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Year 1985 Lectures

While listening to any lectures by His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami, please keep in mind that these lectures were given over three decades. The times changed and therefore some of the comments are obviously relevant to that point in time only. However, at the same time, most of the content is inspired from the eternal teachings of the Vedic Literatures and Gaudiya Vaisnava sampradaya (disciplic succession). In that light, the messages on these lectures have eternal instructions that can benefit listeners regardless of time, place, and circumstances.

Term of Use: You can download the lectures for your personal use or to share with other devotees. You are not allowed to charge others for the lectures. You are not allowed to host the lectures on your own website. Feel free to link to our website from your website.

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Date   PlaceVerseLengthSizeTitleSeries
1985.01.13Dallas, USSB 2.1.1248:063.0MYou Must Follow the Formula 
1985.01.14Dallas, USSB 2.1.1364:484.1MDevotees Are Never Defeated 
1985.01.16Dallas, USSB 2.1.1644:232.8MYou Must Prepare for Death 
1985.01.19Dallas, USSB 2.1.1742:412.7MBecome Expert at Chanting Hare Krsna 
1985.01.20Dallas, USSFL87:145.5MSpiritual Leadership Today 
1985.01.26Dallas, USIsta-gosthi115:357.3M  
1985.01.27Dallas, USWedding51:303.3MA Blending of Two Cultures 
1985.01.28Dallas, USSB 4.1.1546:142.9MDon't Be Illusioned by Maya 
1985.02.06South KoreaBG 4.651:403.3MThe Science of Taking Birth 
1985.02.07South KoreaBG 4.728:291.8M  
1985.02.08Hong KongSB 2.7.5357:483.7Mw/ Cantonese 
1985.02.13Mayapur, IndiaSB 4.26.444:392.8MReal Safety Is Full Engagement in Service 
1985.03.24Dallas, USArrival31:062.0MAssociation of Devotees Is Wonderful 
1985.03.25Dallas, USSB 12.2.152:063.3MAbortion Is Even Lower Than the AnimalsProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.03.27Dallas, USSB 12.2.236:432.3MThe Only Alternative to Nuclear WarfareProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.03.31Dallas, USRama Navami SFL52:583.4MAppearance Day of Lord RamacandraVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1985.04.02Dallas, USIsta-gosthi54:373.5MMinutes From GBC Meetings 
1985.04.03Dallas, USSB 12.2.438:372.4MSleep Early to Serve EarlyProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.04.03Dallas, US 2:460.2MInvocation to the Dallas City Counsel 
1985.04.05Dallas, USSB 12.2.538:282.4MFree Mixing of Sexes Is Not NaturalProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.04.05Dallas, USConversation58:343.7Mw/ Professor Fort & Students From TCU 
1985.04.08Dallas, USSB 12.2.635:082.2MTaking a Guru Isn't a FashionProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.04.09Dallas, US 40:462.6MAddress to the Dallas Skyline Lions Club 
1985.04.11Dallas, USSB 12.2.7-1137:072.3MEstablishing Brahminical Directors of the WorldProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.04.14New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.19.24-2528:241.8M  
1985.04.15New Kuruksetra, USEkadasi36:402.3MAppearance of Salagram Sila and Tulasi Devi; Appearance of Ekadasi 
1985.04.16Dallas, USSB 12.2.12-1683:165.3MSenility Is a Reaction of Sinful LifeProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.04.17Dallas, USRoom Conversation66:494.2Mw/ Amy Martin 
1985.04.18Dallas, USSB 12.3.3153:043.4MAt Least Give Something to KrsnaProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.04.19Houston, USSB 12.3.3270:334.5MServing the Greater FamilyProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.04.21Dallas, USRoom Conversation70:394.5Mw/ Dr. Horatio Costa 
1985.04.23Wichita Falls, USLecture89:555.7Mat Midwestern State University 
1985.04.25Dallas, USLecture107:036.8Mat New Life Alphabiotic Center 
1985.05.01Dallas, USSB 12.3.3344:352.8MImportance of Separating the SexesProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.05.04Fort Worth, USBG 18.4774:224.7MJust Understand Your Real Duty 
1985.05.08Dallas, USRoom Conversation140:328.9MChrist's Unknown Teachings w/ Abbot George, Father Mathais 
1985.05.11Dallas, USSB 12.3.34-3835:292.2MFocusing on Chanting AttentivelyProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.05.11Dallas, USBG 8.9104:006.6MTake Real Knowledge, Kick out Hodge-podge 
1985.05.12Houston, USSB 12.3.39-4059:313.8MWorking Hard Enough for KrsnaProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.05.13Houston, USSB 12.3.41-4247:233.0MQuickly Getting Krsna PremaProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.05.14Houston, USSB 12.3.4342:382.7MThe Guru Never Cuts Off a DiscipleProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.05.18Dallas, USSB 12.2.19-2039:422.5MProphecies for the Iron AgeProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.05.20Dallas, USSB 12.2.21-2343:282.8MThere Is No Service Which Excuses Poor SadhanaProphecies for the Iron Age
1985.05.22Dallas, USSB 4.4.2344:152.8MIt's Very Difficult to Give up This Body 
1985.05.29Suva, Fiji 22:321.4MNarration of Tulasi Devi and Ekadasi 
1985.05.30Suva, Fiji 28:401.8MInauguration of Hare Krsna Restaurant 
1985.05.31Pacific Habour Villa, FijiSB 5.19.730:061.9MTranscendental Anxiety: Good for Spiritual Life 
1985.06.09Labasa, FijiInitiation Wedding55:093.5M  
1985.07.12SingaporeEve Darsana89:195.7MThe Appearance of Sri Ekadasi; Ten Offenses 
1985.07.13SingaporeEve Darsana60:503.8MReadings From Nectar of Devotion 
1985.07.20Dallas, USSB 4.7.543:152.7MDevotion Is Better Than Big Brain 
1985.07.21Dallas, USSB 4.7.680:345.1MThe Greatest Boon 
1985.07.23Dallas, USSB 7.15.1275:394.8MReligion, Semi-religion and Irreligion 
1985.07.28Dallas, USSB 7.14.2970:234.5MThe Deity Form Is God Himself 
1985.08.01Dallas, USSB 7.14.3472:044.6MWhy Take the Slow Path -- Finish off the Race 
1985.08.02Dallas, USSB 7.14.3635:512.3MWorshiping Krsna Is Worshiping Everyone 
1985.08.04Houston, USSB 3.4.3052:283.3MYou Must Follow the Program 
1985.08.04Houston, USSFL118:207.5MKrsna Is the Whole 
1985.08.05Houston, US 68:244.3MA Pure Devotee Never Plays With Anyone's Fate 
1985.08.12Dallas, USSB 7.14.4150:563.2MA Brahmin Can Cultivate Krsna Consciousness 
1985.09.02Dallas, USSB 4.7.4953:323.4MThe Ultimate Solution 
1985.09.04Dallas, USSB 4.7.5153:303.4MA Devotee in Goodness Is Steady 
1985.09.16New Vrndavana, USSB 4.28.146:463.0M  
1985.09.24Dallas, USSB 4.8.1232:402.1MBe Careful With Personal Preference 
1985.09.25Dallas, USSB 4.8.13-1957:213.6MThose on the Front Line Get Special Facilities 
1985.09.26Houston, USBhaktivinoda App45:382.9M Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1985.09.27Houston, USSB 3.5.4149:213.1MCarried by the Wings of the Vedas 
1985.09.30Dallas, USIsta-gosthi59:383.8MSankirtana 
1985.10.01Dallas, USSB 4.8.2236:002.3MConnecting With Krsna in All Circumstances 
1985.10.03Honolulu, USSB 3.28.2245:542.9MThe Sum & Substances of ISKCON 
1985.10.06Hong Kong 46:403.0MBasic Knowledge of the Soul, w/ Cantonese 
1985.10.09Taipei, TaiwanSB 1.4.525:061.6MAvoid Mixing Between Male and Female 
1985.10.12SingaporeBG 4.1081:295.2MWe Accept the Verdict of Sastra 
1985.10.13SingaporeBG 8.684:025.3MThe Soul Does Not Die 
1985.10.14SingaporeNOI 152:563.4MHow to Free Yourself From the Pushing of the Senses 
1985.10.15SingaporeNOI 250:313.2MWe Must Follow the Guidelines of Rupa Goswami 
1985.10.18SingaporeBG 8.2282:185.2MBecome Expert in Process of Bhakti 
1985.10.20SingaporeBG 16.1-3116:127.4MThere Is Only One God and One Religion 
1985.10.24Hong KongSB 1.5.3029:121.8MLearn to Conquer Over Sex Desire, w/ Cantonese 
1985.10.26Manila, PHSB 2.1.1587:115.5MPurify Your Desires 
1985.10.28Manila, PHSB 3.28.478:225.0MBe Truthful to Your Vow 
1985.11.11Vrndavana, IndiaSB 4.29.5261:173.9MDuty of the Spiritual Master 
1985.12.01Dallas, USDarsana81:525.2MPrabhupada Marathon 
1985.12.02Dallas, USSB 4.9.939:492.5MMinimize Material Desires and Maximize Preaching 
1985.12.04Dallas, USSB 4.9.1046:132.9MExperience of Krsna Consciousness Is Transcendental 
1985.12.05Houston, USBG 5.2944:562.8MGreatest Peace Formula for the World 
1985.12.08Houston, USSFL BG 6.4771:094.5MThe Highest Yoga 
1985.12.14Dallas, USSB 4.9.2229:261.9MHow to Persevere in Krsna Consciousness 
1985.12.15Dallas, USSB 4.9.2330:001.9MIntegrating With Lord Caitanya's Pastimes 
1985.12.16Dallas, USSB 4.9.2432:182.0MTranscendental Potency of Krsna Prasadam 
1985.12.18Dallas, USSB 4.9.2528:321.8MTraveling in Outer Space & Beyond 
1985.12.20Houston, USSB 3.7.3828:081.8MManifesting the Real Ego 
1985.12.21Houston, USSB 3.7.3941:012.6MThe Importance of Accepting a Bonafide Guru 
1985.12.21Houston, USBG39:342.5M  
1985.12.22Houston, USSFL89:045.6MProtecting Devotees and Killing Demons 
1985.12.28Dallas, USSB 4.9.3642:232.7MOne Must Give up Lusty Propensities 
1985.12.30Honolulu, USSB 3.30.230:572.0MVictimized by the Sense Masters 
1985.12.31Lautoka, FijiBhaktisiddhanta Disapp Arrival40:362.6MPrabhupada Wants the Fijians to Be Devotees 
1985.12.31Lautoka, FijiInterview22:371.4Mw/ Fiji Sun Reporter