Lectures in China

These lectures have been digitalized from tapes but have not been processed yet. If you know the missing date or place information for any of these lectures please email Krsna Kirtana dasa at . If you know the exact date instead of just month or year marked here, please let me know also.


C001Shanghai 1998.07 ListenDownload
C002Shanghai 1998.07 ListenDownload
C003Shanghai 1996 ListenDownload
C004Shanghai 2000.06 ListenDownload
C005Shanghai 2000.06.30 ListenDownload
C006Beijing 2000.06 ListenDownload
C007Beijing 2000.06 ListenDownload
C008 ListenDownload
C009 ListenDownload
C010 ListenDownload
C011Nanning ListenDownload
C012 ListenDownload
C013 ListenDownload
C014 ListenDownload
C015 ListenDownload
C016 ListenDownload
C017 ListenDownload
C018 ListenDownload
C019 ListenDownload
C020 2000.7 ListenDownload
C021 2000.7 ListenDownload
C022 ListenDownload
C023 ListenDownload
C024 1984.04.02 ListenDownload
C025 1992.09.05 ListenDownload
C026 1992.09.06 ListenDownload
C027 1994.04.28 ListenDownload
C028 1994.04.28 ListenDownload
C029Shanghai ListenDownload
C030 1995.02.16 ListenDownload
C031Nanning ListenDownload
C032Nanning ListenDownload
C033 ListenDownload
C034 1998.07 ListenDownload
C035 1998.07 ListenDownload
C036 1998.07 ListenDownload
C037 1998.07 ListenDownload
C038 1998.07 ListenDownload
C039Guangzhou 1994.09.04 ListenDownload
C040Guangzhou 1994.09.04 ListenDownload
C041Guangzhou 1995.03.24 ListenDownload
C042Guangzhou 1995.03.24 ListenDownload
C043Guangzhou 1995.03.26 ListenDownload
C044Guangzhou 1996.12.22 ListenDownload
C045Guangzhou 1996.12.22 ListenDownload
C046Guangzhou 1997.04.26 ListenDownload
C047Guangzhou 1997.04.27 ListenDownload
C048Guangzhou 1993.12.25 ListenDownload
C049Guangzhou 1993.12.25 ListenDownload
C050Guangzhou 1994.01.02 ListenDownload
C051Guangzhou 1994.04.30 ListenDownload
C052Shanghai 1994.08 ListenDownload
C053Beijing 1995 ListenDownload
C054Beijing 1995 ListenDownload
C055Hong Kong 1996.07.08 ListenDownload
C056Hong Kong 1998.07.11 ListenDownload
C057Hong Kong 1995.02.06 ListenDownload
C058Hong Kong 1993.05.05 ListenDownload
C059Hong Kong 1991.09.20 ListenDownload
C060 ListenDownload
C061 1993.05.11 ListenDownload
C062 1993.05.12 ListenDownload
C063Hong Kong 1992.04.14 ListenDownload