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Year 1979 Lectures

While listening to any lectures by His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami, please keep in mind that these lectures were given over three decades. The times changed and therefore some of the comments are obviously relevant to that point in time only. However, at the same time, most of the content is inspired from the eternal teachings of the Vedic Literatures and Gaudiya Vaisnava sampradaya (disciplic succession). In that light, the messages on these lectures have eternal instructions that can benefit listeners regardless of time, place, and circumstances.

Term of Use: You can download the lectures for your personal use or to share with other devotees. You are not allowed to charge others for the lectures. You are not allowed to host the lectures on your own website. Feel free to link to our website from your website.

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Date   PlaceVerseLengthSizeTitleSeries
1979.01.01Dallas, USArrival58:103.7MThe Empowered Preacher's WeaponsBrhad Mrdanga Series
1979.01.03Dallas, USSB 1.2.1-273:254.6MThe Guru's Mind Is Not a Garbage Can 
1979.01.07Dallas, USInitiation66:094.2MSannyasa Initiation for Kesava Bharati Dasa Goswami 
1979.01.07Dallas, USEve Darsana88:435.6MTen Million Names a Year 
1979.01.08Dallas, USSB 1.2.735:432.3MIntelligence Guided by Supersoul 
1979.01.08Dallas, USEve Darsana70:254.5MFailing Materially Is the Qualification 
1979.01.09Dallas, USSB 1.2.853:563.4M  
1979.01.09Dallas, USEve Darsana81:235.2MReal Research Is of the Self 
1979.01.10Dallas, USEve Darsana88:265.6MGod's Law Is Ultimate Morality 
1979.01.11Dallas, USEve Darsana88:495.6MFirst Step in Training Is Tapasya 
1979.01.14Dallas, USDarsana81:395.2M  
1979.01.14Dallas, USEve Darsana123:217.8MHow Can Everything Personal Come From Impersonal 
1979.01.19St. Louis, USSB 2.1.841:052.6MFrom the Perfect Source 
1979.01.21Houston, USSB 1.2.2062:294.0MAn Intelligent Transcendentalist 
1979.01.21Houston, USSFL SB 1.1.287:015.5MAnthill Civilization 
1979.01.22Houston, USSB 1.2.2150:143.2M  
1979.01.22Dallas, USEve Darsana77:094.9MChanters Can't Again Become Non-chanters 
1979.01.23Dallas, USSB 1.2.2286:325.5MMore Preachers, Less Temple Sitters 
1979.01.23Dallas, USEve Darsana91:585.8MYou Have No Excuse 
1979.01.24Dallas, USSB 1.2.2333:182.1MNo One Wants to Accept Death 
1979.01.24Dallas, USEve Darsana NOD 18144:289.1MGod Centered Society 
1979.01.25Dallas, USEve Darsana NOD 1888:435.6MSadhus Should Be Heard Not Seen 
1979.01.26Dallas, USSB 1.2.2571:504.5MWe Don't Advocate This Temple Sitting Process 
1979.01.26Dallas, USEve Darsana83:105.3M  
1979.01.27Dallas, USSB 1.2.2673:084.6MMaterial Boons Are Obstacles 
1979.01.27Dallas, USEve Darsana71:094.5MPure Devotees See No Duality 
1979.01.28Dallas, USEve Darsana37:522.4MEveryone Here Has No Anxiety 
1979.01.29Dallas, USSB 1.2.28-2937:462.4MAn Attractive Salesman 
1979.01.30Los Angeles, USSB 4.2.2684:425.4MDon't Be a "So-Called" Brahmana 
1979.02.01FijiSB 1.2.1-260:103.8MHouseholder Life Without Krsna Consciousness Is a Dark Well 
1979.02.01FijiEve Lecture BG 286:205.5MApproach a Bonafide Guru 
1979.02.02FijiMorning Walk17:401.1MAll Services Are Required 
1979.02.02FijiAdvaita App55:323.5M  
1979.02.02Ba, FijiBG 9.3434:262.2M  
1979.02.03FijiMorning Walk6:520.4MThis Body Is Not Yours 
1979.02.03FijiSB 1.2.345:562.9MThe Problem Isn't the Fruit but the Tree 
1979.02.03FijiSB 1.2.1760:463.8M  
1979.02.04FijiSB 1.2.438:202.4M  
1979.02.04Tavua, FijiSB 7.5.3058:133.7MWithout Krsna Everything Is Zero, w/ Hindi 
1979.02.05FijiSB 1.2.531:402.0MNo Questions Means Sleeping Consciousnesss 
1979.02.05Ba, FijiLecture SB 7.5.3163:164.0Mw/ Hindi 
1979.02.06FijiMorning Walk11:450.7MStaying at Temple vs. Going on Pilgrimage 
1979.02.06FijiSB 1.2.640:582.6MStop Dancing on the Pravrtti Marga 
1979.02.08FijiMorning Walk14:500.9M  
1979.02.08FijiSB 1.2.727:351.7MGuru Is More Merciful Than Krsna 
1979.02.08Nadi, FijiEve Lecture SB 7.5.3294:316.0Mw/ Hindi 
1979.02.09Suva, FijiLecture70:084.4M  
1979.02.11Nausori, FijiBG 10.943:162.7M  
1979.02.13FijiSB 1.2.848:583.1MDon't Maintain, Increase 
1979.02.13FijiEve Lecture NOD33:062.1MDevotional Principles 1-10, w/ Hindi 
1979.02.14FijiSB 1.2.944:012.8MMaterial Life: Ocean of Emotion 
1979.02.14FijiEve Lecture NOD58:363.7MDevotional Principles 11-20, w/ Hindi 
1979.02.15FijiSB 1.2.1038:452.5MAll Karma Is Bad Karma 
1979.02.15FijiEve Lecture NOD61:403.9MFurther Devotional Principles Explained, w/ Hindi 
1979.02.16FijiSB 1.2.1137:592.4MThree Levels of Transcendence 
1979.02.16FijiEve Lecture NOD69:494.4MPrinciples of Bhakti-yoga, w/ Hindi 
1979.02.17FijiEve Lecture NOD59:233.8MFurther Devotional Principles Explained, w/ Hindi 
1979.02.18FijiSB 1.2.1243:212.7MFollowing These Principles Gives Intelligence 
1979.02.19Lautoka, FijiSB 1.2.1334:212.2MEqual Rights in Worshiping Krsna 
1979.02.20Lautoka, FijiSB 1.2.1447:003.0MDependent on Krsna, Independent of Maya 
1979.02.20FijiEve Lecture NOD53:513.4MService to Krsna Goes Through the Guru, w/ Hindi 
1979.02.21Lautoka, FijiSB 1.2.1533:432.1MThis Knowledge Is Like a Sword 
1979.02.21Lautoka, FijiEve Lecture NOD49:173.1MOne Day a Week Isn't Sufficient, w/ Hindi 
1979.02.22FijiSB 1.2.1636:592.3MNo One Jokes About Prasadam 
1979.02.22FijiEve Lecture NOD30:061.9MFirst Solve the Basic Problems, w/ Hindi 
1979.03.01Mayapur, IndiaNOI 140:332.6MPlace Intelligent Inquiries 
1979.03.03Mayapur, IndiaNOI 124:581.6MReal Atonement Is Krsna Consciousness 
1979.03.05Mayapur, IndiaNOI 119:431.2M  
1979.03.25New York, USArrival42:402.7MGurvastakam With Examples From Prabhupada Lila 
1979.03.26New York, USSB 7.2.4357:093.6MTransform This Prison House by Purity 
1979.03.27Dallas, USEve Darsana35:142.2MPreaching Report 
1979.03.27Dallas, USArrival18:131.2MGive Them Direct, Not Indirect 
1979.03.28Dallas, USSB 1.4.1042:232.7MRenunciation Is the Real Wealth 
1979.03.28Dallas, USEve Darsana35:462.3MGarland of Jivas 
1979.03.29Dallas, USSB 1.4.1251:373.3MLord Caitanya Is the Puppeteer 
1979.03.29Dallas, USEve Darsana42:312.7MIt Is Realistic Not Pessimistic 
1979.03.30Dallas, USEve Darsana51:253.3MKrsna Consciousness Is Not Mundane Academics 
1979.03.31Dallas, USSB 1.4.14-1656:043.5MRestoring Real Religion in the World 
1979.03.31Dallas, USConversation79:505.1MCome Into the Society of Devotees 
1979.03.31Dallas, USConversation76:454.9MKrsna Is a Positive Alternative 
1979.04.01Dallas, USSB 1.4.17-1867:364.3MDevotional Service Is the Key to Happiness 
1979.04.01Dallas, USSFL BG 13.2264:144.1MSpirit Is Willing but the Flesh Is Weak 
1979.04.02Dallas, USEve Darsana107:276.8MAlways Keep the Destination in Mind 
1979.04.03Dallas, USSB 1.4.20-2568:524.4MThe "Essence" of Krsna Consciousness 
1979.04.03Dallas, USEve Darsana53:463.4MChant Purely and Realize Vrndavana 
1979.04.04Dallas, USSB 1.4.26-3156:213.6MPure Devotional Service: The Only Real Satisfaction for the Self 
1979.04.04Dallas, USEve Darsana CcM 24.229-58:533.7MBetter to Die on the Battlefield 
1979.04.05Dallas, USSB 1.4.32-1.5.273:154.6MDevotional Service Is a Gift 
1979.04.05Dallas, USEve Darsana CcM 24.314-58:593.7MThe Duties of the Brahmana 
1979.04.06Houston, USEve Darsana CcM 9.24.331-72:024.6MCut the Web of Maya 
1979.04.08Houston, USSFL SB 1.5.8-1073:544.7MBring This Light to the World 
1979.04.09Houston, USSB 1.5.1164:544.1MKrsna Conscious Leadership 
1979.04.09Houston, USEve Darsana CcM 25.9-88:035.6MThe Absolute Platform 
1979.04.10Houston, USSB 1.5.1349:213.1MSimply Eat the Pastimes of Krsna Through Your Ears 
1979.04.11St. Louis, USEve Darsana CcM 25.120-77:144.9MYou Are Not Your Body 
1979.04.12St. Louis, USSB 1.5.1450:533.2MBecome a Lover of Krsna 
1979.04.12St. Louis, USEve Darsana CcM 25.131-136:408.6MVedic Authority Is Blind Faith 
1979.04.13St. Louis, USSB 1.5.1544:332.8MThe Guru Is Always Present 
1979.04.13St. Louis, USEve Darsana90:575.8M  
1979.04.14Chicago, USArrival SB 1.5.1686:405.5MWork Now, Samadhi Later 
1979.04.14Chicago, USEve Darsana89:005.6MDon't Hesitate to Surrender to Krsna 
1979.04.15Chicago, USInitiation55:023.5M  
1979.04.15Chicago, USEve Darsana SB 1.1.288:355.6MFollow the Standard Process 
1979.04.16Chicago, USEve Darsana58:163.7M  
1979.04.17Chicago, USSB 1.5.1948:403.1MA Preacher Is Awarded by Krsna 
1979.04.17Chicago, USEve Darsana CcM 25.27057:403.6MA Devotee Is Fully Dependent on Radha & Krsna 
1979.04.20Chicago, USLecture57:253.6MThe Science of Krsna Consciousness 
1979.04.20Chicago, USConversation46:533.0M  
1979.04.21Chicago, USEve Darsana43:032.7MBeing Empowered by Lord Caitanya - Giving Krsna to Others 
1979.04.22Chicago, USEve Darsana87:085.5MWhy Not Join ISKCON? 
1979.04.23Chicago, USSB 1.5.2547:323.0MThe Transcendental Nature of Prasadam 
1979.04.23Chicago, USEve Darsana45:022.8MThe Humility of the Spiritual Master 
1979.04.24Chicago, USEve Darsana30:041.9MThere's Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain 
1979.04.25Chicago, USEve Darsana49:033.1MThe Guru Is the Best Teacher 
1979.04.26Chicago, USSB 1.5.2852:503.3MDevotees Are "Re-conditioned" Souls 
1979.04.26Chicago, USEve Darsana53:203.4MThe Love of Caitanya Mahaprabhu 
1979.04.29Toronto, CanadaSB 2.6.40-4183:095.3MWe Do Not Need Money, We Need Purity 
1979.04.29Toronto, CanadaSFL67:354.3MNo Noisy Kids in Naimisaranya 
1979.05.01Chicago, USEve Darsana30:201.9MHow to Preach Effectively 
1979.05.02Chicago, USSB 1.5.3448:103.0MThe Train of Bhakti 
1979.05.05Denver, USSB 4.5.5-860:033.8MThe Glories of Vaisnavas 
1979.05.10Los Angeles, USEve Darsana50:413.2MThe Glories of Jayananda, w/ Ramesvara Swami 
1979.05.13Los Angeles, USSB 4.7.988:075.6MSimplicity, Purity & Prasadam 
1979.05.13Los Angeles, USSFL59:263.8MLiquid Beauty 
1979.05.13Los Angeles, USConversation41:122.6Mw/ Parents 
1979.05.17Los Angeles, USSB 4.7.1534:562.2MDevotional Service: The Reward for Chanting Hare Krsna 
1979.05.19Dallas, USEve Darsana77:024.9MThe Lord Is Well-Wisher, Not Wishing Well 
1979.05.20Dallas, USSB 1.6.2251:543.3MFirst Learn the Principle of Austerity 
1979.05.21Dallas, USSB 1.6.2372:434.6MAttaining Fixed Intelligence 
1979.05.22Dallas, USEve Darsana33:442.1MTranscendental Johnny Appleseeds 
1979.05.23Dallas, USEve Darsana54:173.4MPlease Identify Yourself 
1979.05.24Dallas, USEve Darsana22:271.4MLaw of the Time Factor 
1979.05.25Dallas, USSB 1.6.2752:163.3MNo Comfort in a Dying Body 
1979.05.25Dallas, USEve Darsana49:393.1MFrom Sinner to Saint 
1979.05.26Dallas, USEve Darsana114:297.2MDefeating All Mayavadi Arguments 
1979.05.27Dallas, USSB 1.6.2982:135.2MPersonalism Is the Answer 
1979.05.28Dallas, USDeparture12:330.8MTry to Increase Your Numbers 
1979.05.28Houston, USArrival79:105.0M  
1979.05.29Houston, USEve Darsana71:234.5MThe Real Guru Is Krsna Dasa 
1979.05.30Houston, USSB 1.6.3352:403.3MBook Distribution Means Presenting KrsnaBrhad Mrdanga Series
1979.05.30Houston, USEve Darsana61:403.9MThe Price Is Intense Eagerness 
1979.06.01St. Louis, USEve Darsana74:474.7MEverything Here Is Transcendental 
1979.06.02St. Louis, USEve Darsana62:484.0MCelibacy Is Important 
1979.06.03St. Louis, USSB 2.5.348:373.1M  
1979.06.03Chicago, USArrival23:391.5MMake Your Family Krsna Conscious 
1979.06.03Chicago, USEve Darsana43:222.7MThe Real Life of a Disciple 
1979.06.04Chicago, USEve Darsana87:585.6M  
1979.06.05Chicago, USSB 1.6.3445:312.9MPreachers Must Come on Platform of Realization 
1979.06.06Chicago, USEve Darsana55:593.5MThe Mercy of the Vaisnavas 
1979.06.07Chicago, USSB 1.6.3650:093.2MAnalyzing Devotional Service 
1979.06.07Chicago, USEve Darsana45:212.9MThe Real Thing Is to Win Krsna 
1979.06.14Dallas, USVyasa-puja182:0011.5M  
1979.06.14Dallas, USInitiation82:195.2MSold Out to the Spiritual Master 
1979.06.16Dallas, USEve Darsana CcAdi 3.53-73:324.7MThe Award of Pure Love of God 
1979.06.17Dallas, USEve Darsana CcAdi 4.15-2238:352.4MAttaining the Pure Serving Mood 
1979.06.18Dallas, USSB 1.7.943:072.7MSankirtana Is Meditation on Krsna 
1979.06.18Dallas, USEve Darsana58:503.7MAlways Thinking of Krsna 
1979.06.19Dallas, USSB 1.7.1042:262.7MAtmarama Verse - Serve the Topmost Person 
1979.06.19Dallas, USEve Darsana CcAdi 3.69-91,4.3.92-10667:164.3MIt Is Not New, but Futher Knowledge 
1979.06.20Dallas, USSB 1.7.1050:263.2MAtmarama Verse - Krsna Has Unlimited Qualities 
1979.06.20Dallas, USEve Darsana CcAdi 3.92-70:274.5MDeveloping Preaching Zeal 
1979.06.21Dallas, USSB 1.7.1150:253.2MAdvancing to Krsna Consciousness 
1979.06.21Houston, USEve Darsana CcM 15.1-4266:494.2MSri Caitanya - The Avatara 
1979.06.22Houston, USSB 1.6.3646:062.9MThe Process of Following Spiritual Master 
1979.06.22Houston, USEve Darsana CcM 15.43-30:502.0MLiberation Through Eating 
1979.06.23Houston, USSB 1.6.3748:543.1MFreedom From Material Nature 
1979.06.23Houston, USBG 3.10168:3410.7MMaterial World, Refugee Camp 
1979.06.24Houston, USSFL BG 4.4362:123.9MUsing Everything to Serve Krsna 
1979.06.25Houston, USSB 1.6.3845:452.9MPerfecting the Preaching 
1979.06.27Chicago, USEve Darsana CcAntya 10.140-78:104.9MIntroducing the Harmonist 
1979.06.28Chicago, USSB 1.7.2458:273.7MGetting Free From Maya 
1979.06.28Chicago, USCcM 19.1773:374.7MApproaching the Transcendental Authority 
1979.06.29Chicago, USSB 1.7.2563:494.0MUnderstanding the Qualities of God 
1979.06.29Chicago, USEve Darsana CcM 19.42-5645:062.9MThe Confidential Devotee 
1979.06.30Chicago, USSB 1.7.26-2756:473.6MThe Real Value of Vedic Culture 
1979.07.03Chicago, USCcM 19.87-11057:133.6MLittle Medicine Is Better Than No Medicine 
1979.07.04Chicago, USCcM 19.111-69:214.4MBeating the Big Mrdanga 
1979.07.05Chicago, USSB 1.7.3315:421.0MYou Have to Control Your Senses 
1979.07.05Chicago, USCcM 19.133-14435:292.2MWe Are Not an Escapist Organization 
1979.07.07Chicago, USSB 1.7.35-3673:234.6MThe Four Principles of Religion 
1979.07.07Chicago, USBG 3.1073:134.6MSacrifice Yajna via Visnu, w/ Gujarati 
1979.07.08Chicago, USSB 1.7.3764:564.1MFollowing the Natural Laws of God 
1979.07.09Chicago, USCcM 19.146-15067:294.3MPure Devotional Service 
1979.07.10Chicago, USSB 1.7.4065:074.1MKrsna Resolves All Contradictions 
1979.07.10Chicago, USCcM 19.151-15639:512.5MWatering the Bhakti Creeper 
1979.07.11Chicago, USSB 1.7.4125:021.6MStriving to Please Krsna 
1979.07.12Chicago, USCcM 19.156-15965:554.2MOn Whom Can We Depend? 
1979.07.13Chicago, US 49:263.1MThe Founding of ISKCONVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1979.07.14Chicago, USCcM 19.16045:242.9MCured of Material Infection 
1979.07.16Chicago, USCcM 19.161-16553:353.4MSetting the Uncompromising Standard 
1979.07.17Chicago, US 84:115.3MThe Deep Meaning of Sankirtana 
1979.07.17Chicago, USCcM 19.166-17645:212.9MCleansing the Heart 
1979.07.18Chicago, USCcM 19.17740:252.6MBhakti as a Scientific Practice 
1979.07.19St. Louis, USCcM 19.178-18481:385.2MTeachings of Lord Caitanya 
1979.07.20St. Louis, USSB 2.6.1860:393.8MSurrender to God or Surrender to Death 
1979.07.20St. Louis, US 86:015.4MUnderstanding Who I Am 
1979.07.21St. Louis, USSB 2.6.19-38:002.4M  
1979.07.21St. Louis, USCcM 11.1-3437:572.4MSetting the Mood for Ratha-yatra 
1979.07.22Chicago, USSB 1.7.56-5860:423.8MA Disciple Should Know the Guru's Desire 
1979.07.24Chicago, USSB 1.8.564:474.1MThe Responsibility of Being a Devotee 
1979.07.25Chicago, USEve Darsana112:037.1MFinding the Spiritual Master 
1979.07.26St. Louis, US 74:584.7M  
1979.07.27St. Louis, USSB 2.6.24-2672:434.6MMaking Everything Sacred 
1979.07.28St. Louis, US 76:024.8MThe Principles of Religion 
1979.07.28Chicago, US 85:175.4MMaking the Right Choice 
1979.07.29Chicago, USSB 1.8.1042:362.7MChoose Which Aspect of Krsna to Approach 
1979.07.29Chicago, US 54:163.4MThe Purpose of Everything 
1979.07.29Chicago, USRoom Conversation39:442.5Mw/ Chater Jees 
1979.08Chicago, USConversation16:011.0Mw/ a Social Worker 
1979.08.02Chicago, USSB 1.8.1459:433.8M  
1979.08.04Chicago, USEve Darsana76:284.8MDemons Without Horns 
1979.08.05Chicago, USEve Darsana66:294.2MWe Do Not Judge, We Apply God's Judgement 
1979.08.07Chicago, USEve Darsana64:264.1M  
1979.08.08Chicago, USEve Darsana38:202.4MWar Strategy 
1979.08.09Chicago, USSB 1.8.2049:573.2MThe Secret to Krsna Consciousness 
1979.08.11Chicago, US 127:018.0M  
1979.08.12Chicago, USSB 1.8.2353:453.4M  
1979.08.13Chicago, USSB 1.8.2453:253.4MA Devotee Prays for Difficulties 
1979.08.14Dallas, USArrival57:043.6MServe the Guru With Pure Heart 
1979.08.15Dallas, USJanmastami SB 1.8.3575:164.8M  
1979.08.16Dallas, USPrabhupada Vyasa-puja87:015.5M  
1979.08.17Dallas, USSB 1.8.3671:364.5MThe Preacher Gets Double Benefit 
1979.08.18Dallas, USEve Darsana88:465.6MDovetail All Your Activities in God's Service 
1979.08.19Dallas, USEve Darsana57:473.7MTaking Sannyasa Is Not Reccommended for Everyone 
1979.08.21Dallas, USEve Darsana58:273.7MThe Perfection of Yoga 
1979.08.22Dallas, USEve Darsana37:202.4MRemain True to Your Sampradaya 
1979.08.24Dallas, USSB 1.8.4380:225.1MIt's Time to Get Serious 
1979.08.26Dallas, USSB 1.8.4557:513.7MPut Your Life in the Hands of the Guru 
1979.08.26Dallas, USEve Darsana52:003.3MOrganizing the Indian community 
1979.08.27Dallas, USSB 1.8.4655:243.5MThe Servant's Pleasure Is to Please the Master 
1979.08.27Dallas, USEve Darsana52:583.4MCome Out of Your Dream World 
1979.08.28Dallas, USSB 1.8.4761:223.9MBecome a Pure Devotee in This Lifetime 
1979.08.28Dallas, USEve Darsana38:182.4MReading From Hari Sauri Prabhu's Diary, w/ Hari Sauri Prabhu 
1979.08.31Memphis, USRadhastami88:305.6Mw/ Hrdayananda dasa Goswami 
1979.09.05St. Louis, US 112:337.1Mw/ Jayapataka Swami 
1979.09.10Dallas, USSB 1.9.1066:084.2MPreaching Is a Natural Result of Hearing 
1979.09.10Dallas, USEve Darsana22:101.4MYou Cannot Have Your Cake and Eat It 
1979.09.13Dallas, USSB 1.9.1356:113.6MTake Shelter of Brahmanas, Vaisnavas, and Sastra 
1979.09.14Houston, USEve Darsana Iso Invocation75:504.8MKarmis Are Intelligent... At Breaking Laws of God 
1979.09.15Houston, USSB 1.8.2857:253.6MDevotee Waits to Deliver All Before Himself 
1979.09.16Houston, USSFL Iso 269:134.4MNews Today, Gone TomorrowSri Isopanisad Series
1979.09.17Dallas, USEve Darsana18:591.2M  
1979.09.23Chicago, USSB 1.9.1246:262.9MA Devotee Is Tested by Krsna 
1979.09.24Los Angeles, USSB 4.9.1659:523.8MSpiritual Life Is Like a Razor's Edge 
1979.09.26Honolulu, USSB 1.5.960:463.8MAlways Be Ready to Be Corrected 
1979.09.27FijiArrival19:431.3MMake Fiji Krsna ConsciousQueen Kunti Series
1979.09.28Lautoka, FijiSB 1.8.1852:103.3MKrsna Kaliya Is Not an Ordinary BoyQueen Kunti Series
1979.09.28FijiLecture Iso Invocation44:112.8MBhagavan Realization Is Full RealizationSri Isopanisad Series
1979.09.29FijiSB 1.8.1941:462.6MThe Preacher Is a Lawyer and a DoctorQueen Kunti Series
1979.09.29FijiLecture Iso 142:342.7MThis World Is a PunishmentSri Isopanisad Series
1979.09.29FijiSB 1.8.2040:332.6MDevotees Inherit All Godly Qualities 
1979.09.30FijiSB 1.8.2141:342.6MFirst Follow Scripture, Then DebateQueen Kunti Series
1979.09.30Lautoka, Fiji 37:342.4MSrila Prabhupada Murti Installation 
1979.10Fiji 43:502.8MPerfect Questions, Perfect AnswersFiji 1979 Series
1979.10.01Suva, FijiLecture Iso 259:323.8MProgressive Means Back to GodheadSri Isopanisad Series
1979.10.02Suva, FijiSB 1.8.2221:231.4MFirst See the Deity From the Lotus FeetQueen Kunti Series
1979.10.02Suva, FijiLecture Iso 351:073.2MFirst Catch Me, Then Bury MeSri Isopanisad Series
1979.10.03Suva, FijiEve Darsana87:055.5MKrsna is God the Father 
1979.10.04Nandi, FijiLecture Iso 459:013.7MYou Can Become a Brahma AlsoSri Isopanisad Series
1979.10.05Lautoka, FijiSB 1.8.2335:312.2MKrsna Can Give You Fiji, What Would You Do With itQueen Kunti Series
1979.10.05Lautoka, FijiLecture Iso 567:474.3MThose Attached to Krsna Do Not Require Alarm ClockSri Isopanisad Series
1979.10.06Lautoka, FijiLecture Iso 644:492.8MLearn How to Hear KrsnaSri Isopanisad Series
1979.10.07Lautoka, FijiSB 1.8.2436:032.3MThe Cheating of AsvatthamaQueen Kunti Series
1979.10.07Lautoka, FijiInitiation44:172.8MExtract Krsna Out of Every JivaFiji 1979 Series
1979.10.07Lautoka, FijiInitiation25:241.6MName Giving Ceremony 
1979.10.08Lautoka, FijiSB 1.8.2534:202.2MReality Is That Which EnduresQueen Kunti Series
1979.10.08FijiWedding28:551.8MImportance of Married Life 
1979.10.09Lautoka, FijiSB 1.8.2630:141.9MReal Wealth Goes With You to Next LifeQueen Kunti Series
1979.10.10Lautoka, FijiSB 1.8.2729:201.9MMaterial Failure as God's FavorQueen Kunti Series
1979.10.10Lautoka, FijiLecture Iso 758:563.7MKrsna Conscious SandwichSri Isopanisad Series
1979.10.11Lautoka, FijiSB 1.8.2830:451.9MOne Can Only Blame OneselfQueen Kunti Series
1979.10.11Lautoka, FijiLecture Iso 858:413.7MThe Preachers' MarketplaceSri Isopanisad Series
1979.10.13Nausori, FijiPandal Program44:262.8MThe Path of ReligionFiji 1979 Series
1979.10.14Suva, Fiji 72:204.6MGod, Demigods & IncarnationsFiji 1979 Series
1979.10.15Suva, Fiji 159:2910.1MWho Am IFiji 1979 Series
1979.10.16Suva, FijiLecture Iso 956:083.6MIf You Do Not Believe Me Try ItSri Isopanisad Series
1979.10.17Suva, Fiji 46:383.0MUniversity of South Pacific: The King of KnowledgeFiji 1979 Series
1979.10.17Suva, FijiLecture Iso 1043:372.8MPurity Means to Transcend Animal ActivitiesSri Isopanisad Series
1979.10.18Lautoka, Fiji 39:482.5MThe Golden RulesFiji 1979 Series
1979.10.21Dallas, USGovardhana-puja SFL59:053.7M  
1979.10.25Dallas, USSB 6.1.144:172.8MShouldering the Burden of the WorldAjamila Series
1979.10.25Dallas, USPrabhupada Disapp66:524.2MKrsna's Viceroy Is the Spiritual MasterVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1979.10.27Dallas, USSB 6.1.657:093.6MDon't Jump Over the GuruAjamila Series
1979.10.28Dallas, USSB 6.1.1581:445.2MUproot All Sins by Bhakti YogaAjamila Series
1979.10.29Dallas, USSB 6.1.1658:163.7MWe Are Pushing to Stop PushingAjamila Series
1979.10.30Dallas, USSB 6.1.1959:053.7MThe Power of the Holy NameAjamila Series
1979.10.30Dallas, US 56:593.6MSurrenderloka KirtanaSurrenderloka Kirtans
1979.11.01Dallas, USSB 6.1.2254:203.4MPractice Now Rememberance of KrsnaAjamila Series
1979.11.01Dallas, USDarsana1:250.1MNo One More Fortunate Than a Pujari 
1979.11.02Dallas, USSB 6.1.28-2946:312.9MCleanse at All LevelsAjamila Series
1979.11.03Houston, USSB 6.1.3356:273.6MA Devotee Is Never FrustratedAjamila Series
1979.11.04Houston, USSB 6.1.3946:383.0MGuru Is the Heart SpecialistAjamila Series
1979.11.04Houston, USLecture Iso 1158:343.7MSimplify Your 'Needs'Sri Isopanisad Series
1979.11.07Chicago, USSB 6.1.4456:053.5MAll Needs Are Met by ChantingAjamila Series
1979.11.08Chicago, USSB 6.1.4949:443.1MDon't Stop Desire, but Change DesireAjamila Series
1979.11.09Chicago, USSB 6.1.56-5759:113.7MPreaching Isn't Something MechanicalAjamila Series
1979.11.11Chicago, USSB 6.1.58-6246:092.9MNo One Is Too Poor to Approach GodAjamila Series
1979.11.12Chicago, USSB 6.1.63-6.2.158:143.7MHearing Strengthens FaithAjamila Series
1979.11.17Chicago, USSB 6.2.2-632:522.1MKali Yuga's Great Lack of MercyAjamila Series
1979.11.18Chicago, USSB 6.2.759:273.8MOne Is Known by the Company He KeepsAjamila Series
1979.11.18Chicago, USLecture Iso 1250:253.2MClass C to Class B PrisonSri Isopanisad Series
1979.11.22Chicago, USSB 6.2.8-1153:103.4MA Bad King Is Better Than No KingAjamila Series
1979.11.23Chicago, USSB 6.2.12-1640:192.6MNo One Looks for These AnxietiesAjamila Series
1979.11.24Chicago, USSB 6.2.17-2230:532.0MChanting Doesn't Require Prior UnderstandingAjamila Series
1979.11.25St. Louis, USLecture Iso 1382:085.2MKrsna Is That Attractive ForceSri Isopanisad Series
1979.11.26St. Louis, USSB 6.2.23-3151:223.3MModern Religion Is a Means for BeggingAjamila Series
1979.11.29Dallas, USSB 6.2.32-3556:143.6MAssociate With Associates of the Spiritual MasterAjamila Series
1979.12Dallas, USDarsana10:240.7MOur Austerity Is Preaching 
1979.12.01Dallas, USSB 6.2.36-3725:421.6MConsider the Welfare of OthersAjamila Series
1979.12.01Dallas, USEve Darsana38:162.4MUnderstanding the Suffering of Others 
1979.12.02Dallas, USSB 6.2.41-4452:043.3MOur Temples Are the Transcendental RealmAjamila Series
1979.12.03Dallas, USSB 6.2.45-4936:512.3MBhakti Can Control Even KrsnaAjamila Series
1979.12.06Dallas, USSB 6.3.1-1151:363.3MThe Supreme JudgeAjamila Series
1979.12.07Dallas, USSB 6.3.1227:251.7MThe Servant Position Is WonderfulAjamila Series
1979.12.07Houston, USLecture Iso 1442:032.7MThe Form of the Culture of LivingSri Isopanisad Series
1979.12.08Houston, USSB 6.3.1358:103.7MWe Have to Situate Ourselves IdeallyAjamila Series
1979.12.09Houston, USSB 6.3.14-1653:353.4MFearless Means to Have FaithAjamila Series
1979.12.09Houston, USLecture Iso 1559:393.8MAdd Krsna Into Your DreamSri Isopanisad Series
1979.12.10Houston, USSB 6.3.17-2152:093.3MThe Yamadutas Didn't Know About Bhagavata DharmaAjamila Series
1979.12.10Dallas, USDarsana14:100.9MLive Simply but Sufficiently 
1979.12.11Dallas, USDarsana16:261.0M  
1979.12.12Dallas, USDarsana5:160.3MWho Is Actually Tired 
1979.12.13Dallas, USSB 6.3.22-2529:421.9MSimply by Chanting the Heart Is CleansedAjamila Series
1979.12.15Dallas, USSB 6.3.26-2929:371.9MFriends and Enemy Is Material ConsciousnessAjamila Series
1979.12.18Dallas, USSB 6.3.30-3529:411.9MBeyond Platform of Piety and ImpietyAjamila Series
1979.12.20Dallas, USSB 7.1.1-529:071.8MHumility With Intelligence Is RequiredSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1979.12.25Dallas, USSB 7.1.6-952:003.3MThe Modes Are Not So SimpleSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1979.12.27Dallas, USEve Darsana10:160.7MConnecting Material Energy to God 
1979.12.28Dallas, USSB 7.1.23-2636:432.3MNo Insult or Praise for the SoulSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1979.12.29Dallas, USSB 7.1.26-3236:052.3MEnvy of Krsna Means Sense GratificationSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1979.12.29Dallas, USDarsana32:412.1MFault Finding Means Enviousness 
1979.12.30Dallas, USInitiation88:325.6MLet Krsna Come Into Your Life 
1979.12.30Dallas, US 11:300.7MNew Year's Address: A New Preaching Approach 
1979.12.31Dallas, USSB 7.1.33-4847:343.0MPushing Ahead Through Icy WindsSri Prahlada Series Vol 1