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Year 1996 Lectures

While listening to any lectures by His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami, please keep in mind that these lectures were given over three decades. The times changed and therefore some of the comments are obviously relevant to that point in time only. However, at the same time, most of the content is inspired from the eternal teachings of the Vedic Literatures and Gaudiya Vaisnava sampradaya (disciplic succession). In that light, the messages on these lectures have eternal instructions that can benefit listeners regardless of time, place, and circumstances.

Term of Use: You can download the lectures for your personal use or to share with other devotees. You are not allowed to charge others for the lectures. You are not allowed to host the lectures on your own website. Feel free to link to our website from your website.

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Date   PlaceVerseLengthSizeTitleSeries
1996US 30:111.9M  
1996  88:145.6MMatchless Memories 1: The Journey to America - The Early DaysMatchless Memories
1996  88:165.6MMatchless Memories 2: Back to India; Sannyasa & Radha Damodara PartyMatchless Memories
1996  82:285.2MMatchless Memories 3: The Final YearMatchless Memories
1996  89:155.6MMatchless Memories 4: Srila Prabhupada: His Pastimes and TeachingsMatchless Memories
1996  23:451.5MSong of God 00: Introduction to Bhagavad-gita As It Is, w/ Minoo PurshottamSong of God
1996  36:202.3MSong of God 01: Observing the Armies on the Battlefield of Kuruksetra, w/ Minoo PurshottamSong of God
1996  56:343.6MSong of God 02: Contents of the Gita Summarized, w/ Minoo PurshottamSong of God
1996  32:142.0MSong of God 03: Karma-yoga, w/ Minoo PurshottamSong of God
1996  34:302.2MSong of God 04: Transcendental Knowledge, w/ Minoo PurshottamSong of God
1996  22:111.4MSong of God 05: Karma-yoga -- Action in Krsna Consciousness, w/ Minoo PurshottamSong of God
1996  33:172.1MSong of God 06: Dhyana-yoga, w/ Minoo PurshottamSong of God
1996  27:161.7MSong of God 07: Knowledge of the Absolute, w/ Minoo PurshottamSong of God
1996  25:211.6MSong of God 08: Attaining the Supreme, w/ Minoo PurshottamSong of God
1996  25:571.6MSong of God 09: The Most Confidential Knowledge, w/ Minoo PurshottamSong of God
1996  29:521.9MSong of God 10: The Opulence of the Absolute, w/ Minoo PurshottamSong of God
1996  44:232.8MSong of God 11: The Universal Form, w/ Minoo PurshottamSong of God
1996  14:070.9MSong of God 12: Devotional Service, w/ Minoo PurshottamSong of God
1996  29:251.9MSong of God 13: Nature, the Enjoyer and Consciousness, w/ Minoo PurshottamSong of God
1996  41:282.6MSong of God 14: The Three Modes of Material Nature, w/ Minoo PurshottamSong of God
1996  16:001.0MSong of God 15: The Yoga of the Supreme Person, w/ Minoo PurshottamSong of God
1996  18:311.2MSong of God 16: The Divine and Demoniac Natures, w/ Minoo PurshottamSong of God
1996  24:271.5MSong of God 17: The Divisions of Faith, w/ Minoo PurshottamSong of God
1996  62:143.9MSong of God 18: Conclusion -- The Perfection of Renunciation, w/ Minoo PurshottamSong of God
1996.01.03Labasa, Fiji 56:563.6MUniversal Principals of Religion 
1996.01.12Dallas, USSB 1.10.1446:072.9M  
1996.01.13Dallas, USSB 1.10.15-1660:513.9MAre Men More Intelligent Than Women? 
1996.01.13Dallas, US 71:544.5MSankirtana Marathon Festival 
1996.01.15Dallas, USSB 1.10.1832:002.0M  
1996.01.20Dallas, USSB 1.10.2445:192.9MNature's Laws Mean the Laws of GodFrontiers
1996.01.27Dallas, USSB 1.10.2948:173.1MDepend on Effort, Not on FortuneFrontiers
1996.02.03Dallas, USSB 1.10.3659:383.8MFaith or Work; The Fast Track Back to GodheadFrontiers
1996.02.10Dallas, US 48:583.1MDisappearance Day of Gaura Govinda Maharaja 
1996.02.24Dallas, USSB 1.11.1546:573.0MArtificial Intelligence vs. the Human BrainFrontiers
1996.03.02Dallas, USSB 1.11.2456:573.6MPreaching Is a PleasureFrontiers
1996.03.04Dallas, USGaura Purnima38:562.5MMake Your Life Sacred by GivingFrontiers
1996.03.16Dallas, USSB 1.11.3727:341.7MKrsna the ExtraOrdinary PersonFrontiers
1996.03.23Dallas, USSB 1.12.554:493.5MThe Cry of the SoulFrontiers
1996.03.28Dallas, USRama Navami71:114.5MNarrating Ramayana 
1996.03.30Dallas, USSB 1.12.1358:133.7MOutgrowing the Cowboy CultureFrontiers
1996.04.06Dallas, USSB 1.12.2050:493.2MWithout Heroes There Is No ReligionFrontiers
1996.04.20Dallas, USSB 1.12.3342:232.7MCalvin, Machiavelli and Krsna ConsciousnessFrontiers
1996.04.27Dallas, USSB 1.13.543:282.8MThe Art of Connecting with Krsna 24 HoursFrontiers
1996.05.02Dallas, USNrsimha Caturdasi17:201.1M  
1996.05.04Dallas, USSB 1.13.1134:382.2MWrapped in the Service of KrsnaFrontiers
1996.05.22Houston, USSB 7.14.1041:042.6MProgressive Grhastha LifeMost Blessed Event - Golden Jubilee
1996.05.24Houston, USSB 7.15.7230:512.0MA Devotee Is Never OrdinaryMost Blessed Event - Golden Jubilee
1996.05.25Houston, USSB 7.15.7391:505.8MThe Three Steps to Perfection; History of the DeitiesMost Blessed Event - Golden Jubilee
1996.05.27Houston, USSB 7.15.7552:003.3MGive ISKCON a Personal TouchMost Blessed Event - Golden Jubilee
1996.05.27Houston, USVyasa-puja155:169.8MOfferings of DisciplesMost Blessed Event - Golden Jubilee
1996.05.28Houston, USInitiation128:018.1MThis Is Your Spiritual FamilyMost Blessed Event - Golden Jubilee
1996.05.30Dallas, USSB 1.13.3960:473.8MVedic Literatures: History and HerstoryFrontiers
1996.05.31Dallas, USPanihati SB 1.13.40 CcAntya 637:012.3M& Reading Cc on Panihati 
1996.06.13FranceCc39:212.5MThe Holy Name Liberates AllReunion in Europe
1996.06.14FranceSB 2.1 Invocation50:063.2MDo Not Reject This Material WorldReunion in Europe
1996.06.14FranceBG 14.639:572.5MThe Changeless Nature of Spiritual LifeReunion in Europe
1996.06.15FranceBhaktivinoda Disapp SB 2.1.148:423.1MSurrender to Krsna's Plan; Disappearance of Gadadhara and BhaktivinodaReunion in Europe
1996.06.15FranceInitiation37:422.4M Reunion in Europe
1996.06.15FranceBG 11.3672:194.6MMake Friends Before You Preach; A society of Upright AnimalsReunion in Europe
1996.06.16Paris, FranceSFL75:154.8MOn Faith; Our Founder-Acarya Is a Soldier, w/ FrenchReunion in Europe
1996.06.17Paris, FranceSB 3.3.359:083.7MKrsna Is Worshiped by PreachingReunion in Europe
1996.06.18Tel Aviv, IsraelBG 4.3462:554.0MThe Need of Approaching GuruPraising Krsna in the Promised Land
1996.06.19Tel Aviv, IsraelBG 7.1484:565.4MGive God the Nobel PrizePraising Krsna in the Promised Land
1996.06.20Tel Aviv, Israel 67:494.3MHow Krsna Consciousness Was Transplanted to the WestPraising Krsna in the Promised Land
1996.06.21Tel Aviv, IsraelInitiation81:005.1MPreparing for Eternal Service to KrsnaPraising Krsna in the Promised Land
1996.06.24Tel Aviv, IsraelSB 1.14.35-3660:533.9MSpread This Knowledge of the Spiritual WorldPraising Krsna in the Promised Land
1996.06.24Tel Aviv, IsraelDarsana62:003.9MLanguage Doesn't Lie - Proof of the SoulPraising Krsna in the Promised Land
1996.06.28Houston, USHome Program CcM 19.15078:275.0MCarelessness & the Bhakti CreeperTending to the Bhakti Creeper
1996.07.04Hong Kong 61:283.9MSrila Prabhupada Memories, w/ Vasughosa Prabhu, w/ Cantonese 
1996.07.05Hong KongSB 3.7.1239:002.5M  
1996.07.07Hong KongSB 3.7.1321:091.3M  
1996.07.07Hong KongInitiation77:324.9M  
1996.07.08Hong KongSB 3.7.1444:322.8M  
1996.07.08Hong Kong 44:522.8MSrila Prabhupada Memories 
1996.07.09Hong KongSB 3.7.1540:042.5M  
1996.07.09Hong Kong 44:302.8MSrila Prabhupada Memories 
1996.07.21Hong KongSB 3.7.32-3332:522.1M  
1996.07.21Hong KongBG 5.2243:412.8M  
1996.07.22Hong Kong 41:592.7MUtilize Our Human Life for Krsna 
1996.07.23Hong KongEve Darsana47:293.0Mw/ Cantonese 
1996.08.01Melbourne, AUArrival47:203.0M  
1996.08.01Melbourne, AUBG 4.143:272.7M  
1996.08.02Melbourne, AUDarsana44:142.8M  
1996.08.04Melbourne, AUSB 3.32.473:514.7M  
1996.09.05Dallas, USPrabhupada Vyasa-puja SB 11.3.21107:176.8M  
1996.09.05Dallas, USPrabhupada Vyasa-puja25:301.6MDr. Kliever's Speech 
1996.09.07Dallas, USSB 1.15.4941:022.6MGet Ready to Fly Your Own PlaneFrontiers
1996.09.14Dallas, USSB 1.16.497:376.2MPreaching Is Active CompassionFrontiers
1996.09.28Dallas, USSB 1.16.1952:313.3MKrsna Consciousness Means Internally FixedFrontiers
1996.10.19Dallas, USSB 1.17.959:203.8MProtect Yourself Through DisciplineFrontiers
1996.10.26Dallas, USSB 1.17.1645:212.9MSpare the Rod, Spoil the ChildFrontiers
1996.11.02Dallas, USSB 1.17.2245:482.9MPerceiving Krsna's Hand in SufferingFrontiers
1996.11.09Houston, USSB 8.9.2043:362.8M  
1996.11.09Houston, US 2:330.2MIntroduction to Giridhari Swami's Govardhana-puja Lecture 
1996.11.14Dallas, USPrabhupada Disapp71:254.5MEvening talk 
1996.11.30Dallas, USSB 1.18.246:503.0M  
1996.12.01Hong KongIsta-gosthi26:241.7MHow to Deal With Devotees, w/ Cantonese 
1996.12.20Hong KongSB 3.12.1-246:142.9M  
1996.12.20Hong KongEve Program57:303.6M  
1996.12.28Hong KongSB 3.12.1941:272.6MActive Service 
1996.12.28Hong KongBG 18.14-1548:583.1M