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Year 1998 Lectures

While listening to any lectures by His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami, please keep in mind that these lectures were given over three decades. The times changed and therefore some of the comments are obviously relevant to that point in time only. However, at the same time, most of the content is inspired from the eternal teachings of the Vedic Literatures and Gaudiya Vaisnava sampradaya (disciplic succession). In that light, the messages on these lectures have eternal instructions that can benefit listeners regardless of time, place, and circumstances.

Term of Use: You can download the lectures for your personal use or to share with other devotees. You are not allowed to charge others for the lectures. You are not allowed to host the lectures on your own website. Feel free to link to our website from your website.

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Date   PlaceVerseLengthSizeTitleSeries
1998.01Houston, US 2:000.1MWe Are Not After Moksa 
1998.01.01Houston, USHome Program BG 18.51-5379:015.0M  
1998.01.02Houston, USSB 9.21.2555:003.5M  
1998.01.03Houston, USSB 9.23.20-2144:452.8M  
1998.01.03Houston, USDarsana132:568.4Mw/ Adult Education Students 
1998.01.04Houston, USSB 9.24.5668:454.4M  
1998.01.05Dallas, US 87:085.5MMarathon Festival 
1998.01.07Dallas, US 60:443.8MKesava Bharati Prabhu on the Passing Away of His Mother 
1998.01.10Dallas, USSB 2.9.1868:034.3MFollow the Path of the Paramahamsas 
1998.01.17Dallas, USSB 2.9.2578:535.0MIs Krsna Consciousness "Better" Than Christianity? 
1998.01.20Dallas, US 46:292.9MSpeech Before the Multifaith Exploration Group, Thanksgiving Square Center 
1998.01.24Dallas, USSB 2.9.3266:004.2MStory of the Magistrate and Jackfruit 
1998.01.31Dallas, USSB 2.9.3550:533.2MThe Mystery of Bhakti - Constant Touch With the Absolute 
1998.02.01Dallas, USSFL BG 9.2624:541.6MSurrender & Krsna Will Take Care of YouEverfresh
1998.02.06Dallas, US 84:265.3MSpeech Before "The Temple as a Classroom" - Sponsored by Center for Community Group 
1998.02.08Dallas, USNityananda Trayodasi SFL18:041.1MAppearance Day of Nityananda Prabhu 
1998.02.14Dallas, USSB 2.9.4335:582.3MGuru Is Pleased Not by Results but by Effort 
1998.02.15Dallas, USSFL SB 6.1.7-1126:211.7MWhy Atonement Is Useless 
1998.02.21Dallas, USSB 2.10.473:364.7MVaikuntha the Realm of Endless Time 
1998.02.22Dallas, USSFL SB 6.1.12-1425:511.6M  
1998.02.28Dallas, USSB 2.10.1189:245.7MKrsna the Supreme Enjoyer 
1998.03.07Dallas, USSB 2.10.2036:072.3MConnections With the Sacred 
1998.03.08Dallas, USSFL SB 1.6.12-1526:171.7MOnly Unalloyed Devotional Service Can Uproot the Weeds of Sinful Actions 
1998.03.12Houston, USGaura Purnima CcAdi 1.1,3486:015.4MBecome Electrified With Krsna Consciousness 
1998.03.12Houston, USGaura Purnima33:232.1MBhakti-rasa 
1998.03.13Houston, USSB 10.2.664:454.1MLoyalty to Guru and Krsna; Obstacles Are Favorable for Krsna Consciousness 
1998.03.13Houston, US 131:458.3MDarsana for Adult Education Students 
1998.03.14Houston, USSB 10.2.7-838:132.4MThe Meaning of Kamsa's Killing Six Sons of Devaki 
1998.03.21Dallas, USSB 2.10.3578:034.9MOn Deconstructionism, Reconstructinism and the Need for Consistency 
1998.03.28Dallas, USSB 2.10.4546:242.9MKnowing Krsna as Cause of Creation 
1998.04.04Houston, USRama Navami41:322.6MLord Ramacandra Is Coming to Houston 
1998.04.11Dallas, USSB 3.1.1341:412.6M  
1998.04.18Dallas, USSB 3.1.1854:383.5M  
1998.04.25Dallas, USSB 3.1.2642:222.7M  
1998.05.02Dallas, USSB 3.1.3349:043.1MGive Up Small Freedom For Greater Freedom 
1998.05.04Dallas, USGraduation Party97:436.2MPart One - Mission Accomplished; Part Two - Now What Next?Gurudeva's Graduation Party
1998.05.09Dallas, USNrsimha Caturdasi70:074.4M  
1998.05.15Houston, US 63:334.0MNA GBC/TP Meeting Opening Address 
1998.05.16Houston, USSB 10.3.4552:413.3MThank God for Srila Prabhupada 
1998.05.19Houston, USSB 10.3.48-4940:332.6M  
1998.05.20Lautoka, FijiArrival SB 2.1.3453:333.4M  
1998.05.20Lautoka, FijiDarsana21:371.4M  
1998.05.23Labasa, Fiji 29:081.8Mw/ Hindi 
1998.05.24Labasa, FijiSB 8.16.561:163.9M  
1998.05.24Labasa, FijiInitiation53:523.4Mw/ Hindi 
1998.05.24Labasa, FijiDarsana NOI 131:302.0M  
1998.05.25Suva, FijiArrival60:243.8M"The Big One", w/ Hindi 
1998.05.25Suva, FijiNOI 265:254.1Mw/ Hindi 
1998.05.26Suva, FijiNOI 355:083.5Mw/ Hindi 
1998.05.27Suva, FijiNOI 455:243.5Mw/ Hindi 
1998.05.27Suva, Fiji 121:357.7MUnseen Hand of God, at University of Advanced Education 
1998.05.28Suva, FijiNOI 578:295.0Mw/ Hindi 
1998.05.28Suva, Fiji 73:444.7MOn Miracles, at University of the South Pacific 
1998.05.30Suva, FijiNOI 664:114.1Mw/ Hindi 
1998.05.31Suva, FijiVyasa-puja146:509.3Mw/ Hindi 
1998.05.31Suva, FijiEve Darsana110:377.0M  
1998.06.01Sigatoka, FijiDarsana11:500.8M  
1998.06.03Lautoka, FijiSB 2.2.645:502.9Mw/ Hindi 
1998.06.03Lautoka, FijiInitiation96:126.1M  
1998.06.04Lautoka, FijiSB 2.2.734:552.2Mw/ Hindi 
1998.06.05Melbourne, AUArrival97:026.1M  
1998.06.06AUSB 4.21.2592:575.9M  
1998.06.06AUEve Darsana37:362.4M  
1998.06.08AUSB 4.21.2655:283.5M  
1998.06.08New Varsana, NZArrival40:232.6M  
1998.06.09New Varsana, NZSB 1.15.3966:104.2M  
1998.06.09New Varsana, NZEve Lecture56:573.6M  
1998.06.10New Varsana, NZInitiation76:114.8M  
1998.06.12Houston, USSB 10.5.135:062.2MWhy Krsna Is the Son of Mother Yasoda 
1998.06.13Houston, USVyasa-puja200:2312.7M  
1998.06.13Houston, USVyasa-puja119:077.5MGift Giving Ceremony; Essence of the Vedas -- How to Surrender to Guru 
1998.06.14Houston, USSB 10.5.893:335.9MDon't Escape, but Transform This World for Krsna 
1998.06.14Houston, USInitiation94:586.0M  
1998.06.17Houston, USEve Program78:014.9M"Bon Voyage" Srila Gurudeva 
1998.06.17Houston, USEve Program14:050.9MKirtana OnlyNamasvadanam CD 1
1998.06.18Houston, USSB 10.4.1430:371.9M  
1998.06.21Taipei, TaiwanSB 12.2.238:242.4MThere Is So Much Value in Initiation, w/ Mandarin 
1998.06.21Taipei, TaiwanEve Lecture SB 12.2.476:344.8M  
1998.06.21Taipei, TaiwanEve Lecture2:290.2M  
1998.06.22Hong KongSB 1243:272.8MOvercome Inauspiciousness in Kali-yuga 
1998.06.23Hong KongSB 3.24.3759:383.8M  
1998.06.24Hong KongBhaktivinoda Disapp59:353.8M  
1998.06.24Hong KongSB 1251:473.3MOvercome Inauspiciousness in Kali-yuga 
1998.06.25Hong KongSB 3.24.3860:483.8MEveryone Needs Guidance From Gurus 
1998.06.26Hong KongSB 3.24.3952:473.3MTo See the Lord in Others' Hearts by Sankirtana 
1998.06.26Hong KongSB 1255:183.5MOvercome Inauspiciousness in Kali-yuga 
1998.07.09Hong KongSB 3.25.247:223.0MSubmissive Hearing 
1998.07.09Hong KongLecture77:294.9MSpiritual Solution to Problems in Life 
1998.07.10Hong Kong 69:094.4MMost Problems Were Created by Previous Psychological Imbalances 
1998.07.11Hong KongIsta-gosthi53:093.4MHeavy Responsibilities Are Austerity 
1998.07.28Hong KongSB 3.25.1534:422.2MPurifying the Mind 
1998.07.31Hong KongSB 3.25.1771:444.5MNature of the Soul 
1998.08.02Hong KongSB 3.25.1817:171.1MRelization Needs Knowledge 
1998.08.03Hong KongSB 3.25.1969:414.4MKnowledge and Renunciation 
1998.08.04Hong KongBG 3.831:072.0MHow to Deal With Material Desires 
1998.08.06Hong KongSB 3.25.22105:276.7MISKCON Hong Kong History, Ritvik and Poison Issues, w/ Cantonese 
1998.08.06Hong Kong 91:265.8MHow to Keep Yourself Spiritually Healthy 
1998.08.08Hong KongInitiation78:165.0M  
1998.08.12Mayapur, IndiaSB 5.19.2758:123.7MOnly Krsna's Lotus Feet Will Make You Satisfied; Explaining the 'Henceforward' LetterMessage From Mayapura
1998.08.13Mayapur, IndiaSB 5.19.2859:443.8MDo Not Settle for the Heavenly PlanetsMessage From Mayapura
1998.09.03Zurich, SwitzerlandVamana App Eve Program68:364.3MLord Vamanadeva Appearance Day 
1998.09.04Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 3.9.1944:342.8MLord Brahma's GloriesGurudeva at Prabhupadadesa
1998.09.04Tel Aviv, IsraelBhaktivinoda App Arrival14:340.9MAppearance Day of Bhaktivinoda Thakura 
1998.09.05Tel Aviv, IsraelHaridasa Thakura Disapp69:404.4M  
1998.09.05IsraelSaturday Feast71:204.5MEmotion & Finding Satisfaction in Life 
1998.09.06Tel Aviv, IsraelVisvarupa-mahotsava SB 3.3.151:093.2MFirst Deserve, Then Desire (Prabhupada Taking Sannyasa) 
1998.09.07Israel 123:447.8MNama Hatha Program 
1998.09.08IsraelEve Program66:424.2M  
1998.09.09IsraelSB 7.9.1055:563.5MQualities of Brahmana & of Devotees 
1998.09.11Zurich, SwitzerlandBG 1270:504.5MBhagavad-gita 12th Chapter OverviewGurudeva at Prabhupadadesa
1998.09.12Vicenza, ItalyArrival27:231.7MUse This Land - For KrsnaGurudeva at Prabhupadadesa
1998.09.13Vicenza, ItalyCcM 8.142:262.7MVaisnava Is Always ServantGurudeva at Prabhupadadesa
1998.09.14Vicenza, ItalySB 8.22.1749:343.1MBecome Entangled in the Service of KrsnaGurudeva at Prabhupadadesa
1998.09.15Vicenza, ItalySB 8.22.2046:262.9MEverything Belongs to GodGurudeva at Prabhupadadesa
1998.09.16Vicenza, ItalySB 8.22.2352:083.3MDrop Your Rocks & Embrace Sankirtana MoodGurudeva at Prabhupadadesa
1998.09.16Vicenza, ItalyDarsana79:185.0MEnding the Day With Srila GurudevaGurudeva at Prabhupadadesa
1998.09.17Vicenza, ItalySB 8.22.2435:332.3MIf Krsna Takes It All AwayGurudeva at Prabhupadadesa
1998.09.17Padova, ItalyEve Program76:234.8MCan We Separate Krsna Consciousness Philosophy From the Culture?, w/ ItalianGurudeva at Prabhupadadesa
1998.09.18Zurich, SwitzerlandEve Program69:404.4MA Devotee's Life Is Not Mundane; Our Strength Lies in the Friends We HaveGurudeva at Prabhupadadesa
1998.10.04B. Manor, UKCcM 8.13890:315.7MThe Glories of the Gayatri MantraFrom London With Love
1998.10.18Soho Street, UKLilamrta 5.752:043.3MA Temple for Krsna and BalaramaFrom London With Love
1998.10.24Soho Street, UKPrabhupada Disapp86:005.4MSrila Prabhupada, the RevolutionaryFrom London With Love
1998.11.15Soho Street, UKLilamrta 5.764:254.1MEncounters with Mayavadis in BombayFrom London With Love
1998.11.29B. Manor, UKCcM 8.21170:464.5MSelfless Service Will Yield Selfless Love; On Chiefs and IndiansFrom London With Love
1998.12.08Dallas, USSB 3.7.1813:450.9MIn the World but Not of the World 
1998.12.13Dallas, USSFL BG 9.425:211.6M  
1998.12.14Dallas, USSB 3.7.1848:193.1M  
1998.12.16Dallas, USSB 3.7.2032:012.0M  
1998.12.17Dallas, USSB 3.7.2132:092.0M  
1998.12.18Houston, USEve Darsana65:514.2MCurrent Issues: Impeachment & War, w/ Nitaicand Swami 
1998.12.19Houston, USSB 10.14.856:493.6MEnduring Difficulties and Maintaining Hope; How to Recognize a Pure Devotee, w/ Nitaicand Swami 
1998.12.19Houston, USEve Darsana45:482.9MPreaching Is the Sacrifice 
1998.12.20Houston, USSB 10.14.951:553.3MLord Brahma's Humbleness and Correction, w/ Nitaicand Swami 
1998.12.20Houston, USHome Program91:195.8MVedic Culture, Gods and Goddesses, w/ Kesava Bharati Prabhu, Nitaicand Swami 
1998.12.21Houston, USSB 10.14.1057:293.6MOn Humility, w/ Nitaicand Swami 
1998.12.21Houston, USLecture107:556.8MPrinciples of Yoga and Its Highest Perfection, at Devananda Yoga Center 
1998.12.22Houston, USJiva Disapp SB 10.14.1178:325.0MJiva Goswami Disappearance Day, w/ Kesava Bharati Prabhu, Nitaicand Swami 
1998.12.22Houston, USDarsana69:374.4MDarsana to Adult Education Students, w/ Nitaicand Swami 
1998.12.23Houston, USSB 10.14.1253:423.4MPositive Devotional Service Will Remove Doubts 
1998.12.24Houston, USSB 10.14.1355:573.5MNarayana and Visnu, w/ Nitaicand Swami 
1998.12.26Houston, USSB 10.14.1545:122.9MPure Devotee's Bhakti Makes Krsna Appear 
1998.12.27Houston, USInitiation81:105.1M  
1998.12.31Dallas, USSB 3.7.3525:501.6M