Vrndavana, IndiaSB 8.6.1248:063.0MVrndavana Is Meant for Developing Greed 
1989.10Vrndavana, India 57:423.7MLessons Learned as Prabhupada's Servants, w/ Other Devotees 
1989.10.02Dallas, USSB 5.13.23-2445:252.9MYou Cannot Beat Maya in Her Game 
1989.10.05Dallas, USSB 5.14.163:434.0MThe Forest of Material Enjoyment 
1989.10.06Dallas, USSB 5.14.259:223.8MHow to Spend Money 
1989.10.07Dallas, USSB 5.14.339:552.5MThe Tigress and the Jackals 
1989.10.08Dallas, USSB 5.14.444:162.8MBurning Out Material Desires 
1989.10.16Vrndavana, India 36:572.3MGlories of Srila Prabhupada 
1989.10.20Vrndavana, IndiaSB 8.2.1-651:293.3MThe Devotee Is the Real Scientist 
1989.10.25Mayapur, IndiaSB 1.14.4156:403.6MKrsna Is Always Present, Only Our Vision Is Obstructed 
1989.10.30Mayapur, IndiaGovardhana-puja SB 10.24.2551:193.2MGovardhana Hill Is Non-different From Krsna 
1989.11.02Mayapur, IndiaPrabhupada Disapp77:374.9Mw/ Bhakticaru Swami, Bhavananda Prabhu 
1989.11.19Hong KongBG 2.2986:515.5MBasic Knowledeg of the Soul, w/ Cantonese 
1989.11.19Hong Kong 103:296.5MFarm Project for Devotees Family, w/ Cantonese 
1989.11.19Hong KongConversation27:141.7Mw/ Students; Freewill Becomes Limited by Misuse 
1989.11.24Hong KongSB 3.14.1992:065.8MThe Potency for Preaching Depends on Personal Behavior, w/ Cantonese 
1989.11.25Hong KongSB 3.14.2056:183.6MDon't Be Independent, w/ Cantonese 
1989.11.28Hong KongSB 3.14.2560:433.8MPosition of Lord Siva, w/ Cantonese 
1989.12.01Hong KongSB 3.14.2831:182.0MBlessings of Guru, w/ Cantonese 
1989.12.13Hong KongSB 3.14.4046:513.0MFollow the Faithful Disciples, w/ Cantonese 
1989.12.14Hong KongSB 3.14.4132:272.1MDestroy Demoniac Natures, w/ Cantonese 
1989.12.15Hong KongSB 3.14.4233:282.1MApproach Krsna Through Devotees, w/ Cantonese 
1989.12.23Hong KongSB 3.14.5037:262.4MKrsna's Eternal Forms, w/ Cantonese 
1989.12.24Hong KongSFL BG 2.4880:425.1MOn Karma, w/ Cantonese 
1990Hong KongNOI 144:012.8Mw/ Cantonese 
1990Hong KongNOI 243:492.8Mw/ Cantonese 
1990China 29:391.9M  
1990Hong KongLetter Dictation27:221.7MTo Guangzhou Devotees 
1990Hong KongArrival19:361.2Mw/ Cantonese 
1990.01.01Hong KongDarsana8:010.5MChina Gets the Benefit When We Do Sankirtana in Hong Kong, w/ Cantonese 
1990.01.01Hong KongDarsana28:011.8MSankirtana Meeting, w/ Cantonese 
1990.01.16Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.126:421.7M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.01.17Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.2-365:264.1M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.01.18Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.4-563:224.0M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.01.19Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.5-764:334.1M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.01.20Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.8-1057:563.7M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.01.21Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.11-1760:593.9M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.01.23Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.19-2163:204.0M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.01.24Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.18,22-2558:593.7M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.01.25Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.26-2856:423.6M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.01.26Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.29-3163:014.0M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.01.27Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.32-3557:503.7M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.01.30Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.3664:264.1M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.01.31Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.3765:164.1M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.02.01Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.3764:334.1M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.02.02Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.38-4268:404.3M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.02.03Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.43-4565:434.2M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.02.04Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.46-4759:283.8M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.02.05Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.48-5258:143.7M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.02.08Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.53-5561:003.9M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.02.09Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.55-5765:374.2M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.02.10Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.58-6055:353.5M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990.02.11Mayapur, IndiaVIHE BS 5.61-6246:202.9M Brahma-samhita 1990
1990Vrndavana, IndiaParikrama100:466.4MNanda-grama & Govardhana 
1990.01.05Hong Kong 18:431.2MSankirtana Award, w/ Cantonese 
1990.03.06Vrndavana, IndiaSB 1.18.1888:015.6MElevation by Pure Association 
1990.03.28Soho Street, UKSB 3.16.2342:422.7M  
1990.03.30New York, USSB 1.6.2544:292.8MSankirtana Attracts KrsnaPreaching in New York
1990.04.02New York, USRama Navami26:141.7M  
1990.04.04New York, USSB 1.8.2543:132.7MHow Obstacles Become a Devotee's Good FortunePreaching in New York
1990.05.02Dallas, USSita App Jahnava App SB 5.26.3844:502.8M  
1990.05.03Dallas, USBG 3.36-52:263.3M  
1990.05.04Houston, USBG 465:024.1M  
1990.05.06Houston, USGovardhana-puja SFL60:443.8MInstallation of Sri GirirajaVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1990.05.07Houston, USBG 432:342.1M  
1990.05.09Houston, USSrinivasa App60:163.8MAppearance of Madhavendra Puri, Srinivasa & Radha-DamodaraVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1990.05.12Dallas, USBG 444:502.8M  
1990.05.15Dallas, USSB 6.1.8-942:422.7M  
1990.05.15Dallas, USBG 469:174.4M  
1990.05.16Dallas, USBG 586:325.5M  
1990.05.18Dallas, USSB 6.1.1248:073.0MBeyond Neti Neti 
1990.05.20Dallas, USSFL BG 10.837:362.4M  
1990.05.21Dallas, USSB 6.1.1552:293.3MGod Doesn't Play Favorites 
1990.05.21Dallas, USBG 5.7-58:233.7M  
1990.05.24Dallas, USSB 6.1.1642:452.7MThe Secret of Success 
1990.05.24Dallas, USBG 5.18-48:593.1M  
1990.05.25Dallas, USSB 6.1.1745:472.9MBhakti Is Followed by the Most Learned 
1990.05.26Dallas, USSB 6.1.18-1960:443.8MSurrender to Krsna Is Proper Atonement 
1990.05.28Dallas, USSB 6.1.2049:453.1MChecking Into Yamaraja's Hotel 
1990.05.28Dallas, USSB 5.27-6.865:414.2M  
1990.05.29Dallas, USBG 655:393.5M  
1990.05.30Dallas, USSB 6.1.22-2437:392.4MPreparing for Sannyasa 
1990.05.30Dallas, USIsta-gosthi43:512.8M  
1990.05.30Dallas, USBG 6.24-4560:413.8M  
1990.05.31Dallas, USBG 6.4535:542.3M  
1990.06.01Dallas, USSB 6.1.2746:513.0MSacrifice Is the Price You Pay for Krsna Consciousness 
1990.06.03Houston, USSB 4.17.852:053.3MDevotees Inquire and Speak Krsna Katha 
1990.06.05Houston, USSB 4.17.10-1340:312.6MDevotional Knowledge Is to Satisfy Krsna 
1990.06.05Houston, USBG 7.1-759:273.8M  
1990.06.06Houston, USSB 4.17.1429:131.8MSaintly Persons Protect All Living Entities 
1990.06.06Houston, USBG 7.8-61:523.9M  
1990.06.07Houston, USBG 791:475.8M  
1990.06.08Houston, USBG 7.24-90:035.7M  
1990.06.09Houston, USSB 4.17.2837:212.4MDevotees Enter Krsna's Transcendental Association 
1990.06.09Houston, USBG 893:035.9M  
1990.06.10Houston, USSB 4.17.2930:261.9MDevotees Pacify Krsna by Chanting 
1990.06.10Houston, USSFL BG 8.1-447:413.0M  
1990.06.11Houston, USSB 4.17.3038:122.4MSurrender to Krsna and Have No Fear 
1990.06.11Houston, USEve Lecture BG 850:563.2M  
1990.06.11Houston, USGuru-puja15:351.0M  
1990.06.12Houston, USSB 4.17.3144:282.8MServe the Servants of the Spiritual Master 
1990.06.12Houston, USVyasa-puja80:515.1M  
1990.06.12Houston, USVyasa-puja12:140.8MKirtana 
1990.06.13Houston, USSB 4.17.3266:544.2MBy Grace a Devotee Can Understand Krsna 
1990.06.13Houston, USBG 8.1785:355.4M  
1990.06.14Houston, USSB 4.17.3356:513.6MKrsna Is Understood by Devotion Only 
1990.06.14Houston, USBG 858:143.7M  
1990.06.15Houston, USSB 4.17.3427:151.7MKrsna's Plans Are Not Contradictory 
1990.06.15Houston, USBG 959:333.8M  
1990.06.17Houston, US 92:035.8MRamayana and Mahabharata: Facts or Myths? 
1990.06.19Houston, USEve Lecture BG 9.15-65:214.1M  
1990.06.20Houston, USHome Program BG 1079:545.1M  
1990.06.21Houston, USBG 1091:325.8M  
1990.06.22Houston, USBhaktivinoda App29:411.9M  
1990.06.22Houston, USEve Lecture BG 1192:255.8M  
1990.06.24Houston, USSB 4.18.11-1336:402.3MDevotees Distribute Transcendental Knowledge 
1990.06.28Lautoka, FijiBG 1242:452.7M  
1990.06.28Lautoka, FijiBG 12.8-48:023.0M  
1990.06.29FijiSB 6.3.2229:291.9M  
1990.06.30Lautoka, FijiSB 3.24.3629:521.9M  
1990.06.30FijiBG 13.823:311.5MQualities of devotees 
1990.07FijiBG 14.2620:541.3M  
1990.07.03Lautoka, FijiSB 3.24.3942:012.7M  
1990.07.04Lautoka, FijiSB 3.24.4058:073.7M  
1990.07.07Suva, FijiSB 3.24.4335:222.2M  
1990.07.24Lautoka, FijiBG 1544:332.8M  
1990.08.05Sydney, AUSB 4.4.2560:293.8M  
1990.08.07Hong KongSB 3.22.29-3035:292.2MDon't Be Mudhas, w/ Cantonese 
1990.08.07Hong KongBG 15.554:183.4MSpiritual Abode of Krsna, w/ Cantonese 
1990.08.08Hong KongSB 3.22.3141:322.6MDevotees Don't Lack Anything, w/ Cantonese 
1990.08.08Hong KongBG 15.6-1163:274.0MBody and Soul, w/ Cantonese 
1990.08.09Hong KongBG 15.12-1539:222.5MGlories of Sri Krsna, w/ Cantonese 
1990.08.10Hong KongSB 3.22.3326:541.7MVaisnava Culture, w/ Cantonese 
1990.08.10Hong KongBG 15.16-2054:393.5MHow to Relate With Krsna, w/ Cantonese 
1990.08.11Hong KongSB 3.22.3424:501.6MRules for Sense Enjoyment, w/ Cantonese 
1990.08.12Hong KongBG 16.158:543.7MDivine and Demoniac Natures, w/ Cantonese 
1990.08.26Melbourne, AUSB 11.29.527:061.7M  
1990.08.27Melbourne, AUSB 11.29.642:222.7M  
1990.08.27Melbourne, AUEve Lecture BG 10.939:532.5M  
1990.08.28Melbourne, AUSB 11.29.943:432.8M  
1990.08.28Melbourne, AUEve Darsana43:442.8M  
1990.08.29Melbourne, AUSB 11.29.1075:044.7M  
1990.09.17Vrndavana, IndiaSB 2.8.1643:162.7MFirst Deserve, Then Desire 
1990.09.24Vrndavana, IndiaSB 2.8.2356:003.5MOnly Mercy Can Soften the Heart 
1990.09.30Romford, UKSB 1.2.1559:593.8MTake Up Your Eternal Activities 
1990.10.03Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 4.30.2042:202.7MKrsna Reciprocates With His DevoteesPilgrimage to Zurich
1990.10.04Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 4.30.2148:363.1MThe Ultimate Goal in LifePilgrimage to Zurich
1990.10.05Amsterdam, NLKB Ch4937:382.4MA Devotee Wants to Render Service, Not to Take Service 
1990.10.06Amsterdam, NLSB 3.24.14-1571:564.6MDetermined Intelligence by Serving GuruHappy Days in Amsterdam
1990.10.06Amsterdam, NLIsta-gosthi54:523.5M  
1990.10.07Amsterdam, NLCcM 1.4461:163.9MGopala Champu Contents ExplainedHappy Days in Amsterdam
1990.10.07Amsterdam, NLSFL BG 2.4492:185.8MBhakti - Your Payment to God, w/ Dutch 
1990.10.07Amsterdam, NLDarsana19:581.3M  
1990.10.09Dallas, US 11:010.7MReal Business of Life Is to Surrender to Krsna 
1990.10.10Dallas, USSB 6.4.4355:383.5MPerforming Sacrifice (Preaching) Attains Supreme Devotion 
1990.10.10Dallas, USBG 16.444:162.8MDivine and Demoniac Natures 
1990.10.11Dallas, USSB 6.4.4456:093.6MPurpose of Material World Is Spiritual 
1990.10.11Dallas, USBG 16.858:443.7MDivine and Demoniac Natures 
1990.10.12Dallas, US 6:510.4MQ&A, w/ Gunagrahi dasa Goswami 
1990.10.13Dallas, USSB 6.4.4657:513.7MSpiritual Activities Portray Krsna's Body 
1990.10.13Dallas, US 112:007.1MHow to Develop Your Spiritual Taste 
1990.10.14Dallas, USDamodarastaka73:474.7MPrayers to Lord DamodaraVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1990.10.15Dallas, USSB 6.4.4751:513.3MOnly Bhakti-yoga Is in the Spiritual World 
1990.10.17Dallas, USSB 6.4.49-5056:403.6MDevotees Fixed in Krsna Consciousness Are Never Bewildered 
1990.10.18Dallas, USSB 6.4.51-5249:433.1MSoul's Nature Is to Serve, Not to Enjoy Material Life 
1990.10.20Houston, USSB 4.21.3570:364.5MKrsna Is Realized by Amount of Surrender 
1990.10.21Houston, USSFL BG60:393.8M  
1990.10.22Houston, USPrabhupada Disapp SB 4.21.3758:273.7MPrabhupada's Standard for All to Follow 
1990.10.23Houston, USSB 4.21.3871:204.5MWorld Needs a Good Example 
1990.10.25Houston, USSB 4.21.4054:193.4MTake Shelter of All the Vaisnavas 
1990.10.27Houston, USHome Program94:446.0MPractice The Duties of the Soul 
1990.10.28Houston, USSFL BG 2.4143:202.7M  
1990.10.29Houston, USSB 4.21.4241:272.6MVaidhibhakti Brings Spontaneous Loving Service to Krsna 
1990.10.30Houston, USGaurakisora Disapp30:471.9MSrila Gaurakisora dasa Babaji MaharajaVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1990.10.31Houston, US 41:542.7MSrila Gaurakisora dasa Babaji MaharajaVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1990.11PHB.Bhag56:253.6MBrhad-bhagavatamrta Summarized 
1990.11.07Hong KongBG 3.981:385.2MReal Sacrifice, w/ Cantonese 
1990.11.21Hong KongSB 3.25.1763:234.0MEnemy of Devotional Service, w/ Cantonese 
1990.11.21Hong KongBG 18.5479:215.0MSwan and Crow, w/ Cantonese 
1990.11.22Hong KongSB 3.25.1843:452.8MYukta-vairagya, w/ Cantonese 
1990.11.24Hong KongSB 3.25.2034:472.2MSpiritual Attachment, w/ Cantonese 
1990.12Guangzhou, ChinaDarsana55:473.5Mw/ Cantonese 
1990.12.02Hong KongSB 3.25.2957:143.6MTopmost Yoga System, w/ Cantonese 
1990.12.02Hong KongBG 4.278:335.0MReal Human Being, w/ Cantonese 
1990.12.03Hong KongInitiation67:014.2Mw/ Cantonese 
1990.12.04Hong KongSB 3.25.3053:393.4MGuru and Disciple, w/ Cantonese 
1990.12.05Hong KongSB 3.25.31-3226:421.7MBhakti Is Higher Than Mukti, w/ Cantonese 
1990.12.05Hong KongBG 2.7186:275.5MSpiritual Desire, w/ Cantonese 
1990.12.08Hong KongSB 3.25.3472:034.6MFive Kinds of Liberation, w/ Cantonese 
1990.12.09Hong KongSB 3.25.3544:122.8MDeity Worship, w/ Cantonese 
1990.12.19Hong KongBG 5.782:225.2MArt of Work in Krsna Consciousness, w/ Cantonese 
1990.12.21Hong KongSB 3.26.431:382.0MKrsna Is Called Vibhu, w/ Cantonese 
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaSB 3.1.2445:242.9MService Is the Only Solace 
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.0154:093.4M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.02-0374:554.7M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.04-0558:033.7M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.06-0756:383.6M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.08-1053:563.4M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.11-1764:494.1M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.19-2164:394.1M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.18,22-2862:434.0M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.29-3156:493.6M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.32-3545:512.9M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.3658:153.7M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.3764:174.1M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.38-3955:273.5M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.40-4266:504.2M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.4338:422.5M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.44-4660:563.9M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.47-5062:243.9M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.51-5567:524.3M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.56-5759:103.7M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.58-6065:524.2M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE BS 5.61-6263:144.0M Brahma-samhita 1991
1991.01Vrndavana, India 47:043.0M01: Sad-gosvamyastaka, w/ Giriraja SwamiVrndavana Bhajans
1991.01Vrndavana, India 49:053.1M02: Radhe Jaya Jaya, w/ Giriraja SwamiVrndavana Bhajans
1991.01Vrndavana, India 4:530.3MRadhe Jaya Jaya, Song OnlyNamasvadanam CD 1
1991.01Vrndavana, India 60:423.8M03: Sri-krsna-caitanya-prabhu, w/ Giriraja SwamiVrndavana Bhajans
1991.01Vrndavana, India 45:362.9M04: Hari Haraye Namah, w/ Giriraja SwamiVrndavana Bhajans
1991.01Vrndavana, India 43:352.8M05: Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna 1-2, w/ Giriraja SwamiVrndavana Bhajans
1991.01Vrndavana, India 37:092.4M06: Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna 2-4, w/ Giriraja SwamiVrndavana Bhajans
1991.01Vrndavana, India 42:062.7M07: Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna 5-6, w/ Giriraja SwamiVrndavana Bhajans
1991.01Vrndavana, India 38:482.5M08: Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna 7-9, w/ Giriraja SwamiVrndavana Bhajans
1991.01Vrndavana, India 32:272.1M09: Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna 10-11, w/ Giriraja SwamiVrndavana Bhajans
1991.01Vrndavana, India 48:383.1M10: Srila Prabhupada & Vrndavana, w/ Giriraja SwamiVrndavana Bhajans
1991.01Vrndavana, India 31:012.0M11: Parama Karuna Pahu Dui Jana, w/ Giriraja SwamiVrndavana Bhajans
1991.01Vrndavana, India 45:042.9M12: Gauranga Bolite Habe, w/ Giriraja SwamiVrndavana Bhajans
1991.01Vrndavana, India 33:152.1M13: Gopinatha 1-2, w/ Giriraja SwamiVrndavana Bhajans
1991.01Vrndavana, India 6:380.4MGopinatha, Song OnlyNamasvadanam CD 1
1991.01Vrndavana, India 28:151.8M14: Gopinatha 3-8, w/ Giriraja SwamiVrndavana Bhajans
1991.01Vrndavana, India 45:592.9M15: Gopinatha, Hari Haraye Namah, w/ Giriraja SwamiVrndavana Bhajans
1991.01.02Houston, US 89:295.7MWith Knowledge Comes Responsibility to Share 
1991.01.28Vrndavana, IndiaInitiation80:085.1MGuru Teaches You How to Become Dear to Krsna, w/ Dhanurdhara Swami 
1991.02Mayapur, India 51:493.3M  
1991.03Mayapur, IndiaSB 1.8.1843:522.8MUnderstand Krsna Through His Pure Devotees 
1991.03GermanyCcM 8.1-66:244.2MLord Caitanya and Ramananda Raya 
1991.03GermanyCcM 8.57-84:535.4MLord Caitanya and Ramananda Raya 
1991.03GermanyCcM 8.71-78:064.9MLord Caitanya and Ramananda Raya 
1991.03GermanyCcM 8.98-48:543.1MLord Caitanya and Ramananda Raya 
1991.03.15Hong KongSB 3.26.47-5045:592.9MElements of Creation, w/ Cantonese 
1991.03.15Hong KongBG 16.13-1549:303.1MDivine and Demoniac Natures, w/ Cantonese 
1991.03.31Hong KongBG 8.952:503.3MKrsna Is the Supreme Person, w/ Cantonese 
1991.04New York, USSB 1.14.3165:174.1MFight for Krsna (SKP)Preaching in New York
1991.04.01Hong KongSB 3.27.459:073.7MFriendship With Krsna, w/ Cantonese 
1991.04.12Soho Street, UKSB 3.26.2275:124.8MSankirtana in Vrndavana Consciousness 
1991.04.12Romford, UK 91:065.8MExplaining Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna 1-2 
1991.04.13B. Manor, UK 75:404.8MExplaining Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna 3-4 
1991.04.13B. Manor, UK 9:460.6MJaya Radhe Jaya Krsna, Song OnlyNamasvadanam CD 1
1991.04.14Berlin, Germany 90:185.7MExplaining Jaya Radha-madhava 
1991.04.15Zurich, SwitzerlandArrival54:393.5M  
1991.04.15Zurich, Switzerland 83:085.3MExplaining Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna 5-11 
1991.04.16Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 2.6.1077:144.9MWorship of Lord Caitanya Is the Highest 
1991.04.16Zurich, Switzerland 40:272.6MSiksastaka Prayers Explained 
1991.04.20Dallas, USBG 5.763:394.0MYour Duty Is to Krsna 
1991.04.21Dallas, USSFL BG 16.1034:462.2MChanting Subsides All Anxiety 
1991.04.22Dallas, USSB 6.16.2136:332.3MBy Serving Krsna, Krsna Protects Us 
1991.04.23Dallas, USSB 6.16.22-2443:392.8MAll Living Entities Are Empowered by Krsna 
1991.04.24Dallas, USSB 6.16.2545:142.9MThe Lord Is Controlled by His Devotees 
1991.04.28Dallas, USSFL BG 11.53-5538:512.5M  
1991.05.15Dallas, USSB 6.16.4338:572.5MBhagavata-dharma and Krsna-katha Are Identical 
1991.05.17Dallas, USSB 6.16.4549:353.1MPure Bhakti Leads One Back to Godhead 
1991.05.18Dallas, USEve Darsana50:053.2MThe Medicine to Cure All Diseases 
1991.05.19Dallas, USSFL SB 1.2.1727:441.8MTo Hear About and Hear From Krsna Is Best 
1991.05.24Dallas, USSB 6.16.5256:183.6MDrink the Nectarean Pastimes of Krsna by Reading 
1991.05.25Dallas, USRatha-yatra CcM 1360:163.8MJayananda's Disappearance & Ratha-yatra DayVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1991.05.26Dallas, USInitiation68:524.4M  
1991.05.28Dallas, USCcAdi 9.1060:303.8M  
1991.05.29Dallas, USSB 6.16.55-5655:323.5MWithout Knowledge of Soul Identity Is Unknown 
1991.05.30Dallas, USSB 6.16.5745:512.9M  
1991.06.02Dallas, USRamananda Raya Disapp CcM 38.24534:132.2MDisappearance Day of Sri Ramananda RayaVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1991.06.03Dallas, USSB 6.17.4-537:442.4MDevotees Glorified by Difficulties 
1991.06.05Dallas, USSB 6.17.840:352.6MKrsna Is Our Maintainer and Protector 
1991.06.07Dallas, USSB 6.17.11-1344:232.8M  
1991.06.30Houston, USInitiation19:251.2MHow to Meditate While Chanting Gayatri 
1991.06.30Houston, USSFL SB 1.8.18-48:063.0MPrayers of Queen Kunti 
1991.07.01Houston, USSB 1.8.2560:163.8M  
1991.07.01Houston, USVyasa-puja89:355.7M  
1991.07.01Houston, USVyasa-puja45:562.9MGift Giving Ceremony 
1991.07.03 SB 4.25.4124:061.5M  
1991.07.05Dallas, USSB 6.18.4246:272.9MAllow Radha & Krsna to Pour Their Blessings Upon You 
1991.07.06Dallas, USSB 6.18.4344:212.8MGive Out Krsna's Mercy to All Fallen Souls 
1991.07.07Dallas, USSrivasa Disapp CcAdi 1736:272.3MDisappearance Day of Srivasa ThakuraVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1991.07.09Dallas, USSB 6.18.4640:012.5MFollow Strictly and Attain Prema 
1991.07.11Dallas, USBhaktivinoda Disapp49:263.1MDisappearance of Bhaktivinoda & GadadharaVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1991.07.12 NOD86:505.5MMaterial Worship Binds, Spiritual Worship Frees 
1991.07.13Austin, US 99:506.3MSpiritual Wholeness 
1991.07.14Dallas, USSFL BG 12.139:212.5MHuman Life Is Meant to Inquire About God 
1991.07.15 SB 6.18.59-7351:373.3MKrsna Consciousness Develops All Good Qualities 
1991.07.16Dallas, USSB 6.18.7438:092.4MRadharani Is the Basis of Bhakti 
1991.07.17Dallas, USSB 6.18.7527:411.8MNothing Else but Full Surrender 
1991.07.19Dallas, USSB 6.19.539:282.5MUnderstand Master and Servant Relationship 
1991.07.21 SFL BG 10.12-1329:131.8M  
1991.07.22Dallas, USSB 6.19.751:493.3MUse Your Abilities to Serve Krsna 
1991.07.24Dallas, USSB 6.19.10-1342:362.7MForce First, Feeling Later 
1991.07.26Dallas, USSanatana Disapp CcM 20.2527:341.7MPerfection of RenunciationVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1991.07.28 SFL SB 1.2.632:222.0MChant and Serve Krsna Wherever You Are 
1991.07.29Dallas, USSB 7.1.147:033.0MKrsna Tests His Devotees 
1991.07.30Houston, USHome Program91:565.8MOur Worst Disease: Envy of GodEverfresh
1991.07.31Dallas, USSB 7.1.3-546:302.9MSpiritual Mercy Removes Material Desires 
1991.08.03Houston, USLokanatha Disapp31:042.0MDisappearance of Lokanatha GoswamiVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1991.08.03Houston, USLecture SB 1.2.1061:493.9M  
1991.08.04Houston, USSB 4.26.136:362.3MSerpents With Broken Fans 
1991.08.04Houston, USSFL SB 1.2.1437:202.4MMaterial Life Means Hope Against Hope 
1991.08.06Los Angeles, USSB 1.12.2234:142.2M  
1991.08.06San Diego, USNOD Preface61:493.9M  
1991.08.07San Diego, USSB 3.12.4243:082.7MThe Biggest Danger: Independent Behavior 
1991.08.08Los Angeles, USSB 1.12.2454:143.4MHear About Krsna or Hear Your Mind 
1991.08.10FijiSB 7.14.745:232.9M  
1991.08.11FijiSFL SB 4.22.2346:332.9MThe Inner Desire of Krsna, w/ Prahladananda Swami 
1991.08.13Lautoka, FijiSB 7.15.1545:532.9MHave Faith That Krsna Will Maintain His Devotees 
1991.08.14FijiBG 7.1661:253.9MRising From Sukrti to Bhakti 
1991.08.20Labasa, FijiArrival37:082.4M  
1991.08.21Labasa, FijiSB 7.15.4743:452.8MService to Man Is Not Equal to Service to God 
1991.08.22Labasa, FijiRupa Disapp45:012.8MDisappearance of Rupa Goswami & Gauridasa PanditaVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1991.08.22Labasa, FijiBG 3.2161:483.9MWhatever Great Men Do, Common Men Follow, w/ Hindi 
1991.08.23Labasa, FijiSB 7.14.3645:392.9MYou Are Spiritual 
1991.08.23Labasa, FijiCcM 22.104-61:493.9MA Sadhu Is Not Selfish 
1991.08.24Labasa, FijiSB 7.14.3841:412.6MAdvancement Is Determined by Taste 
1991.08.25Labasa, FijiBalarama Purnima SB 10.15.548:203.1M  
1991.08.26Suva, FijiSB 7.15.4560:433.8M  
1991.08.27Suva, FijiSB 4.12.838:312.4MMaterial Happiness, Horse's Egg 
1991.08.27Suva, FijiEve Lecture62:023.9MReincarnation - Belief or Faith 
1991.08.28Suva, FijiSB 4.12.1437:442.4MDetached Feeling Is Much Lighter 
1991.08.28Suva, Fiji 62:103.9MBhakti: the Highest Yoga System 
1991.08.29Suva, FijiSB 4.12.3335:162.2MDon't Think That the Test Won't Come 
1991.08.30Lautoka, FijiSB 4.12.3758:383.7MMost Difficult Intelligence: Seeing Your Own Faults 
1991.09.01Lautoka, FijiSB 4.12.5123:501.5MAny Boon - Use It in Krsna's Service 
1991.09.01Lautoka, FijiSFL28:321.8MOn Janmastami and Vyasa-puja 
1991.09.02Lautoka, FijiJanmastami SB 10.2.1953:193.4MFearlessness 
1991.09.03Lautoka, FijiPrabhupada Vyasa-puja8:530.6M  
1991.09.03Lautoka, FijiDarsana40:112.5M  
1991.09.04Auckland, NZCcM 8.56-6759:333.8M Lord Caitanya and Ramananda Raya
1991.09.05Auckland, NZSB 6.5.3959:413.8MTake Responsibility for Spreading Krsna Consciousness 
1991.09.05Auckland, NZCcM 8.68-68:494.4M Lord Caitanya and Ramananda Raya
1991.09.06Auckland, NZSB 6.5.4155:593.5M  
1991.09.06Auckland, NZCcM 871:044.5M Lord Caitanya and Ramananda Raya
1991.09.07Christchurch, NZArrival16:001.0MDevoted to the Spiritual Master 
1991.09.07Christchurch, NZCcM 22.71-37:262.4MThe Three Levels of Devotees 
1991.09.08Christchurch, NZSB 4.27.2160:163.8MTurning Lust Into Love 
1991.09.08Christchurch, NZInitiation52:363.3M  
1991.09.09Christchurch, NZSB 4.27.2266:544.2MA Vaisnava Gives Help to Others 
1991.09.09Christchurch, NZCcM 22.95-63:174.0MThe 6 Divisions of Surrender 
1991.09.10Christchurch, NZSB 4.27.2447:503.0MOld Age Simply Means Closer to Krsna 
1991.09.11Melbourne, AUSB 1.8.32-340:572.6M  
1991.09.11Melbourne, AUCcM 22.128-3556:593.6M  
1991.09.12Melbourne, AUInitiation48:103.0M  
1991.09.13Melbourne, AUSB 1.8.3439:482.5M  
1991.09.20Hong KongVamana App68:054.3Mw/ Cantonese 
1991.09.20Hong KongBG 18.5587:275.5MKingdom of God, w/ Cantonese 
1991.09.21Hong KongSB 3.31.3931:512.0MSex Attraction, w/ Cantonese 
1991.09.21Hong KongBhaktivinoda App14:010.9Mw/ Cantonese 
1991.10.01ChinaBG 18.1-238:312.4M  
1991.10.02ChinaSB 1.1.2155:353.5M  
1991.10.03ChinaSB 1.1.2235:122.2M  
1991.10.06Hong KongSB 3.32.630:411.9MDevotees' Varnasrama, w/ Cantonese 
1991.10.06Hong KongBG 18.4627:431.8Mw/ Cantonese 
1991.10.10Vrndavana, IndiaDarsana10:530.7MMaybe We Can Visit Kamyavana 
1991.10.15Vrndavana, IndiaDarsana39:412.5MReading Vrndavana-mahimamrta 
1991.11.03Vrndavana, IndiaSB 3.25.2147:053.0M  
1991.11.30Soho Street, UKSB 3.31.1535:422.3M  
1991.11.30B. Manor, UK 73:354.7MVrndavana Consciousness 
1991.12Houston, US 60:143.8MSad-gosvamyastaka 1-3 
1991.12Houston, US 15:041.0MSad-gosvamyastaka 4-5 
1991.12Houston, US 73:124.6MSad-gosvamyastaka 6-8 
1991.12.01B. Manor, UKCcAdi 1.103-50:303.2M  
1991.12.01B. Manor, UK 56:063.6MSankirtana Ista-gosthi 
1991.12.03Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 5.3.846:473.0MSankirtana Devotees Are Radharani's Maid Servants 
1991.12.03Zurich, Switzerland 43:102.7MOn Radha-Damodara Party 
1991.12.04Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 5.3.937:532.4M  
1991.12.05New York, USSB 1.19.1945:462.9MSeek The Blessings of VaisnavasPreaching in New York
1991.12.07Dallas, USSB 7.5.545:122.9MSankirtana: The Cure for Selfishness 
1991.12.08Dallas, USSB 7.5.644:222.8MDo Not Minimize the Message 
1991.12.10Dallas, USSB 7.5.8-1140:482.6M  
1991.12.17Dallas, USSB 7.5.1735:202.2MDemons Depend on Maya, Devotees Depend on Krsna 
1991.12.19Dallas, USSB 7.5.1946:012.9MIncrease Your Love and Devotion to Please Krsna 
1991.12.25Dallas, US 33:352.1MBring Krsna to the People with Book Distribution 
1991.12.29Hong KongBG 5.332:262.1Mw/ Cantonese 
1991.12.31Hong KongSB 1.1.132:262.1MFoundation of Srimad Bhagavatam, w/ Cantonese 
1991.12.31Hong Kong 60:503.8MSankirtana Award, w/ Cantonese 
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 1.1-1350:423.2M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 1.14-3151:093.2M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 1.32-3648:493.1M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 1.37-4450:513.2M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 1.45-5452:033.3M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 1.55-5659:003.7M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 1.57-6652:593.4M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 1.67-8468:574.4M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 1.85-9940:342.6M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 2.1-3358:503.7M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 2.34-5649:503.2M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 2.57-56:073.6M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 2.88-9950:313.2M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 3.1-55:183.5M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 3.17-46:433.0M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 3.71-4.3052:293.3M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 4.31-53:043.4M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 4.53-45:372.9M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 4.71-9645:312.9M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01.01Hong KongSB 1.1.148:593.1MFoundation of Srimad Bhagavatam, w/ Cantonese 
1992.01.02Manila, PHArrival19:471.3MBe Happy With Krsna, w/ Lokanatha Swami 
1992.01.02Manila, PH 85:035.4MGauranga Bolite Habe - Spit On Sense GratificationSadhu-sanga Series Vol I
1992.01.03Manila, PHSB 1.2.3130:051.9MA Hero Is One Who Controls His Senses 
1992.01.06Manila, PHSB 1.2.3230:311.9M  
1992.01.06PHLecture92:505.9MReal Progress 
1992.01.07Manila, PHSB 1.2.3356:293.6MGrhastha Means Double Strength for Preaching 
1992.01.07Manila, PH 91:165.8MSamsara Prayers - The Mercy of the Spiritual Master, w/ Giridhari Swami, Purnacandra PrabhuSadhu-sanga Series Vol I
1992.01.08Manila, PHSB 1.2.3444:242.8MBlessings Are Offered, Not Grasped 
1992.01.09Manila, PHSB 1.3.135:012.2MAbsolute Understanding 
1992.01.09Manila, PHEve Darsana46:262.9MPadayatra Preaching Strategies 
1992.01.11Hong KongSB 1.1.140:502.6MFoundation of Srimad Bhagavatam, w/ Cantonese 
1992.01.12Guangzhou, China 64:184.1MMeeting In Park, w/ Mandarin 
1992.02Vrndavana, IndiaParikrama90:035.7MVarsana, w/ Giriraja Swami, Pundarika PrabhuGovardhana and Varsana Parikrama 1992
1992.02Vrndavana, IndiaParikrama33:252.1MTer Kadamba, w/ Giriraja Swami 
1992.02.09Vrndavana, IndiaParikrama92:275.8MGovardhana, w/ Giriraja Swami, Pundarika PrabhuGovardhana and Varsana Parikrama 1992
1992.03Mayapur, IndiaCcAdi 3.1-101:126.4MCauses of Lord Caitanya's DescentJaya Sacinandana!
1992.03Mayapur, IndiaCcAdi 3.52-79:185.0MCauses of Lord Caitanya's DescentJaya Sacinandana!
1992.03Mayapur, IndiaCcAdi 4.1-65:234.1MCauses of Lord Caitanya's DescentJaya Sacinandana!
1992.03Mayapur, IndiaCcAdi 4.54-80:095.1MCauses of Lord Caitanya's DescentJaya Sacinandana!
1992.03Mayapur, IndiaCcAdi 4.160-81:395.2MCauses of Lord Caitanya's DescentJaya Sacinandana!
1992.03.24Manila, PHSB 1.3.3942:502.7MSomehow, Become Greedy for KrsnaGlories of Reading Srimad-bhagavatam
1992.03.25Manila, PHSB 1.3.4032:582.1MNo Time to Read SB Means You Are Living in HellGlories of Reading Srimad-bhagavatam
1992.03.25Manila, PHBG 341:192.6MThe Cycle of SacrificeFrom Karma-yoga to Bhakti
1992.03.26Manila, PHSB 1.3.4131:102.0MSrimad Bhagavatam, Cream of VedasGlories of Reading Srimad-bhagavatam
1992.03.26Manila, PHBG 3.8-37:512.4MAll Debts Are Paid by SankirtanaFrom Karma-yoga to Bhakti
1992.03.27Manila, PHBG 3.3359:213.8MMake Krsna the Goal of All You DoFrom Karma-yoga to Bhakti
1992.04.14Hong KongSB 1.3.2538:202.4MAdvent of Lord Kalki, w/ Cantonese 
1992.04.15Hong KongSB 1.3.2633:492.1MUnlimited Incarnations, w/ Mandarin 
1992.04.16Hong KongSB 1.3.27-2847:393.0MKrsna Is the Source of All Avataras, w/ Mandarin 
1992.04.17Hong KongSB 1.3.2937:012.3MMysterious Appearance, w/ Cantonese 
1992.04.19Mayapur, IndiaSB 11.5.3266:174.2MSurrender to Lord Caitanya or Prepare for Kali-yugaPreaching to Bengali Students
1992.04.19Mayapur, India 93:185.9MUse Your Youth for Krsna, Go and PreachPreaching to Bengali Students
1992.04.22Bombay, IndiaCcAdi69:264.4MCauses of the Descent of Lord Caitanya 
1992.04.23Bombay, IndiaSB 5.17.13-1459:353.8MHold On to the Lifeboats Krsna Sends 
1992.04.23Bombay, IndiaCcAdi52:243.3M  
1992.04.23Bombay, IndiaDarsana8:580.6MCome to Vrndavana 
1992.04.24Bombay, IndiaCcAdi71:044.5M  
1992.04.25Bombay, IndiaCcAdi61:573.9M  
1992.04.26Bombay, IndiaCcAdi68:584.4M  
1992.05GermanyCcM 878:335.0M  
1992.05ItalyCcAdi 940:572.6Mw/ Satsvarupa dasa Goswami, w/ Italian 
1992.05.01B. Manor, UKSB 1.6.2253:023.4MWe Want Uttama-bhakti 
1992.05.01B. Manor, UKLecture24:401.6MPractice Giving to Krsna 
1992.05.01B. Manor, UKIsta-gosthi81:535.2M  
1992.05.02Soho Street, UKSB 4.2.1641:342.6MBeware of Vaisnava Aparadha 
1992.05.03B. Manor, UKCcAdi 3.41-64:554.1MLord Caitanya, Giver of Vraja BhaktiVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1992.05.03Soho Street, UK 57:463.7MSankirtana Darsana, w/ Kesava Bharati Prabhu 
1992.05.06Zurich, SwitzerlandCcM 12.13568:124.3MCleansing the Heart Through SankirtanaPilgrimage to Zurich
1992.05.07Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 5.13.750:133.2MSankirtana: Frontline Training for Going Back to GodheadPilgrimage to Zurich
1992.05.08Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 5.13.845:202.9MGo On Distributing These Books!Pilgrimage to Zurich
1992.05.09Medolago, ItalySB 5.7.1351:593.3Mw/ Italian 
1992.05.09Milan, ItalyHome Program83:145.3MSri Panca Tattva - Their Positions and Mission, w/ Italian 
1992.05.11New York, USSB 2.4.9-1055:573.5MA Devotee Is More Merciful Than KrsnaPreaching in New York
1992.05.16Dallas, USNrsimha Caturdasi SB 7.9.258:173.7MNrsimhadeva, Remover of ObstaclesVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1992.05.17Dallas, USRatha-yatra CcM 12.13567:454.3MGundica Marjana: Cleansing the HeartVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1992.05.19Dallas, USSB 7.9.652:313.3MServe Krsna Now, Stop Wasting Time 
1992.05.20Dallas, USSB 7.9.745:222.9MBecome Sold Out Exclusively to Krsna 
1992.05.21Dallas, USSB 7.9.856:093.6MHumility Is Vaisnava's Most Important Quality 
1992.06.02Dallas, USSB 7.9.1841:542.7MOffering Prayers 
1992.06.04Dallas, USSB 7.9.2061:303.9MScientific Foolishness 
1992.06.06Dallas, US 75:524.8MBhagavad-gita Is Meant for Everyone's Benefit, w/ Bhakticaru Swami 
1992.06.07Dallas, USSB 7.9.2354:093.4MTraversing the Path on Cruise Control 
1992.06.13Houston, USHome Program76:564.9MCreation of Universe and Lord Krsna 
1992.06.14Houston, USPanihati SFL49:503.2M  
1992.06.17Dallas, USSB 7.9.3146:543.0M  
1992.06.20Dallas, USSB 7.9.3459:053.7MThe Goal of Creation: To Enter Krsna's Rasa Dance 
1992.06.20Dallas, US 64:404.1MChanting JapaChanting Japa
1992.06.26Dallas, USSB 7.9.4057:523.7MTranscendental Sense Gratification 
1992.06.29Houston, US 87:145.5MWhy Bad Things Happen to Good People? 
1992.06.30Houston, US 89:185.7MAll That Glitters Is Not Gold 
1992.07Dallas, US 32:162.0MThe Story of Lord Jagannatha 
1992.07.01Houston, US 108:496.9MWho Am I? Am I God? 
1992.07.02Houston, US 133:078.4MGod, Demigods and Incarnations 
1992.07.03Houston, US 85:005.4MBhakti: The Perfect Yoga 
1992.07.14Dallas, USSB 7.10.337:182.4MSincere Devotees Suffer for Others' Benefit 
1992.07.19Lautoka, FijiArrival15:431.0M  
1992.07.19Lautoka, FijiDarsana30:251.9MHari Hari Bifale 
1992.07.19Lautoka, FijiSFL60:523.9MHow Time Gets Wasted 
1992.07.20Labasa, FijiGopala Bhatta Disapp17:171.1M  
1992.07.20Lautoka, FijiSB 3.25.3843:182.7MDevotee's Indestructible Opulences 
1992.07.21Lautoka, FijiSB 3.25.39-4052:223.3MDevotees Change Our Life 
1992.07.23Labasa, Fiji 92:255.8MOn Dharma, w/ Hindi 
1992.07.24Labasa, FijiSB 4.30.28117:537.5Mw/ Hindi 
1992.07.25Labasa, FijiSB 3.25.3762:464.0MDesire - Get Mercy of Vaisnavas 
1992.07.25Labasa, FijiWedding14:090.9MPreaching: The Greatest Charity 
1992.07.27Labasa, FijiSB 3.25.2059:573.8MThe Nature of Association 
1992.07.28Suva, FijiArrival16:121.0MMaking Fiji Krsna Conscious 
1992.07.28FijiSB 3.29.1670:104.4M  
1992.07.30Suva, Fiji 141:158.9MMeditation - Medicine for the Mind 
1992.07.31Suva, Fiji 108:446.9MHuman Destiny - How It Can Be Controlled 
1992.08FijiSB 3.29.1828:001.8M  
1992.08Fiji 52:333.3MGauranga Bolite, Sri Rupa Manjari Pada 
1992.08.01FijiInterview56:083.6Mw/ Fiji Times Reporter Anitra Chaudary 
1992.08.01Nausori, Fiji 90:105.7MYajna for the Age 
1992.08.02Nausori, Fiji 88:215.6MEducation in Society 
1992.08.03Suva, Fiji 111:407.1MSimple Solution to Quarrel 
1992.08.04Suva, FijiSB 3.32.4282:365.2MChoosing a Guru 
1992.08.05Lautoka, FijiSB 1.11.3845:492.9MKrsna Devotees and Internal Energy 
1992.08.06Lautoka, FijiSB 1.11.3943:262.7M  
1992.08.07Lautoka, FijiSB 4.30.3237:032.3M  
1992.08.07FijiSB 7.15.6582:075.2MUltimate Goal for Me and My Family 
1992.08.10FijiRupa Disapp54:353.5M  
1992.08.11Lautoka, FijiSB 4.30.3632:442.1M  
1992.08.12Lautoka, FijiSB 4.30.3729:411.9MA Preacher's Satisfaction - He Has Krsna 
1992.08.13NZBalarama Purnima SB 10.1.2490:575.8MThe Glories of Sri BaladevaVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1992.08.13Christchurch, NZBalarama Purnima SB 10.2.1351:433.3M  
1992.08.14NZSB 5.5.170:494.5MAusterity - Wealth of the Renounced OrderTeachings of Lord Rsabhadeva
1992.08.14Christchurch, NZManah-siksa72:294.6M  
1992.08.15NZSB 5.5.261:293.9MServing the MahatmasTeachings of Lord Rsabhadeva
1992.08.16Christchurch, NZInitiation SB 11.17.2775:304.8M  
1992.08.16NZBalarama Purnima SFL35:322.2MLord Balarama's Appearance Day 
1992.08.17New Varsana, NZSB 5.12.1250:573.2MAbsolute Truth Can Only Be Realized by the Mercy of Great Devotees 
1992.08.17NZNOD40:122.5MVaidhi-sadhana-bhaktiNectar of Devotion Overview
1992.08.18NZNOD 15-1651:043.2M  
1992.08.19New Varsana, NZSB 7.9.1942:442.7MDon't Expect This Material World to Be Smooth Going 
1992.08.19New Varsana, NZNOD 1658:543.7MRaganuga-sadhana-bhaktiNectar of Devotion Overview
1992.08.20New Varsana, NZSB 5.20.3760:223.8MEverything Depends on Faith 
1992.08.20NZNOD 16-1843:192.7M Nectar of Devotion Overview
1992.08.21NZNOD46:493.0MTranscendental Rasas with KrsnaNectar of Devotion Overview
1992.08.22New Varsana, NZJanmastami SB 10.3.163:244.0M  
1992.08.22New Varsana, NZJanmastami56:353.6M  
1992.08.23NZPrabhupada Vyasa-puja29:461.9MSrila Prabhupada's Appearance DayVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1992.08.24Melbourne, AU 76:044.8MPrarthana 43&28 
1992.08.25Melbourne, AUSB 1.17.3665:104.1MSadhana Bhakti Is Not Enough 
1992.08.26Melbourne, AUSB 1.17.3738:412.4M  
1992.08.26Sydney, AU 56:553.6MPrarthana 38 
1992.08.27Sydney, AUSB 4.24.6673:174.6M  
1992.08.27New Gokula, AU 87:165.5MPrarthana 1 & Ista-gosthi 
1992.08.28New Gokula, AUSB 5.14.3873:004.6M  
1992.08.28New Gokula, AU 55:423.5MVibhavari Sesa & Suddha Bhakata 
1992.08.29New Gokula, AUSB 5.14.3924:181.5MA Servant Has No Anxiety 
1992.08.29New Gokula, AU 34:002.2MGopinatha Mama Nivedana Suno 
1992.08.30Sydney, AUSB 4.24.7037:012.3MAdvance Comes From Effort 
1992.09.01Hong Kong 29:561.9MNitai Pada Kamalam, w/ Cantonese 
1992.09.02Hong KongLalita App62:193.9Mw/ Cantonese 
1992.09.03Hong Kong 55:193.5MGauranga Bolite Habe, w/ Cantonese 
1992.09.04Hong KongRadhastami76:144.8Mw/ Cantonese 
1992.09.04Hong Kong 31:572.0MChristianity and Veda, w/ Cantonese 
1992.09.12Kunming, ChinaSB 9.4.6342:172.7M  
1992.09.13Kunming, ChinaSB 9.4.6517:041.1M  
1992.09.14Kunming, ChinaSB 9.4.6633:502.1Mw/ Mandarin 
1992.09.16Hong KongSB 1.7.1155:383.5Mw/ Cantonese 
1992.09.28Vrndavana, IndiaDarsana69:074.4MCorrection Is the Greatest MercyKartika Series
1992.09.29Vrndavana, IndiaSB 4.22.2360:103.8MDetachment Comes From Higher TasteKartika Series
1992.09.29Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE PBC 1 Prarthana 260:193.8M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.09.29Vrndavana, IndiaPBC 17:240.5MSri Guru Carana Padma, Song OnlyNamasvadanam CD 1
1992.09.30Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 2,458:583.7M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.09.30Vrndavana, IndiaPrarthana 416:521.1MSong OnlyPrayers of Narottama dasa Thakura CD
1992.10Vrndavana, IndiaParikrama40:142.5MNanda Bhavan, Sanatana Goswami Bhajan Kutir, w/ Dhanudhara Swami, Giriraja Swami, Giridhari SwamiKartika Series
1992.10Vrndavana, IndiaParikrama90:435.7MVarsana, Sankari-chor, Uchagrama, Javat etc, w/ Giriraja Swami, Giridhari SwamiKartika Series
1992.10Vrndavana, India 57:063.6MLife of Srila Prabhupada: The Final Lesson, w/ Satsvarupa dasa Goswami, Giriraja SwamiKartika Series
1992.10.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 4,550:163.2M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.02Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 18,1651:213.3M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.02Vrndavana, IndiaPrarthana 1610:430.7MSong OnlyPrayers of Narottama dasa Thakura CD
1992.10.03Vrndavana, IndiaSB 4.22.2759:143.7MLiberation Means No Other Desire Than to Serve GuruKartika Series
1992.10.03Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE PBC 258:383.7M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.05Vrndavana, IndiaDarsana64:224.1MLearning How to Pray in the Mood of the GoswamisKartika Series
1992.10.06Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 7,858:513.7M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.07Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 950:243.2M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.07Vrndavana, IndiaPrarthana 914:450.9MSong OnlyPrayers of Narottama dasa Thakura CD
1992.10.08Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 40 PBC 351:563.3M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.09Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE PBC 462:253.9M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.10Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE PBC 752:143.3M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.13Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE PBC 855:063.5M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.13Vrndavana, IndiaIsta-gosthi CcM 22.11862:083.9MWhen Are We Ready to Read the Goswamis' Books?, w/ Giriraja Swami, Dhanurdhara SwamiKartika Series
1992.10.14Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE PBC 8 Prarthana 3760:263.8M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.14Vrndavana, IndiaPrarthana 379:440.6MSong OnlyPrayers of Narottama dasa Thakura CD
1992.10.15Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 45,48,3454:463.5M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.16Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 17,46,1558:173.7M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.16Vrndavana, IndiaPrarthana 4613:160.8MSong OnlyPrayers of Narottama dasa Thakura CD
1992.10.17Vrndavana, IndiaSB 4.22.41-4248:523.1MDevotional EmotionsKartika Series
1992.10.17Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 43,24,1348:283.1M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.19Vrndavana, IndiaManah-siksa 273:364.7MMake Krsna the Center of Your LifeKartika Series
1992.10.20Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 26,2856:123.6M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.20Vrndavana, India 80:555.1MSrila Prabhupada Nectar Night, w/ Various Speakers 
1992.10.21Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 27,49,4862:464.0M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.21Vrndavana, IndiaPrarthana 2713:500.9MSong OnlyPrayers of Narottama dasa Thakura CD
1992.10.22Vrndavana, IndiaInitiation45:042.9MOnly Owls Say ISKCON Has No Pure DevoteesKartika Series
1992.11Mayapur, IndiaDamodarastaka 156:413.6M Kartika Series
1992.11Mayapur, IndiaDamodarastaka 232:042.0M Kartika Series
1992.11Mayapur, IndiaDamodarastaka 353:153.4M Kartika Series
1992.11Mayapur, IndiaDamodarastaka 452:223.3M Kartika Series
1992.11Mayapur, IndiaDamodarastaka 541:572.7M Kartika Series
1992.11Mayapur, IndiaDamodarastaka 638:502.5M Kartika Series
1992.11Mayapur, IndiaDamodarastaka 752:173.3M Kartika Series
1992.11Mayapur, IndiaDamodarastaka 851:523.3M Kartika Series
1992.11.04Mayapur, IndiaParikrama55:333.5MChampahati, Jayadeva Goswami 
1992.11.07Mayapur, IndiaCcM 2067:404.3MSanatana Siksa 
1992.11.08Mayapur, IndiaSB 3.16.3157:423.7M  
1992.11.08Mayapur, IndiaCcM 2094:186.0MSanatana Siksa 
1992.11.15Bombay, IndiaSB 6.1.23-2571:154.5M  
1992.11.22Bombay, IndiaSB 6.1.32-3379:115.0M  
1992.11.26B. Manor, UKSB 1.9.4152:523.3M  
1992.11.27Soho Street, UKSB 4.8.1352:103.3MTaking Birth in Krsna's Village 
1992.11.29B. Manor, UKCcAdi 5.11455:083.5MLord Nityananda Rama and Sankirtana 
1992.11.30B. Manor, UK 38:032.4MTo Indian Youth Forum 
1992.11.30Zurich, Switzerland 78:585.0MNama-Sankirtana Will Cure the Disease of the HeartPilgrimage to Zurich
1992.12.01Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 6.3.1151:563.3MLord Gauranga's Mercy Will Turn Reverence Into LovePilgrimage to Zurich
1992.12.01Zurich, Switzerland 74:344.7MBeg, Borrow or Steal: Go After Mahaprabhu's MercyPilgrimage to Zurich
1992.12.02Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 2.9.3053:543.4MCompetition Without PridePilgrimage to Zurich
1992.12.03New York, USSB 2.9.14-1541:332.6MSankirtana Yajna Qualifies One for Spontaneous LovePreaching in New York
1992.12.04Dallas, USHome Program92:195.8MGlories of Vrndavana lifeIntroduction to Lord Krsna
1992.12.05Dallas, USSB 7.15.1-246:092.9MTarget Your Devotion to the Highest DestinationInstruction for Civilized Human Beings
1992.12.06Dallas, USSB 7.15.349:373.1MWho Is a Vaisnava?Instruction for Civilized Human Beings
1992.12.06Dallas, USDarsana57:363.6MBecome Attached to Krsna and Detachment Will Follow 
1992.12.06Dallas, USSFL37:492.4MMotivated Service Means Sowing Your Own Distress 
1992.12.07Dallas, USSB 7.15.4-641:462.6MSpiritual Equality, Material DifferencesInstruction for Civilized Human Beings
1992.12.09Dallas, USSB 7.15.1034:082.2MCompassion, Nature of a VaisnavaInstruction for Civilized Human Beings
1992.12.09Dallas, USBG 1.3047:363.0MPleasing Krsna Is Our Real Self Interest 
1992.12.10Dallas, USSB 7.15.1156:403.6MPurification Comes From Satisfying the Pure DevoteesInstruction for Civilized Human Beings
1992.12.11Dallas, USSB 7.15.1392:265.8MBogus ReligionsInstruction for Civilized Human Beings
1992.12.12Houston, USSB 4.24.33119:477.6MEverything Is Not OneSong of Lord Siva
1992.12.13Houston, USSB 5.14.34-3550:133.2MSearching Krsna's Compassion 
1992.12.13Houston, USSFL SB 4.24.4444:462.8MWorship Krsna for the Sake of KrsnaSong of Lord Siva
1992.12.14Houston, USSB 5.14.36-3729:021.8MPleasing the Mind and Senses and Wasting Life 
1992.12.14Houston, USSB 4.24.5272:034.6MHow to Overcome FearSong of Lord Siva
1992.12.15Houston, USSB 4.24.53102:096.5MConquering the Unconquerable by LoveSong of Lord Siva
1992.12.16Houston, USSB 4.24.5780:565.1M  
1992.12.17Houston, USSB 4.24.5967:574.3MDon't Be Afraid of the SadhuSong of Lord Siva
1992.12.18Houston, USSB 4.24.61111:347.1MStudying Krsna's EnergiesSong of Lord Siva
1992.12.19Houston, USSB 4.24.6664:074.1MThe Madness of Material LifeSong of Lord Siva
1992.12.20Houston, USSB 4.24.68128:348.1MUltimate ProtectionSong of Lord Siva
1992.12.20Houston, USSFL SB 4.24.1825:411.6MLord Siva's PositionSong of Lord Siva
1992.12.22Dallas, USSB 7.15.2345:042.9MSadhana Prepares the Heart for MercyInstruction for Civilized Human Beings
1992.12.23Dallas, USSB 7.15.2449:253.1MRemain Healthy & Preach Krsna ConsciousnessInstruction for Civilized Human Beings
1992.12.24Dallas, USSB 7.15.2563:344.0MFaith in Guru Is EverythingInstruction for Civilized Human Beings
1992.12.27Dallas, USSB 7.15.2749:363.1MDeveloping Loving RelationshipsInstruction for Civilized Human Beings
1992.12.31Taipei, TaiwanBG 12.260:323.8Mw/ Mandarin 
1993Hong KongSB 1.3.329:371.9Mw/ Cantonese 
1993.01.01Taipei, TaiwanSB 1.1.1039:362.5MSpread the Mood of Krsna Vision 
1993.01.01Hong KongArrival28:361.8Mw/ Cantonese 
1993.01.02Hong KongSB 1.9.941:082.6MBackground of Bhisma's Prayers, w/ Cantonese 
1993.01.02Hong Kong 66:544.2MSankirtan Award, w/ Cantonese 
1993.01.02Hong Kong 28:111.8MSankirtana Mission, w/ Cantonese 
1993.01.03Hong KongSB 1.9.1031:152.0MKnowing Krsna's Opulance, w/ Cantonese 
1993.01.04Hong KongSB 1.9.1128:431.8MDevotee's View of Death, w/ Cantonese 
1993.01.05Hong KongSB 1.9.1225:501.6Mw/ Cantonese 
1993.01.07Hong KongSB 1.9.1423:191.5MInfluence of Time, w/ Cantonese 
1993.01.08Hong KongSB 1.9.15-1628:571.8MAccept Difficulty for Krsna, w/ Cantonese 
1993.01.08Hong Kong 75:324.8MSri Guru Carana Padma, w/ Cantonese 
1993.01.09Hong KongSB 1.9.1729:181.9MPurity Is Our Duty, w/ Cantonese 
1993.01.20Hong Kong 57:033.6MPastimes in Vrndavana, w/ Cantonese 
1993.01.28Cebu, PHInitiation SB 11.3.2161:083.9M  
1993.01.29Cebu, PHSB 1.17.1752:393.3M  
1993.02.01Hong KongSB 1.9.3551:433.3Mw/ Cantonese 
1993.02.01SingaporeMadhvacarya Disapp64:004.1MThe Teachings of MadhvacaryaVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1993.02.05Mayapur, IndiaNityananda Trayodasi C.Bhag Adi 949:133.1Mw/ Sivarama Swami, Jayapataka SwamiVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1993.02.15Mayapur, IndiaSB 3.21.1746:423.0M  
1993.03.01Mayapur, IndiaMadhurya Kadambini66:404.2M Madhurya Kadambini
1993.03.02Mayapur, IndiaMadhurya Kadambini80:545.1M Madhurya Kadambini
1993.03.03Mayapur, IndiaMadhurya Kadambini71:504.5M Madhurya Kadambini
1993.03.04Mayapur, IndiaMadhurya Kadambini72:064.6M Madhurya Kadambini
1993.03.06Mayapur, IndiaMadhurya Kadambini70:174.4M Madhurya Kadambini
1993.04.16Hong KongSB 1.2.1842:102.7MGlories of Srimad Bhagavatam, w/ Cantonese 
1993.04.16Hong Kong 57:563.7MHari Haraya Namah, w/ Cantonese 
1993.04.17Hong KongSB 1.11.2662:133.9MCheater & Cheated, w/ Cantonese 
1993.04.18Hong KongSB 1.11.3158:373.7MKrsna's Abode, w/ Cantonese 
1993.04.18Hong KongBG 8.2871:054.5MFamily Education, w/ Cantonese 
1993.04.19Hong KongSB 1.11.32-3355:413.5MLaksmi Devi, w/ Cantonese 
1993.04.19Hong KongGita-mala59:233.8MYoga Jaga Saba Chara, w/ Cantonese 
1993.04.20Hong KongSB 1.11.3445:472.9MPurport of Krsna's Advent, w/ Cantonese 
1993.04.21Hong KongSaranagati60:273.8MManasa Deho Geho, w/ Cantonese 
1993.05.16Manila, PHBG 8.1569:414.4M  
1993.05.17Manila, PHSB 1.8.2733:432.1M  
1993.05.18Manila, PHBG 7.1142:082.7M  
1993.05.19Manila, PHSB 1.8.2951:463.3M  
1993.05.19Manila, PHBG 4.3486:175.5Mw/ Giridhari Swami 
1993.05.20Manila, PHSB 1.8.3041:372.6M  
1993.05.23Hong KongBG 15.548:403.1Mw/ Cantonese 
1993.05.25Melbourne, AUPrarthana 4561:043.9MGive Respect to All Devotees, w/ Bhurijana PrabhuSadhu-sanga Series Vol I
1993.05.26Melbourne, AUSB 2.6.43-4566:194.2M  
1993.05.26Melbourne, AUPrarthana 3975:354.8MSri Krsna Caitanya Prabhu ExplainedSadhu-sanga Series Vol I
1993.05.27Melbourne, AUInitiation61:033.9M  
1993.05.27Melbourne, AUPrarthana 2584:185.3M Sadhu-sanga Series Vol I
1993.05.28Sydney, AUSB 2.6.4639:292.5MBecome Intoxicated With the Sweetness of Krsna's Pastimes 
1993.05.29New Gokula, AUWedding35:062.2MThe Marriage Success Formula 
1993.05.29New Gokula, AUManah-siksa 538:262.4MTransforming the 6 Enemies of Bhakti 
1993.05.29New Gokula, AUSB 6.3.2-454:183.4MMercy Only Is What's Keeping Us From Falling DownAuthority and Management in ISKCON
1993.05.30New Gokula, AUSB 6.3.550:563.2M  
1993.05.30Sydney, AUInitiation SFL49:553.2M  
1993.05.31Sydney, AUSB 4.29.2849:133.1M  
1993.05.31Christchurch, NZCcM 2.1-573:574.7MEcstatic Manifestations of Lord CaitanyaJaya Sacinandana!
1993.06.01Christchurch, NZSB 5.24.1990:375.7M  
1993.06.02Christchurch, NZSB 5.24.2063:034.0MISKCON Is Not a Classless SocietyAuthority and Management in ISKCON
1993.06.02Christchurch, NZCcM 2.689:505.7MEcstatic Manifestations of Lord CaitanyaJaya Sacinandana!
1993.06.03Christchurch, NZSB 5.24.2152:183.3MGuided by Guru or Controlled by Maya?Authority and Management in ISKCON
1993.06.03New Varsana, NZCcM 2.2769:484.4MEcstatic Manifestations of Lord CaitanyaJaya Sacinandana!
1993.06.04New Varsana, NZSB 7.11.2554:153.4M Women's Duties in Krsna Consciousness
1993.06.04New Varsana, NZCcM 2.3555:233.5MEcstatic Manifestations of Lord CaitanyaJaya Sacinandana!
1993.06.05New Varsana, NZSB 7.11.26-2860:233.8M Women's Duties in Krsna Consciousness
1993.06.05New Varsana, NZCcM 2.4555:293.5MEcstatic Manifestations of Lord CaitanyaJaya Sacinandana!
1993.06.06New Varsana, NZSB 7.11.2964:154.1MOn Authority and ManagementAuthority and Management in ISKCON
1993.06.09FijiSB 1.2.3288:045.6MKrishna Is Everywhere, Like Fire in Wood, w/ Hindi 
1993.06.10Nadi, FijiSB 1.2.3486:535.5MWorship Real God, Krsna and Rama, w/ Hindi 
1993.06.13Lautoka, FijiSB 3.2.2884:125.3MSpecial Type of Bhakti From Greed 
1993.06.16Nausori, FijiBG 10.885:205.4MWhy We Worship Krsna, w/ Hindi 
1993.06.19Labasa, FijiInitiation75:484.8Mw/ Hindi 
1993.06.21New Govardhana, AU 15:311.0MThe Acaryas Know Krsna's Feelings 
1993.06.22New Govardhana, AU 72:534.6MSri Krsna Caitanya PrabhuSadhu-sanga Series Vol I
1993.06.22New Govardhana, AUCcM 1364:064.1M  
1993.06.23New Govardhana, AUDarsana41:572.7MTo Gurukula Children: China Nectar 
1993.06.23Brisbane, AUBG 14.2692:265.8M  
1993.06.24Brisbane, AUSB 1.9.3433:102.1MThe Passing of Bhismadeva 
1993.06.25Hong KongSB 1.13.2730:481.9MPurport of Renunciation, w/ Cantonese 
1993.06.26Hong KongSB 1.13.2847:303.0MDira, a Sober Person, w/ Cantonese 
1993.06.28Hong KongSB 1.13.3055:483.5MChastity of Women, w/ Cantonese 
1993.07.07Vrndavana, IndiaSB 4.28.2560:223.8M  
1993.07.12Vrndavana, IndiaSB 4.28.3065:044.1MPreaching and the Path of Spontaneous Love 
1993.07.16Bombay, IndiaSB 6.8.1846:122.9MDepend Upon Krsna for Everything, w/ Hindi 
1993.07.17B. Manor, UKCcAdi 7.7352:013.3MVaisnava Association Is the Best ProtectionVaisnava Association Is the Best Protection
1993.07.18London, UKDarsana65:344.2M  
1993.07.18B. Manor, UKCcAdi 7.7463:304.0MVaisnava Association Is the Best ProtectionVaisnava Association Is the Best Protection
1993.07.19Soho Street, UKSB 4.12.2743:592.8MOnly Devotees Understand TranscendenceVaisnava Association Is the Best Protection
1993.07.19B. Manor, UK 64:524.1MOhe Vaisnava Thakura Explained, w/ Nitaicand SwamiSadhu-sanga Series Vol I
1993.07.20B. Manor, UKSB 1.14.541:242.6M Vaisnava Association Is the Best Protection
1993.07.21Amsterdam, NLBG 2.792:065.8MYou Need a Guru to Understand Spiritual Life, w/ DutchHappy Days in Amsterdam
1993.07.22Amsterdam, NLSB 1.5.3035:192.2MKrsna-poison Will Spoil Material LifeVaisnava Association Is the Best Protection
1993.07.23Radhadesh, BelgiumSB 7.4.3060:523.9M  
1993.07.23Belgium 84:325.3MSuddha Bhakata - The Culture of Devotion, w/ B.B. Govinda SwamiSadhu-sanga Series Vol I
1993.07.24Radhadesh, Belgium 55:313.5MThe Science of Yoga, w/ French, Dutch 
1993.07.25Radhadesh, BelgiumSB 7.4.3369:364.4MPerfect Qualities of Prahlada Maharaja 
1993.07.26Paris, France 74:004.7MPrabhupada Nectar - Gurvastika Prayers, w/ French 
1993.07.27Paris, FranceSB 1.13.1059:083.7Mw/ French 
1993.07.28Zurich, Switzerland 38:322.4MThe Ways of SaranagatiSadhu-sanga Series Vol I
1993.07.29Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 6.17.1457:383.6MCommitting Offenses and the ConsequencesCommitting Offenses and the Consequences
1993.07.29Zurich, Switzerland 51:043.2MManasa Deha Geho, w/ Sacinandana SwamiSadhu-sanga Series Vol I
1993.07.30Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 6.17.1564:034.1MServing Vaisnavas Will Overcome All ObstaclesCommitting Offenses and the Consequences
1993.07.30Zurich, Switzerland 56:023.5MGurudeva! - Prayer of Total Dependence on Guru, w/ Sacinandana SwamiSadhu-sanga Series Vol I
1993.07.31Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 5.5.244:062.8MHow to Deal With Opposition in PreachingPilgrimage to Zurich
1993.08.01Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 6.17.1872:334.6MRadha-Damodara TSKP Nectar StoriesPilgrimage to Zurich
1993.08.01Zurich, SwitzerlandInitiation64:454.1Mw/ Sacinandana Swami 
1993.08.02Vicenza, ItalyBalarama Purnima54:453.5Mw/ Italian 
1993.08.03Vicenza, ItalySB 5.17.2484:095.3MExpand Everything by Book Distribution, w/ Italian 
1993.08.03Vicenza, Italy 41:222.6MSri Krsna Caitanya Prabhu, w/ Italian 
1993.08.04Medolago, ItalySB 6.4.3340:572.6Mw/ Italian 
1993.08.06New York, USSB 3.4.1145:202.9MIf You Have Krsna, You Have Everything 
1993.08.08Dallas, USSB 10.3.1466:004.2MUnderstanding Vrndavana-lilaHow the Unborn Takes Birth
1993.08.08Dallas, US 31:152.0M  
1993.08.09Dallas, USSB 10.3.15-1754:433.5MFirst Become Steady - Then You Can Love KrsnaHow the Unborn Takes Birth
1993.08.10Dallas, USJanmastami SB 10.3.3164:384.1MThe Concealed Opulences of VrndavanaHow the Unborn Takes Birth
1993.08.10Dallas, USJanmastami39:222.5M  
1993.08.11Dallas, USPrabhupada Vyasa-puja15:561.0MReading Offering 
1993.08.13Dallas, USSB 8.8.940:512.6MFight Against the Obstacles & Increase Your Love for Krsna 
1993.08.14Houston, USSB 6.1.4834:082.2MDon't Hold On to Material Life 
1993.08.14Houston, US 36:112.3MJanmastami Celebration 
1993.08.15Houston, USSFL BG 15.539:312.5MWho Can Enter Into the Kingdom of God?Gifts of a Sadhu
1993.08.21Dallas, USSB 8.8.22-2344:052.8MA Good Preacher Doesn't Blame the FieldInstruction for Civilized Human Beings
1993.08.22Dallas, USSB 8.8.24-2544:242.8MSqueeze Out Every Drop of Blood for ISKCONInstruction for Civilized Human Beings
1993.08.22Dallas, USBG 10.929:121.8MAdd Krsna to EverythingPearls of Wisdom
1993.08.27Dallas, USSB 8.9.5-944:322.8MNever Trust a Woman?Mysterious Pastimes of Mohini-murti
1993.08.27Dallas, USHome Program60:083.8MLord Krsna and His Vrndavana PastimesIntroduction to Lord Krsna
1993.08.28Dallas, USSB 8.9.10-1188:585.6MDemoniac ReasoningMysterious Pastimes of Mohini-murti
1993.08.29Dallas, USBG 3.2331:092.0MWhat Is Our Duty?Pearls of Wisdom
1993.09.05Dallas, USSFL BG38:472.5MQuestions and AnswersPearls of Wisdom
1993.09.06Dallas, USSB 8.9.2453:323.4MHow to Become Steady in Devotional LifeMysterious Pastimes of Mohini-murti
1993.09.08Houston, USBG 15.167:194.3MStop Identifying With Material EnergyPearls of Wisdom
1993.09.09Houston, USSB 6.2.9-1159:223.8MUprooting the Desire to SinPower of Chanting the Holy Name
1993.09.10Houston, USBG 2.4689:255.7MThe Ultimate Goal of the VedasPearls of Wisdom
1993.09.11Houston, USBG 1.3990:325.7MPreserve the Vedic HeritagePearls of Wisdom
1993.09.12Houston, USEkadasi SFL38:092.4MRadha-Govinda, Ekadasi & Chanting Hare KrsnaVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1993.09.15Houston, USSB 6.2.1836:252.3MBecome Attached to Krsna's Holy NamePower of Chanting the Holy Name
1993.09.15Houston, USBG 4.1158:013.7MWhat Happens If We SurrenderBhagavad-gita Chapter 4 Series
1993.09.16Houston, USSB 6.2.1938:022.4MStruggle to Become a Pure DevoteePower of Chanting the Holy Name
1993.09.17Houston, USBG 11.5389:455.7MKnowing Krsna as He IsPearls of Wisdom
1993.09.18Houston, USBG 9.2188:205.6MThe Pipedream of Material PietyPearls of Wisdom
1993.09.19Houston, USSFL BG 10.1444:242.8MWhy Krsna Chose ArjunaPearls of Wisdom
1993.09.20Houston, USSB 6.2.24-2560:083.8MThis Movement Is Spread by DevotionPower of Chanting the Holy Name
1993.09.22Dallas, USRadhastami Initiation137:038.7MFive Ways to Increase TasteVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1993.10.01Dallas, USSB 8.12.1159:433.8MMeeting Krsna in SeparationMysterious Pastimes of Mohini-murti
1993.10.02Dallas, USSB 8.12.12-1448:553.1MLord Siva Asking for TroubleMysterious Pastimes of Mohini-murti
1993.10.02Dallas, USBG 369:454.4M Bhagavad-gita Chapter 3 Overview
1993.10.07Dallas, USBG 442:332.7MSummary of Bhagavad-gita Chapter FourPearls of Wisdom
1993.10.08Dallas, USSB 8.12.17-2259:503.8MInoculate Against Material NatureMysterious Pastimes of Mohini-murti
1993.10.09Dallas, USSB 8.12.23-3654:243.4MOvercoming Sex Desire by BhaktiMysterious Pastimes of Mohini-murti
1993.10.12Dallas, USSB 8.12.3737:152.4MFacing FalldownMysterious Pastimes of Mohini-murti
1993.10.14Dallas, USSB 8.12.3946:503.0MLazy Men Get BurntMysterious Pastimes of Mohini-murti
1993.10.16Austin, USBG 2.54-7292:085.8MThe Symptoms of a TranscendentalistPearls of Wisdom
1993.10.17Houston, USSFL BG 4.1-337:592.4M Bhagavad-gita Chapter 4 Series
1993.10.18Houston, USSB 6.3.1141:562.7MBest Service: Remind Your Guru of KrsnaPower of Chanting the Holy Name
1993.10.19Houston, USSB 6.3.1240:442.6MTransforming Causeless UnwillingnessPower of Chanting the Holy Name
1993.10.21Houston, USSB 6.3.14-1540:392.6MHow May I Serve You?Power of Chanting the Holy Name
1993.10.23Houston, USSB 6.3.1744:032.8MLearn the Science of RasaPower of Chanting the Holy Name
1993.10.24Houston, USBG 4.4-670:504.5M Bhagavad-gita Chapter 4 Series
1993.10.24Houston, USSFL BG 4.7-842:182.7M Bhagavad-gita Chapter 4 Series
1993.10.27Houston, USSB 6.3.20-2133:182.1MWe Advance by BlessingsPower of Chanting the Holy Name
1993.10.28Houston, USSB 6.3.2236:582.3MLord Caitanya's Words Never FailPower of Chanting the Holy Name
1993.10.28Houston, USBG 4.9-1072:114.6M Bhagavad-gita Chapter 4 Series
1993.10.29Houston, USBG 4.11-1374:414.7M Bhagavad-gita Chapter 4 Series
1993.10.30Houston, USBG 4.14-1978:195.0M Bhagavad-gita Chapter 4 Series
1993.10.31Houston, USBG 4.19-2170:274.5M Bhagavad-gita Chapter 4 Series
1993.10.31Houston, USSFL BG 4.22.-2429:261.9M Bhagavad-gita Chapter 4 Series
1993.11.02Dallas, USSB 8.16.1-555:113.5MHow to Pacify MayaHappiness Is a Science -- Aditi's Vow
1993.11.03Dallas, USSB 8.16.6-1052:043.3MMake Sadhana Your First PriorityHappiness Is a Science -- Aditi's Vow
1993.11.06Dallas, USSB 8.16.12-1452:543.3MFrontline Fighters Get Special MercyHappiness Is a Science -- Aditi's Vow
1993.11.09Dallas, USSB 8.16.2048:103.0MPreaching Without AnxietyHappiness Is a Science -- Aditi's Vow
1993.11.12Dallas, USSB 8.16.2362:083.9MAfter Guru's Mercy Real Activity StartsHappiness Is a Science -- Aditi's Vow
1993.11.14Houston, USGovardhana-puja50:253.2MGiriraja Installation; Gauranga Hall Ground Breaking, w/ Nitaicand Swami 
1993.11.17Houston, USPrabhupada Disapp99:176.3Mw/ Nitaicand Swami 
1993.11.17Houston, USPrabhupada Disapp70:084.4Mw/ Nitaicand Swami 
1993.11.17Houston, US 13:060.8MSri Rupa Manjari Pada 
1993.11.18Houston, USBG 4.25-3381:295.2M Bhagavad-gita Chapter 4 Series
1993.11.19Houston, USSB 6.4.1229:091.8MDispense the Greatest GiftSankirtana Spirit
1993.11.20Lake Jackson, USBG 4.34129:318.2MSelf Improvement Through Spiritual KnowledgeBhagavad-gita Chapter 4 Series
1993.11.21Houston, USSrinivasa Disapp71:014.5MDisappearance Day of Srinivasa Acarya, Gadadhara Dasa Goswami & Dhananjaya PanditaVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1993.11.21Houston, USInitiation57:443.7MThe More You Serve, the More You Become Indebted 
1993.11.22Houston, USSB 6.4.1446:463.0MTurn Your Back on Maya 
1993.11Houston, USBG 4.35-4239:442.5M Bhagavad-gita Chapter 4 Series
1993.11.25Houston, USSB 6.4.18-2431:572.0MThe Bhagavatam Is the Answer 
1993.11.27Dallas, US 79:255.0MThe Path of Bhakti: Associating With GodIntroduction to Lord Krsna
1993.11.28Dallas, USSB 8.17.857:093.6MQualities of GodIntroduction to Lord Krsna
1993.11.30Dallas, USSB 8.17.11-1241:322.6M  
1993.12.03Houston, USSB 6.4.3245:412.9MAtheists and Mayavadis Do Not and Cannot Know Sri Krsna 
1993.12.04Houston, USSB 6.4.3343:142.7MThe Glories of Sri Krsna and His Devotees 
1993.12.07Dallas, USSB 8.18.2-444:292.8M  
1993.12.10Dallas, US 83:115.3MA Synopsis of the Krsna Consciousness MovementKrsna Consciousness and Main Religions
1993.12.16Hong KongSB 1.17.2843:512.8MFight Against Kali, w/ Cantonese 
1993.12.17Hong KongSB 1.17.2931:062.0Mw/ Cantonese 
1993.12.18Hong KongSB 1.17.3027:301.7MThe Only Good Quality in Kali Yuga, w/ Cantonese 
1993.12.19Hong KongSFL BG 5.751:363.3MExamples on Karma, w/ Cantonese 
1993.12.20Hong KongSB 1.17.3226:451.7MFix Up and Fight, w/ Cantonese 
1993.12.22Hong KongSB 1.17.3423:401.5MPure Devotees' Desire, w/ Cantonese 
1993.12.24Hong KongSB 1.17.3829:041.8MNivrtti Marga, w/ Cantonese 
1993.12.30Hong KongSB 1.18.325:581.6MThe Best Austerity, w/ Cantonese 
1994.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE83:145.3M01 Saranagati: Sri-krsna-caitanya Prabhu Jive, Bhuliya Tomare, Manasa Deho GehoSongs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura
1994.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE88:405.6M02 Saranagati: Sarvasva Tomar, Atma-samarpane, Tuwa-bhakti-pratikulaSongs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura
1994.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE54:563.5M03 Saranagati: Ami To' Swananda, Suddha-bhakata, Gurudev Krpa-bindhuSongs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura
1994.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE85:435.4M04 Saranagati: Vaisnava Thakura, Kabe Habe Bolo; Gitavali: Nadiya-godrume, Gay Gora, Radha-Krsna Bol, Doyal NitaiSongs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura
1994.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE90:055.7M05 Gitavali: Narada Muni, Radhika-carana, Rasika nagari, Yadi TeSongs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura
1994.01.14Hong KongBG 11.48-5141:252.6MPower of Bhakti, w/ Cantonese 
1994.01.15Hong KongSB 1.18.1337:292.4MSadhu Sanga, w/ Cantonese 
1994.01.24Hong KongSB 1.18.2145:432.9MAdvancing by Mercy, w/ Cantonese 
1994.01.24Hong KongBG 18.5737:472.4MSelfless Love, w/ Cantonese 
1994.01.27Vrndavana, IndiaSB 5.1.1154:103.4MBeg for the Highest GiftComing Home to Vrndavana
1994.02Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE85:485.4M06 Kalyana-kalpataru: Ruper Gauraba, Mana Tumi Tirthe, Mana Tore BoliSongs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura
1994.02Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE89:135.6M07 Kalyana-kalpataru: Ami Ati Pamara, Durlabha Manava, Ore Mana Badibar, Kabe Mor MudhaSongs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura
1994.02Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE87:105.5M08 Kalyana-kalpataru: Bhavarnave Pade, Gopinatha Mama; Gita-mala: Heno Dusta, Anya Asa, Agre Ek NivedanaSongs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura
1994.02Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE80:205.1M09 Gita-mala: Tumi Jagater Pita, Ami Ati Dina-mati, Bandhilo MayaSongs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura
1994.02Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE40:262.6M10 Gita-mala: Kabe Gaura-vane, Dekhite Dekhite & Nandanandana's Solo SingingSongs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura
1994.02.07Vrndavana, IndiaSB 5.1.2257:443.7MDevotees Don't Fear ActivityComing Home to Vrndavana
1994.02.16Vrndavana, IndiaParikrama93:195.9MJavat, Ter Kadamba, w/ Giriraja Swami, B.B. Govinda Swami 
1994.03.13Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Madhya 2343:532.8MLord Caitanya Starts the Sankirtana Movement 
1994.03.14Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Madhya 1146:413.0MThe Glories of Lord Nityananda, w/ Giriraja Swami, Nitaicand SwamiGauranga Lila
1994.03.15Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Madhya 1863:514.0MLord Caitanya Dances as Laksmi Devi, w/ Giriraja Swami, w/ HindiGauranga Lila
1994.03.17Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Madhya 761:383.9MPundarika Vidyanidhi, w/ Giriraja Swami 
1994.03.19Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Adi 660:453.8MNimai Begins Study and Performs Mischief, w/ Giriraja Swami, Umapati SwamiGauranga Lila
1994.03.20Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Adi 1163:004.0MNimai Pandita Meets Isvara Puri, w/ Giriraja Swami 
1994.03.21Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Adi 1461:553.9MLord Caitanya Travels to East Bengal, w/ Giriraja SwamiGauranga Lila
1994.03.22Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Adi 1461:273.9MDealing With Feelings of Separation, w/ Giriraja SwamiGauranga Lila
1994.03.23Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Adi 1531:452.0MSri Nimai Marries Sri Visnupriya, w/ Giriraja SwamiGauranga Lila
1994.03.24Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Madhya 1349:453.1MHow Jagai and Madhai Were Saved, w/ Giriraja SwamiGauranga Lila
1994.03.25Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Madhya 1533:202.1MMadhai Attains Transcendental Bliss, w/ Giriraja SwamiGauranga Lila
1994.04.18IsraelSB 1.8.2953:133.4M  
1994.04.24Hong KongSB 2.1.1157:093.6MChanting in Association, w/ Cantonese 
1994.04.24Hong KongBG 6.635:472.3MTrain Up Our Mind, w/ Cantonese 
1994.04.25Hong KongBG 6.825:301.6MIgnite Devotional Fire, w/ Cantonese 
1994.04.26Hong KongSB 2.1.1341:472.6MPraying for Compassion, w/ Cantonese 
1994.04.27Hong KongSB 2.1.1433:032.1MImportance of Hearing, w/ Cantonese 
1994.04.27Hong KongBG 6.1034:442.2MSense Control, w/ Cantonese 
1994.05.03Hong KongSB 2.1.1938:352.4MObject of Meditation, w/ Cantonese 
1994.05.05Zurich, SwitzerlandCcAntya 20.1270:224.5MCeto Darpana MarjanamOn Mahaprabhu's Order
1994.05.05Zurich, Switzerland 56:243.6MPrayers to the Six Goswamis, w/ Sacinandana Swami 
1994.05.06Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 7.8.5353:313.4MThe Real ProtectionOn Mahaprabhu's Order
1994.05.07H.t.Heide, NLHome Program106:156.7MEducation, Association, ElevationHappy Days in Amsterdam
1994.05.08Amsterdam, NLSFL BG 7.397:396.2MWhy a Pure Devotee Is Very Rare, w/ DutchHappy Days in Amsterdam
1994.05.08Amsterdam, NLDarsana64:234.1MQuestions and AnswersHappy Days in Amsterdam
1994.05.09Amsterdam, NLSB 1.8.3475:074.8MMatter Requires the Touch of KrsnaHappy Days in Amsterdam
1994.05.09Hillegom, NLHome Program83:035.3MKnowledge Which Led to Surrender, w/ DutchHappy Days in Amsterdam
1994.05.10Amsterdam, NLSB 1.8.3556:003.5MKrsna Consciousness Removes Blocks From The HeartHappy Days in Amsterdam
1994.05.10 Darsana50:283.2Mw/ BhaktasHappy Days in Amsterdam
1994.05.22Houston, USSFL SB 736:092.3M  
1994.05.23Houston, USNrsimha Caturdasi SB 7.9.2857:163.6M  
1994.06.10Dallas, USHome Program SB 11.5.36113:157.2M  
1994.06.11Houston, USEve Darsana91:175.8MSymptoms of Kali Yoga Exposed, w/ Dhanurdhara Swami 
1994.06.12Houston, USSFL33:522.1MIn Spiritual Life Everyone Is a WinnerGifts of a Sadhu
1994.06.17Houston, USBG 5.1-593:225.9MWork for Krsna Will Make Detachment EasyBhagavad-gita Ch 5 - Action in Krsna Consciousness
1994.06.18Houston, USSB 6.16.756:083.6MTake Shelter of Eternal RelationshipsLesson in Detachment -- History of King Citraketu
1994.06.18Houston, USBG 5.7-10101:396.4MKrsna Consciousness Is Not for FoolsBhagavad-gita Ch 5 - Action in Krsna Consciousness
1994.06.19Houston, USSB 6.16.852:363.3M  
1994.06.19Houston, USFather's Day36:012.3M  
1994.06.21Houston, USEve Darsana56:413.6MAssociation of Pure Devotees Brings Us Into the Spiritual World 
1994.06.25Houston, USSB 6.16.2064:254.1MFast From Maya, Feast With KrsnaLesson in Detachment -- History of King Citraketu
1994.06.28Houston, USSB 6.16.23-2459:453.8MA Devotee Is Prepared to Do Anything for KrsnaLesson in Detachment -- History of King Citraketu
1994.06.29Houston, USSB 6.16.2539:122.5MHow to Please Krsna and Receive His MercyLesson in Detachment -- History of King Citraketu
1994.07.01Houston, USBG 5.17-2185:265.4MHow to Rise Above the Modes of Material NatureBhagavad-gita Ch 5 - Action in Krsna Consciousness
1994.07.02Houston, USBG 5.22-2674:524.7MCultivating Inner HappinessBhagavad-gita Ch 5 - Action in Krsna Consciousness
1994.07.03Houston, USBG 5.26-2949:393.1MThe Peace FormulaBhagavad-gita Ch 5 - Action in Krsna Consciousness
1994.07.04Houston, USSB 6.16.2937:052.3MQuick Surrender, Quick LiberationLesson in Detachment -- History of King Citraketu
1994.07.06Dallas, USSB 9.5.2652:443.3MBe Prepared for DetachmentTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1994.07.07Dallas, USCcM 1357:103.6MLord Caitanya Dances at Ratha-yatraLord Caitanya Dances at Ratha-yatra Festival
1994.07.08Dallas, USCc47:493.0MLord Caitanya Dances at Ratha-yatraLord Caitanya Dances at Ratha-yatra Festival
1994.07.11Houston, USSB 6.16.46-4742:002.7MA Devotee Has No Double StandardLesson in Detachment -- History of King Citraketu
1994.07.12Houston, USSB 6.16.48-5068:394.3MStay on Board for the OceanlinerLesson in Detachment -- History of King Citraketu
1994.07.23Houston, USVaraha App66:014.2MThe Story of Lord Varahadeva's AppearanceVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1994.07.27Houston, USGopala Bhatta Disapp64:464.1M  
1994.08.02Dallas, USSB 9.8.2440:262.6MPeace of Mind Comes From Serving KrsnaTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1994.08.06Dallas, USSB 9.9.2-554:533.5MOur Only Worry: To Love KrsnaTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1994.08.10Dallas, USSB 9.9.652:093.3MTake Bath in Saintly AssociationTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1994.08.07Dallas, USSFL20:561.3MBeware of Govinda, Stealer of HeartsTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1994.08.10Hong KongSB 2.4.655:273.5MKnowing the Creation Helps to Love Krsna More 
1994.08.10Hong KongBG 3.10-1445:132.9MYajna Karma, w/ Cantonese 
1994.08.11Hong KongSB 2.4.744:472.8MNo One Falls From Vaikuntha 
1994.08.11Hong Kong 28:441.8MQ&A, w/ Cantonese 
1994.08.12 Initiation SB 2.4.839:032.5MInconceivable Creation 
1994.08.27Hong KongSB 2.4.2068:154.3MRealizations of Sukadeva 
1994.08.28Hong KongSB 2.4.2149:463.2MProcess of Samadhi 
1994.08.28Hong KongWedding43:432.8Mw/ Cantonese 
1994.08.29Hong KongJanmastami Initiation91:465.8Mw/ Giridhari Swami 
1994.09.02Hong KongSB 2.4.2350:583.2MReciting Prayers With Feeling 
1994.09.07Hong KongSB 2.5.445:552.9MFavorable Questions 
1994.09.10New Delhi, IndiaSB 10.21.573:164.6Mw/ Hindi 
1994.09.12Vrndavana, IndiaRadhastami64:114.1Mw/ Various Speakers 
1994.09.27Vrndavana, India 47:253.0MSrila Prabhupada's Arrival in USA 
1994.10.07Vrndavana, IndiaSB 5.13.2236:142.3MThe Art of AssociationComing Home to Vrndavana
1994.10.28Vrndavana, IndiaRadhakunda App69:274.4MRadhakunda Appearance DayComing Home to Vrndavana
1994.11.06Vrndavana, IndiaPrabhupada Disapp89:395.7MPrabhupada's Disappearance Pastimes, w/ Giriraja Swami, Radhanatha SwamiComing Home to Vrndavana
1994.11.24Bombay, IndiaSB 7.5.2651:403.3MConstant Preaching Will Protect UsParivrajakacarya
1994.11.24B. Manor, UKSB 2.5.2340:412.6MWhy We Need to Study the CreationParivrajakacarya
1994.11.28Zurich, SwitzerlandCcM 1.21845:432.9MHow to Deal With Envy in Spiritual LifeOn Mahaprabhu's Order
1994.11.29Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 7.15.4586:365.5MFight Maya With Strength of GuruOn Mahaprabhu's Order
1994.11.29Zurich, SwitzerlandCcAdi 9.4238:56